Thursday, May 31, 2007

David Lane's Final Address To The Jury

From the era of Plato, Socrates, and Cato to that of DaVinci and Michelangelo, to Locke and Shakespeare, to Jefferson and Franklin, Western civilization has sprung from the creative genius of one kindred people. In the vast panorama of time this period was but a fleeting moment and a glorious dream. The near future will show what manner of civilization will follow the passing of the White man. How sad and ironic that the American republic, which was formed exclusively for the preservation and promotion of Western man, became the vehicle through which he was destroyed both here and in his European homeland.

For many years I have struggled in whatever ways were available to a single powerless person to crack the iron media curtain and show my people that those very things which are protected, promoted, and forced upon us by those who today control the affairs of the Western world have destroyed every civilization we have ever built. I refer to such things as infanticide through abortion, a practice which has led to the murder of fifteen million babies of my kith and kin, and which is protected by the government and the Federal courts; homosexuality, whose adherents are forced upon us as role models and even teachers of our children by the government and Federal courts; and worst of all, the deliberate destruction of our very racial existence.

Those who have set out to mix and destroy the last remnant of Western man know full well that no people can continue in existence without a nation of their own in which to propagate, protect, and promote their own kind. They also know that a people who are not convinced of their own uniqueness and value will perish, and that is why I am slandered and destroyed when I show that nearly every improvement in the human condition has come from the fertile mind of Western man.

The White man is now a tiny minority in the world, yet he is denied not only a nation of his own but the integrity of the territorial imperative necessary to his survival. The guilt of those who partake in the destruction of this Race of men cannot be adequately described in the vocabulary of mortals. Regarding the prosecutors in this case, I say only that if the perpetuation of power is predicated on perjury, then the U. S. Attorneys are as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. But if nature's laws allow for the concepts of justice or karmic debt, then they walk on quicksand.

That this trial even occurred is a violation of every Constitutional protection against double jeopardy. The legalistic machinations and chicanery involved in jeopardizing a man for potentially unlimited times for the same offense, by changing the legal description of that offense, by changing jurisdictions and so on are utterly repugnant to the sense of Anglo-Saxon justice as well as totally contrary both to the spirit and the intent of the Constitution. The mad frenzy of those who now control the Federal government of the United States to punish and destroy any White man who resists the deliberate admixture and murder of his rapidly disappearing Race is evident.

History predicts unspeakable horror for the last generation of White children, if I and others who shall come after me are not more successful in awakening our people from their sleep of death. Our task is as simple as it is overwhelmingly important: WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN. In the face of that overriding historical imperative, what you do to me does not matter. I am not a brave man; I die the thousand deaths of the philosopher instead of the single death of the soldier. But I willingly sought this destiny, and I will not shrink from it.

Soon you will hear from another who will undoubtedly speak of his religious beliefs. Perhaps even at this late date, the power of a religious creed can save Western man, or perhaps Divine Providence will indeed lend a hand. If not, then those who rebel against tyranny must still accept the consequences with a shrug, or they are neither patriots nor men.

I say no more....

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

David Lane's Last Letter

Racial Comrades:

Today, May 29th, 2007, I received a letter from David Lane, postmarked May 23rd, from the new isolator unit where he had just arrived in Terre Haute, Indiana. The letter would have been delivered sooner but for the Memorial Day holiday. It reads as follows:

Dear Harold:

New address as checked on envelope. It is an isolation unit called the "Communications Management Unit" or C.M.U. The "Silence David Lane Unit."

All my communications go to Homeland Security in the District of Corruption to be studied by You Know Who. Don't know if I'll be allowed to get a copy of The Brigade. I think they are more tight about what goes out than what goes in.

Too late to silence me. All I need to say is on the internet and elsewhere. Just gives me more credibility.

Take care,
David Lane

Four days after writing this brief note, he was dead.

Okay, it's been common knowledge for some time that David was seriously ill. But since we have several other comrades in Terre Haute, I can tell you that it's not a hospital or medical facility. They simply moved him from one coffin-sized maximum security box to another, halfway across the country, and within a week or so after arriving there, he's dead.

Read the few lines David wrote carefully. Almost like he was trying to tell us something. Do I really need to spell this out?


David Lane: RIP

Dear Racial Comrades:

It is with the greatest of regret and a sense of profound personal loss, that I must inform you that our comrade David Lane died in his sleep on the night of 27 May.

I corresponded with Comrade Lane right up until his death, and I knew he had been suffering from cancer for some time. The last letter I received from him, about ten days ago, told me that he was about to be "sent to another place" and asked me to hold all his correspondence. I presumed he meant he was to be transferred to some kind of prison hospital. Now I think I know what he meant.

Over twenty years ago, David Lane stood up and faced a jury of his enemies in Seattle, and he spoke the following Fourteen Words:

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

No man ever had a greater and more noble epitaph.

Harold A. Covington

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

W. K. Enwer (1917)

I was a peasant of the Polish plain.
I left my plow because the message ran,
Russia in danger needed every man
To save her from the Teuton. I was slain.
I gave my life for freedom--this I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.

I was a Tyrolese, a mountaineer;
I gladly left my mountain home to fight
Against the brutal, treacherous Muscovite;
And died in Poland on a Cossack spear.
I gave my life for freedom--this I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.


I worked in Lyons at my weaver's loom
When suddenly the Prussian despot hurled
His felon blow at France and at the world;
Then I went forth to Belgium and my doom.
I gave my life for freedom--this I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.


I owned a vinyard by the wooded Main
Until the Fatherland, beset by foes
Lusting her downfall called me, and I rose
Swift to the call, and died in fair Lorraine.
I gave my life for freedom--this I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.


I worked in a great shipyard on the Clyde;
There came a sudden word of war declared,
Of Belgium peaceful, helpless, unprepared
Asking our aid. I joined the ranks and died.
I gave my life for freedom--this I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.

* * *

I worked upon a farm in Illinois.
The squad appeared; with them I marched away.
Somewhere in France, amid the trenches gray
I met grim death with many other boys.
I gave my life for freedom--this I know
For those who bade me fight had told me so.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Slowly, Slowly, The White Flag Begins To Go Up

The latest media reports state that the White House is "considering" a gradual troop withdrawal in Iraq, beginning early in 2008.

Personally, I doubt it. I don't think that jug-eared moron will pull out one single GI while he is President, because to do so would mean he at least tacitly admits that he made a mistake, and we can't have that now, can we? I honestly don't think that vile little midget gives a damn how many more people have to die on both sides, so long as he can dump this mess in the lap of his successor so he won't be the one who has to "cut and run," which of course is eventually what the United States is going to do, and everybody in the world knows it. Maybe even Jug himself.

But it is just possible that his arm might be getting twisted to the point where he at least has to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Iraqi Titanic a bit. There are two reasons for this. Numero uno, there are a lot of Republicans who are up for re-election in 2008, all the House and at least twenty Senators. Those yea-saying leeches in Congress hang on to their power and their huge salaries and their perks like grim death, and the penny might finally have dropped that Jug's continued bird-brained stupidity in Iraq is a threat to these beloved treasures of theirs.

Secondly, my guess is that someone from the Pentagon may have broken through the protective cordon which Karl Rove and all his little Jewish neocon friends maintain around the President, keeping him isolated while he lies slumped over his desk in the Oval Office in a drunken stupor most of the time. Maybe some generals somehow did a covert entry into the White House, snuck by the Secret Service (in camouflage fatigues and face paint?) got into the President's office and caught him sober enough to sit him down and explain the military facts of life to him. America's once-vaunted military is on the point of collapse. The existing combat units are depleted, exhausted, demoralized, and on the point of mutiny over the endless deployments to the Iraqi hellhole with no end in sight and not a damned thing being accomplished.

The military knows better than anyone else that once more, mighty GI Joe has been defeated by the little barefoot brown man with an AK-47 and the heart of a lion. If things keep up, the defeat this time will be even more excruciatingly embarrassing than the Fall of Saigon; the whole world will literally see Americans physically chased out of Iraq by Arabs, and the consequences of that would be far reaching, especially for Iz-ra-hell. Not to mention the fact that because the United States no longer dares to conscript an army, the ranks of the Army and Marine Corps have been filled with derelicts, drug addicts, criminals, mentally subnormal cretins, and unemployed middle-aged men who are ironically probably the best soldiers character-wise but who simply are not physically up to extended combat.

Indeed, one of my wilder hopes was, and is, that if Jug continues obdurate and Hillary finds some excuse to keep the war going for Israel's sake after she takes over in 2009, we could still be saved at the last minue by a military coup d'etat when the generals finally get tired of taking orders from the business-suited slime who rule this country.

The wild card is cartoonish super-villain Dick Cheney, who is reputed to be doing an end run around an increasingly dazed, confused, and drunken Bush, conspiring with Israel to provoke a war with Iran through a unilateral Israeli attack over American-occupied Iraqi air space. If that can be held off, maybe the "withdrawal" plans might actually get some American troops out before Israel decides to kick over the table and all hell really breaks loose over there.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Let's Talk A Little Treason

[Looks like "my attitude has been noted," as the saying goes. I understand that some sort of complaint has been filed with the legal authorities in the state of Washington about my horrid and wicked "incitement" based on the following piece, which was originally published here on March 22nd. In order to save assorted cops, lawyers, and bureaucrats from the mental anguish of having to scroll back through all my commentaries, and no doubt be horribly offended, I have taken the liberty of reprinting it here.

Let's get this straight. I am an American of the old-fashioned pre-9/11 kind. I will write what I want, and publish it wherever I want. I will say what I want to say, and I will think whatever I want to think, and anyone who doesn't like it can jam it up their ass. - HAC]

In Ireland, when a man has an old friend over for dinner, after the meal is over he will generally tell his wife the traditional Irish tale: "Love, Seamus and I are going down to the pub and talk a little treason." (Brendan Behan, I think.)

Oh, hell, let's come right out and say it. Us white boys need to be talking a little treason.

I notice that the great state of Oregon is about to pass more grotesque "hatecrime" laws in favor of sodomites, making perverts who commit the filthiest acts imaginable (people don't seem to realize what it is that homosexuals actually do) a politically and legally protected class. Better than me, in the eyes of the law. Better than any white man who likes girls, because they will have specific legal protections that we are denied.

There is no more equality under the law. Some states are even worse; in Idaho all women, period are considered a specially politically and legally protected class under their deranged hatecrime laws, effectively meaning that only heterosexual white males are without legal protection against "hate" and can be victimized only on the lowest level, as mere Americans. Less than a woman of their own race, less than a Mexican, less than a faggot, less than a black. Three-fifths of a man, at best.

I'm going to say something now to all my fellow girl-loving honkies, and I'm dead serious. I think we need to start re-evaluating our relationship with the United States of America, with a view towards bringing that relationship to an end.

America gives us nothing except ridicule, hatred, contempt and oppression. America ignores our interests, laughs at us and reviles us, picks our pockets, discriminates against us with affirmative action and racial quotas, and kicks us in the teeth when we try to protest or petition for the redress of just grievances. America rigs the electoral process so that no one without ten million dollars in the bank should even think about running for office, and so that only criminals, incompetents, and mentally unbalanced mediocrities can win. America passes laws that give foreigners who are in our country illegally, and perverts who literally wallow in their own filth during sexual acts, a preferred and privileged status over us.

Every time we turn on the television we see grinning black and brown monkey-faces mocking and reviling us, mincing faggots waving their limp wrists mocking and reviling us, toilet-mouthed Jews like the loathsome Sarah Silverman spewing hatred and abuse at us, pathological liars in the White House and Congress pissing down our back and assuring us with solemn faces that it is raining. Thanks to the media and the Jews who control the media, when the world thinks of White males they think of revolting cartoon characters. George Washington, Daniel Boone, and Charles Lindbergh have been replaced by Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin.

White women are in their own way just as much victims as White men are, although some of them haven't quite seen sufficiently through the feminist horse shit to understand that. If we can ever succeed in de-programming our sisters and making them understand what has been done to them, so that they realize that their place is by their menfolks' side and not with the Jews who hate them and hold them in just as much contempt as they do white men, calling them shiksas, etc...well, if we can ever succeed in doing that, you kikes had better start running.

White people do the real work in this country; Mexicans and blacks do nothing that couldn't be done twice as well and at half the expense by a good cart horse. Robotics will eventually make the black man and the brown man completely obsolete.

White people pay the overwhelming percentage of the taxes that finance the Grand Guignol horror show that is America. White boys and increasingly girls are dragged into the military and come back from Iraq with their bodies mangled to rot in the filthy Army hospitals like Walter Reed, because the influx of illegal aliens has taken all the entry-level jobs in their home towns and there is no future for White kids where they grew up. White people, especially boys, are denied access to college education, to employment, to workplace promotion and job stability because of their skin color, because of their gender, and increasingly because of their age. I could go on and on, but if you're White, you know what I'm talking about, and if you're not White, I'm not talking to you anyway.

Guys--and gals--let me ask you something. What the hell do we owe a society that treats us like this?

The neocons wave their red, white, and blue Masonic dishrags and babble about all this "freedom" we've got. Bullshit. What freedom? The freedom to never be able to get any kind of decent career because you're the wrong color and you've got convex genitalia? The freedom not to be admitted to college because their quota for White boys was filled by the sons of the wealthy elite long before you even applied? The freedom to spend thirty years in the workforce and see incompetent affirmative action employees promoted over your head year after year?

What freedom? The freedom to pay one third of your income to support stupid wars in the Middle East to protect the Jews from the consequences of their own behavior? The freedom to "vote" in elections where half the time these arrogant swine no longer bother to conceal the fraud?

What freedom? The freedom to have your children corrupted by the endless tsunami of filth from the television screen and taught sodomy techniques in school? The freedom to have your son and your daughter come back from Iraq in a plastic bag or minus some limbs because all of the jobs in their home town had been gobbled up by illegals and the military was the only place they could get a paycheck?

What freedom? The freedom to be insulted, belittled, and spat upon every time we turn on a TV or pick up a newspaper? The freedom to eventually be carried off to the living hell of some state-run "nursing home" when the government finally finds some way to steal the Social Security and Medicare fund and piss it away in the deserts of Iraq or blow it on the stock market?

What the hell kind of loyalty do we owe to a government that has made us third-class citizens? What the hell kind of loyalty do we owe to a state that uses us like toilet paper and throws us away? Why, exactly, should we respect the "rights" of media garbage people who give us nothing but insults, contempt, and vilification? Why, exactly, should we allow our country to be taken over by millions of Mexican mestizos and all the overflow from the Third World's sewers, and never raise a hand in our own defense because the tyrant's law forbids it?

Yes, yes, I know the United States of America is "the law." Of course it is. Tyrants always are the law. That's why they're tyrants and not simple gangsters. The difference between George W. Bush and John Gotti is only a technicality of paperwork. (Except that Gotti dressed better and killed a lot fewer people.)

When the law is cruel and uncaring, when the law is vicious, when the law is oppression wrapped up in paper and forced down the throats of the powerless, the coerced and the cowed, when the law is enforced by steroid-popping bullies with badges and jackals with briefcases and reptiles in black robes who use it solely to maintain their own power over other human beings and to squeeze them dry of every last wretched penny they possess, when the law is being used to do you and your family harm, then you are under no obligation to obey it.

In every society there is a social contract that cuts both ways. The United States Constitution was an attempt to create such a contract, and until 1861 it worked.

But we need to be very clear on this: the White American has upheld that contract and is even now upholding it as the blood of our young men is spilled in the Iraq desert. It is the federal government of the United States and the squamous alien things who have stolen it away from us who have violated that social contract, again and again and again over the past century.

Like an abused wife, White Americans have put up with it all from our cheating, lying, thieving, murdering government--the beatings, the drinking up the rent money, the lipstick on the collar, the constant bullying and browbeating. But even the most abused spouse eventually decides it's time for a divorce. That time has come.

Enough! Fuck the United States government, fuck democracy, fuck America! We've seen enough, we've had enough, and we want out.

Yeah, I know. Our ancestors tried this in 1861. Well, it's time for a re-match. Here in the Northwest, and anyplace else where White males are tired of being treated like dogs, and finally decide to show the Jews that dogs have teeth.

And you know something? I think if we ever do pull off the Old Macbeth Trick and "screw our courage to the sticking point," I suspect the world will discover that as far as (it looks like) Hillary Clinton goes--well, she damned sure ain't no Abraham Lincoln.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chewish Morality

[Yes, I know, this is starting to look like laziness on my part. One more Alex Curtis and then we'll get back to Yours Truly for a while. - HAC]

Chewish Morality
by Alex Curtis

9 July 2000

It always makes my not-too-terribly lined skin crawl to hear it said that "our civilization is based on Judaeo-Christian principles." Presumably, the word principles implies moral guidance. After all, Jews are something more than creatures of the law courts, aren't they?

So, I've thunk on it and thunk on it, and still have difficulty determining what "Jewish morality" might be besides "protecting the rights" of those the vast majority want dead. I'm asking for help from my readers here. Do Jews have any concept of evil as it applies to themselves?

Do ya think you could find a leader who would publicly say on the record for all to hear that:

1. Those Jews who participated, directly or indirectly, but with premeditation, in crucifying Jesus (one of their own!) were...evil?

2. Those Jews who murdered the entire Gentile populations of Cyprus and Alexandria in 115 were evil?

3. Those Jews who in 624 actually bought licenses to murder tens of thousands of Gentiles from the Persians after the Jews opened the Gates of Jerusalem in the middle of the night to the invaders...were evil?

4. Those Jews who planned economic disruptions in Germany in 1919 and 1923 specifically so the gold-rich could buy up land and businesses at starvin' marvin' prices while hundreds of thousands of German women, old folks, and babies did starve to death...were evil?

5. Those Jews who murdered tens of millions of Gentiles in the Soviet Union were evil?

6. Those Jewish "partisans" in World War II who tore out the eyes of captured mail carriers, hacked off their genitals and rammed both down the throats of their victims might have been...just a lil' bit evil?

7. Those Jews who incited the murders and rapes-until-death of hundreds of thousands of German women and little girls at the end of World War II were evil?

8. Those Jews who murdered tens of thousands of Germans after World War II ended (see the Jewish author John Sack) were evil?

9. Those Jews who murdered thousands of battle-surrendered Arabs and more recently tortured pebble-throwing Arab children were evil?...or that

10. Those Jews who participate in ending the lives of countless non-Jews through abortion (32 million in Amereeka alone!) are evil?

Hmm...didn't think so.

Well, what is Jewish morality?

Jewish morality...was once insisting all statues of the Goddess Justitia (Justice) in the Roman law courts be blindfolded, rather than owl-eyed as before, because they could "not work so offended by a pagan graven image in the courtroom".

Jewish morality was having two Jews prosecute O. J., three Jews defend him, all of them know he was guilty, and all of them pretend to care one way or the other.

Jewish morality is insisting homosexual "consenting baby"-rapers have more rights than "hatethought criminals."

Jewish morality is pushing the "right" to an abortion to the point that Jewish abortionists now physically hold the baby inside the woman until they can stab it in the heart or brain and claim "it never took a breath!".

Jewish morality is knowing full well that unlimited abortion means the white world will be unable to reproduce itself (the white populations of Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Hungary and Poland will drop at least 80% this century, with world white population dropping at least 66% - That's 500 million of the beautiful people who will never even exist)....making "living room", of curse, for non-whites to replace them one for one in the formerly proud white homelands.

Then, Jewish slow murder for non-Jews. Would it not be essentially slowly murder them in turn? And I'm not talkin' 'bout no sissy quick-acting gas or a bullet...this time. Thor's Hammer, it seems to me, generously applied anywhere but the skull...would do quite nicely.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Is Justice?

[Our Alex Curtis festival continues. - HAC]

What Is Justice?
by Alex Curtis

21 Jan 2000

How about some contributions to the confused and undeniably perverse modern concept of "justice"? Here are only a recent few:

1. Jigs, who commit 90% of the violent interracial crimes in America, represent only some 1% of those charged with racial hate crimes. Odd.

2. The Jew Raul Hilberg, who almost single-handedly popularized and created the Holocaust Shoah Business and international gangster racketeering, is said to tell associates he can no longer defend the six million fiction (and is said to now believe no more than 3.5 million Jews died from all causes in World War II)... and is then told he will be labeled a Nazi if he repeats these sincerely-held beliefs publicly!

3. A group of Yewish lawyers has suggested the way to go in terms of the future worldwide administration of justice for racists would be for the slightest infraction "with racist intent" (down to and including "racially threatening littering") to be greeted with life sentences, "revisited" after the first year of prison and each year thereafter to see if release and a lifetime on parole is warranted (i.e., if the prisoner shows him or herself willing to eat a string of Jewish shit in public while grinning like a nigger). Only racist offenders over age 10 would be subject to such strictures needed to protect society, of course! The fact that such a society would deserve to be regularly bombed in public places is not mentioned.

4. Related to this is the prounouncement by a group of Jewish doctors that "drugs are the best treatment for defiant white youth... Every classroom has at least one: the boy who torments his (colored or fag) neighbor...with outward displays of troublemaking which betray powerful inner turmoil caused by dervish-like minds that won't rest, concentrate or conform to (the Jewish New World) order." However, "carefully administered courses of drugs such as Ritalin can greatly improve such social skills as interactions with minorities, queer students, and others...These kids lose valuable time, and their personality gets distorted. Any delay makes it ever more difficult" (to prepare them for total obedience to every Jew for the rest of their sorry-as-shit unnatural lives).
5. Martin Lutha Kungfu is designated a martyr of the Christian faith by the once-proud Catholic Church, in celebrating Jewbilee 2000. It seems he had just finished celebrating Mass with two naked white women and one naked black woman, at least one of which apparently fought his clerical use of the Host as an oral and vaginal diaphragm, when he was killed by unknown Anti-Christian Christians.

6. A spokescreature for the Federal Department of Injustice Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations, when asked about on-going cases, noted that "less attention was being given to those war criminals...who were now over 100, due to the difficulty of anyone prosecuting them through to a meaningful life sentence". Tanks for your f'in generosity!

7. Hilaria Cliton, a product of this leftist age of puke if ever there was one, states that her husband must be respected for his accomplishments and must not be judged for his "foibles and very human imperfections." Spoken like the typical pubic school counselor, don't ya think? Now, do ya really think she wouldn't "disrespect imperfections" in diamonds...or perhaps equally valuable racists?

8. What kind of jurors and jurists will be the product of an entirely Jewish pubic educational system in which, "liberated from forcing rote memorization down students' throats, teachers will be able to focus on helping students ground themselves (down or up?), remember their place among hoomanity, and more fully recognize and develop their foibles and quirks"? Perhaps quarky citizens?

9. 21st Century Justice, we are also told, "will need to be made in the context of the extensive (fantasy) belief systems of society, which must now be seen to include: anti-anti-Semitism, anti-racism, anti-homophobia, pro-homophilia, globalism, social utopianism (i.e., mind-sodomy), humanism (loving every "human" dog that does not bite all the time), pluralism (diversity for the f'ing hell of it), x-treme experientialism, environmentalism (which all seem to have forgotten is little more than an offshoot of Schweitzer's more inclusive "reverence for life"), futurism (jerking off your mind to Star Trek, etc.), success materialism, moral relativism (you can do my daughter if I can do your pig), pop-star personality transferism, team-sports-representationism, feminism, New Age spiritism, addictionism, counselingism, and skepticism." Ahhrrrggghhh!

...Add your own "sight in on this" No. 10 target today!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alex's Twelve Days of Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks for "Your Community"
by Alex Curtis

November 25 1998

At this season of Thanksgiving, you whites out there might wish to show you are not racist in the slightest. Why don't you welcome into your household for Thanksgiving dinner appropriate representatives of the society around you?...that society of tolerance you wish your children now in public school to grow up and be a true part of...You might therefore invite:

1 nice young black man (with a prison record for violent crime);

2 black crack-addict welfare moms (with their aggregate 16 born-addicted chillen);

3 undocumented person/illegal aliens (and their little Latrinos, Latrinacitas, and Latrinas as numberless as the sands of the seashore);

4 Vctims of AIDS (now on their very last open sores, together with their surviving "special friends");

5 Boatgooks and Boatwogs from various lands of oppression (all trying to get over that new TB resistant to every antibiotic, while learning the nuances of Western toilets);

6 homeless bums (all claiming to be clean and sober since an hour after this morning's meeting ended);

7 insanely depraved and demented or retarded violent-talking street people (who make these funny jokes about slitting the other guests' throats!);

8 cross-dressers (most with healing scars from dissatisfied - and surprised! - sex customers);

9 transgender persons (who incessantly talk about their various cuts and implants - real, desired, and/or imagined - throughout the meal);

10 misunderstood male and female "lovers of youth" (who variously leer at and/or drool upon your young son and/or baby daughter);

11 Holocaust survivors (who insist on telling you in pornographic detail during dinner how each and every one of their six zillion relatives was variously gassed, steamed, fried, baked, boiled, broiled, poached, roasted and/or broasted, all while they ask your family to contribute $200,000 to the noble causes of Holocaust education and Holocaust reparations); and

12 Jewish lawyers (who successfully represented 120 now-freed murderers, rapists, and torturers of white people in your actual community, any number of which might have made their way to your home today!)

"Welcome, welcome, you are all welcome! (Aside: after all, who wants to live f'in forever?) Just remember that you must be Brave to venture into this New World, with such...... creatures in it.

Monday, May 21, 2007

How To Raise Murderers of Zoggie

[A comrade recently discovered a storehouse of old e-mail rants by the late Alex Curtis. In view of the fact that many of our new people have only the most nebulous idea of our Movement's past, or indeed only the faintest idea that we have a past at all, I think it's time to introduce 'em to the boy. - HAC]

How To Raise Murderers of Zoggie
by Alex Curtis

August 6th, 2000

I think it low time to reflect on what skills a bright young Aryan, aching at his or her race's losses, will need in order to drain down the foul Vampire Jew's stolen blood. It is something worth considering, as our race's last hopes enter college and careers. I would posit first that straightforward fighting skills will be almost useless, mainly because of the training and sheer willingness of the Jew police state to kill whitey. Murderin' de System skills, however, are a much different story.

Ultimately, one or more children of this once-proud race may one day confront the decision as to releasing a virus they themselves have genetically engineered that will kill all non-whites and perhaps half of all whites, confident that the natural racial instinct for procreation seen after every major demographic catastrophe in human history will replace all losses in at most 50 years time, after which a billion whites will live free in a bright brave new world with no more creatures of the mud nor those living on our blood in it.

Besides genetic engineering, I would urge prospective Aryan warrior men and women to learn the foremost computer hacking skills. Keep your racial views a secret from other hackers, until you learn everything and everyone they know. The destruction of the Jew World Whore Odor you can one day achieve will be unimaginable. "Hack Club", here we come, with our very own secret motives!

One "third rail" to the future lies in nanotechnology, although I believe it will be a good 50 years before you can put nanites into a Jew's drink, knowing they, as designed by you, will slowly begin to eat away at his or her liver from the inside.

Some feel that exploration of artificial intelligence, cybernetics and man-machine communication will also be key. I tend to feel these areas \will only advance so far, and then be artificially restrained by government as "racist" endeavors....After all, how would ya train a computer to understand the latest "ghetto English", Spangleesh, or "gangsta talk?"

Genetic Engineering and Hacking seem to show the greatest promise at present. Neither should be seen as "reactive" and "protective" of the white race. Genetic Engineering will also soon come under fierce Jew World Odor "PC" attack, and all involved in that field will ultimately find themselves "fighting the power" of a world government terrified at the prospect of people with an IQ, say just over 115, changing themselves into those possessive of IQs of 140, and putting even more enormous intellectual and spiritual distance between themselves and the various black, brown and red niggers, both of the turd world and "our own" varieties.

[Whereas the Chewish Government is thrilled to see "cosmetic" changes along the agelines of every Hollywood Jew, to actually improve yourself and your children genetically demonstrates you do not believe "wese all bese equals in de fundament" - and proves you are a danger to yourself, your family and all others in the glorious Urban World Village, where we all live happily together by Court Order.

The Yews also delight in phony "cultural" and "social" change, the first because it allows them to sell constantly "new" mindless shit, the latter because it makes countless more people believe their anguish mandates weekly visits to the Jew "counselor" at $200/hour!]

These then are the "skills" I wish to see our best and brightest pursue, as lone wolves in sheeple clothing and snakes in the grass, if need be. As to a revolutionary "nature", what I ask now is pretty tough. You, young man or woman, must be the kind of person so defiant of the evil confronting your race, that you will calmly look into the eyes of your victims when the time comes, silently watch them still, and move the future.

You must turn those baby blues, hazelbells, luscious green or fine brown eyes set in a graceful white face to your advantage, smiling and wise when you must "fit in", but letting the enemy see only shark or doll-eyes when they finally realize they are to die badly. Let them then see and know...the Horror, the Horror!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Democracy, My Ass

Has anyone besides me noticed that "democracy" generally boils down to being a good sport and letting the rich people win all the time? And not wiring a bomb to their ignition when you catch them cheating?

Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Hurtling Moons of Barsoom

The Weird Aryan History Series - Lesson #36

Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli (1835-1910) is the prolific Italian astronomer whose research ranged widely, but whose name is forever associated with Mars, and the controversy over the Martian "canals" which, unwittingly, he helped to unleash.

Born in Savigliano, Piedmont, Schiaparelli graduated from the University of Turin and studied at the Royal Observatory in Berlin under Johann Encke, discoverer of a short-period comet that now bears his name. After a brief spell at Pulkova Observatory in Russia, he joined the staff of Milan's Brera Observatory in 1860 and became its director two years later. The small instruments at Brera led Schiaparelli to focus his research initially on meteors and comets. Indeed, probably his most important contribution to astronomy was his discovery that swarms of meteors, which give rise to annual showers on Earth, and comets follow similar paths through space.

His reward for this breakthrough was the installation of a more powerful (8.6-in.) refractor at Brera which allowed him to engage in serious planetary work. He first wanted to test the powers of the new instrument, to see if it "possessed the necessary optical qualities to allow for the study of the surfaces of the planets." 1877 brought the ideal opportunity in the form a particularly favorable opposition of Mars. Schiaparelli prepared for it almost like a prize fighter, avoiding "everything which could affect the nervous system, from narcotics to alcohol, and especially ... coffee, which I found to be exceedingly prejudicial to the accuracy of observation."

What emerged from Schiaparelli's long hours at the eyepiece in September 1877 was the most (optimistically) detailed map of Mars ever published. With the additional features he filled in over the next decade, it became a standard reference in planetary cartography, still in use until the dawn of the space probe era, and the scheme he devised for naming major Martian features survives to this day.

He used Latin and Mediterranean place names taken from ancient history, mythology, and the Bible. A light spot in the southern hemisphere, for example, he called Nix Olympia-the Snows of Olympus (now known to be the largest volcano in the solar system and rechristened Olympus Mons). The great triangular feature, first observed by Huygens in 1669, became Syrtis Major, while large, bright patches earned the picturesque labels of Elysium, Cydonia, Tharsis, and Thyle.

What was most striking about Schiaparelli's original map, however, was a curious network of linear markings which crisscrossed the Martian surface and joined one dark area to another. These lines he referred to as canali and he named them after famous rivers, both fictional and real - Gehon, Hiddekel, and Phison from the rivers in the Garden of Eden, Lethes and Nepenthes from the underground realm of Hades, and Ganges, Euphrates, and Nilus from actual geography.

Schiaparelli insisted that his nomenclature was not intended to prejudge the nature of the features he saw on the Martian surface: "These names may be regarded as a mere artifice.... After all, we speak in a similar way of the seas of the Moon, knowing very well that they do not consist of liquid masses."

However, the romantic and evocative names he chose would prove to have a powerful influence over some of his contemporaries. Moreover, Schiaparelli himself clearly favored a maritime view of Mars in which the dark areas were seas and the brighter regions land.

During the opposition of 1879, Schiaparelli refined his original map, noting some changes such as the apparent invasion of a bright area known as Libya by Syrtis Major. This encouraged him in his belief that Syrtis Major was a shallow sea which at times flooded the lands around. He drew in more canals and for the first time reported what he called a "gemination," or doubling of one of these features. Of the reality of the canali, if not their exact nature, he was utterly convinced: "It is [as] impossible to doubt their existence as that of the Rhine on the surface of the Earth."

So began the great canal controversy. Were the canali real? And if so, what were they? In an influential 1893 article, Schiaparelli maintained that Mars is a planet of seasonal change, with a temporary sea forming around the northern polar cap as it melted each spring. In support of his belief in a Martian atmosphere rich in water vapor he pointed to the spectroscopic observations of Hermann Vogel. The canals, he asserted, comprised "a true hydrographic system" and perhaps "the principal mechanism ... by which water (and with it organic life) may be diffused over the arid surface of the planet."

As to their origin, he leaned toward a natural explanation: "We are inclined to believe them to be produced by an evolution of the planet, just as on the Earth we have the English Channel and the Channel of Mozambique." However, he did not rule out the possibility that they might be artificial: "Their singular aspect, and their being drawn with absolute geometrical precision, as if they were the work of rule or compass, has led some to see in them the work of intelligent beings.... I am very careful not to combat this supposition, which includes nothing impossible."

Cautious and unflambouyant though he was - in sharp contrast to Percival Lowell - Schiaparelli nevertheless seems to have been biased in his Martian studies by a underlying desire to prove the habitability (if not the actual habitation) of other worlds in the solar system.

One man was so influenced by the Martian cartography of Schiaparelli that he created an entire fictional series based around it.

The American author Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875-1950) started to write for pulp magazines at the age of 35. His first professional sale was Under the Moons of Mars, serialized in 1912 and introducing the popular invincible hero John Carter, who is transported to Mars apparently by astral projection, following a battle with Apaches in Arizona. (Burroughs himself was a former cavalryman who fought in the last anti-Apache campaign in 1896.) ERB's Red Planet was an exotic place filled with beautiful maidens, treacherous warlords, and monsters such as tharks and apts. It was referred to in the books by its alleged native name of Barsoom. The Martian series eventually reached eleven books including John Carter of Mars, A Princess of Mars, and Thuvia, Maid of Mars.

Burroughs has been repeatedly condemned as a racist and proto-National Socialist by assorted politically correct establishments, and it can't be denied that there are distinctly racial elements in the John Carter series and also in his later, better known Tarzan mythos. Yet he is still recognized as a precursor and one of the fathers of modern science fiction, even though Schiaparelli's Martian theories have been proven baseless by the advent of space travel.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Roosevelt on Immigration

"In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet an American,and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

-Theodore Roosevelt 1907

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Death of a Neocon

On Tuesday, May 15th, a man died in Lynchburg, Virginia who bears a huge moral responsibility for hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Jerry Falwell posed as a man of God; he was instead a man of mass murder and just as much a war criminal as anyone hanged at Nuremberg. Because of the neoconservative and Zionist political ideology which Jerry Falwell promoted for most of his life, countless numbers of people around the world have died under a rain of American bombs and bullets in order to serve the interests of a foreign country, the bandit state of Israel. Thousands of American military personnel have died and tens of thousands more have suffered ghastly and crippling wounds at the hands of resistance fighters defending their land against a foreign invader, and Jerry Falwell was one of the godfathers of neoconservatism who sent them there.

By transforming the Religious Right into such a mighty force in American politics, Falwell was violating the principle of the separation of Church and state which was enshrined in the United States Constitution by the Founding Fathers. Falwell's career is a classic example of why men like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson wanted the preachers out of government. They knew the harm that fanatics in the pockets of the Jews could do. (Ben Franklin even warned against them in his famous Prophecy.) Those same "conservative" voters later became responsible for installing the alcoholic dwarf George W. Bush and his little Jewish friends in the Oval Office.

There are those who believe that the Religious Right's good stands on such issues as buggery, abortion, pornography, and in some cases forbidding race-mixing justify or alleviate the naked worship of the Jews as "God's Chosen People" which is now the official policy and theology of most Protestant Evangelical denominations. In point of fact, Protestant Evangelicalism's Jew-worship is profoundly un-Christian and blasphemous, in that it violates the First Commandment: "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me."

Jew-worship is in fact a form of idolatry. It also adds insult to injury by worshipping as a "Chosen People" the very race who crucified Jesus Christ, in a perversion of history and Scripture. Jerry Falwell claimed to believe in Jesus Christ, and yet he worshipped his Savior's murderers in a sickening kowtowing to the powers that be of this world.

Jerry Falwell sat behind his desk and stood in his pulpit, fat and sleek, while thousands of his young Christian followers have gone into the military believing on his say-so that they are doing God's work by engaging in a bloody imperial war of conquest on behalf of the Jews. In Jerry Falwell's name, thousands of otherwise decent Americans have committed appalling crimes against humanity and suffered death and agony themselves.

Jerry Falwell raised billions of dollars for an illegal and artificial state, Israel, which has no business to exist in the first place and which has committed unspeakable acts of atrocity and mass murder, including history's only attempt (largely successful) at imprisoning an entire nation of people, the Palestinians, behind walls of concrete and barbed wire and minefields. Jerry Falwell was a cheerleader for genocide.

Jerry Falwell claimed to speak for all of us, and by and large, we were too spineless to stand up and give him the lie in public, so we are all complicit in his evil life and deeds.

Not being a Christian myself, I will not speculate or claim any kind of inside knowledge as to the present whereabouts and condition of Jerry Falwell's soul. But I recall that Falwell used on occasion to babble about a "just God." For his own sake, let's hope he was wrong on that one.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

President Bloomboig?

Now Jew York City mayor Michael Bloomboig is supposed to be considering a run for the White House, as--get this--an "independent." In that capacity he could possibly draw enough votes away from whoever the Democratic candidate turns out to be (almost certainly Hillary) to hand the election to the Republican candidate, most likely Mr. Potato Head (er, Senator McCain.) Can you say Blue State Ross Perot? Sure you can!

Jeez, somebody in the Democratic establishment must have one whale of a case of the ass for Hillary. It sure seems someone is determined to revoke the deal she made with Bill back in the 90s, i.e. she would keep quiet about his priapic behavior, casual rape, cocaine habit and sale of technology to the Red Chinese, on the understanding that it would be her turn in 2004, which owing to 9/11 has turned out to be 2008.

I'd like to think it's because whoever is behind Bloomboig and the Obamanation has at least enough residual decency to be appalled and frightened by the prospect of that Sea Hag sitting in the Oval Office, but I wouldn't count on it. Most likely it's just plain jealousy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Aryan Ancestors On The Silk Road

[This is an old piece, so don't know if this article is still up. - HAC]

Ancient European remains found in Qinghai

XINING, July 6 (Xinhuanet) -- Archaeologists confirmed that the human skeletons discovered this May in northwest China's Qinghai Province belonged to three Europeans who lived in China over 1,900 years ago.

"The physical characteristics of the bones showed it is a typical European race," said Wang Minghui, an expert with the archeological institute under the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The skeletons were spotted at Zhongchuan Town of the province's easternmost Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County.

Since 2002, archeologists have unearthed nine tombs of Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) at a construction site of a brickfield in the town, but it was not until this May that they felt the skeletons in two tombs "very special," said Ren Xiaoyan, deputy director if the provincial archaeological institute, who added they invited Wang, who specializes in human bone identification, to take part in the study on the findings.

Qinghai is on the southern section of the world-known land trade corridor-- the Silk Road, linking China with Central and Western Asia and to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean begins in the country's northwest and runs 7,000 kilometers.

Serving as an important bridge for the economic and cultural exchanges between the East and the West, the area, which the Silk Road covered in China, used to see throngs of Indian, Persian, Arabic, Greek and Roman people.

Ren said the tomb shape, the burial articles and the way they were put in the tomb are all typical in Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220), which proved the three westerners had lived here for a long time and were accustomed to local traditions and customs.

"Although so far, we have been not sure of the country the three Europeans came from and there might be a large number of such 'westerners' living here at the ancient time," said Ren.

Such European skeletons have only been revealed in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, a neighboring region which is to the northwest of Qinghai, so the discovery this time is of great importance forthe study of the ancient society in Qinghai, said Wang.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Armed Struggle For White Freedom

[The following e-mail appeared in the Northwest Revolution Forum on May 12th, 2007. I am reproducing it here along with my reply. Owing to the importance of the topic, I am going to leave this one up for a day or two. - HAC]

Subject: Letting The Enemy Choose Our Leaders

Dear HAC:

Things have gone so far over the past generation, that it is now completely obvious that no peaceful or democratic avenues of change remain open to Americans of European descent. Non-resistance is unthinkable, and before we can engage in genuine resistance to the regime we have to visualize it correctly in our own minds. I therefore propose that from now on, the Movement and Racially Conscious Community as a whole should officially take the attitude that any group or so-called "Great White Leader" who is unwilling or unable at least to discuss armed struggle in theory be regarded as either an active or passive tool of the racial enemy. Such "leaders" are doing the enemy's work by keeping the White man passive in the face of institutional violence and genocide, and they should be regarded as enemy assets.

-Name Withheld for Obvious Reasons

Okay, that's a little more bluntly than even I would have put it, but you make a crucial and valid point. Having made a valid point, now comes the hard part--getting the rest of our Movement "comrades" to listen to a damned word you say. Good luck on that, and let me know how it turns out.



I immediately received several e-mails demanding that I qualify the above reply with all kinds of caveats and disclaimers and "but not now, of courses" and all the other little verbal slides and slithers we always use to avoid discussing this topic seriously.

Guys, in my opinion, we need not only to remove the taboo from discussion of armed struggle within the White racial movement, we need to stop slapping all these ridiculous fig leaves we always slap all over this subject because we're so damned petrified with terror of the FBI, and Jew political thuggery in general. We end up looking utterly ridiculous. We do that anyway, of course, since everybody knows none of us have the balls actually to do anything at all. But for Christ's sake, guys, can we at least try to maintain a little dignity?

By trying to maintain a pretense that we are not really talking about what we're talking about, we're not going to fool anyone among the enemy, we will simply confuse and irritate our friends, and we will once more turn what should be a holy and life-giving cause into a Three Stooges farce.

Guys, I know that there is a right way and a wrong way to do this. I also know that anyone who shows up at your house and starts pulling illegal machine guns and explosives out of his trunk and telling you that "it's time to start the revolution" is a police officer or informant of some kind. You should know this too. If you don't, then you are going to perish, and it's that damned simple. ZOG has wolves loping on our tracks, and they are going to cull the weak and stupid ones from our herd.

I am not "advocating" or "inciting" anything. It would do no good if I did, because White males are simply too soft and weak and stupid and terrified to behave in the manner of the characters in my Northwest novels. Anything attempted right now would simply turn into more Three Stooges farce, because we refuse to address the issue of character and we refuse to exert the necessary effort of will to change ourselves, within ourselves, and remake ourselves into the people our ancestors were. (Then some point in time, we're going to be getting hundreds of thousands of White Iraq veterans released into the population. Hmmm....hold that thought...)

I believe that the time has come for us to at least remove the taboo from words, and to at least attempt to create some kind of intelligent and reality-based dialogue in our community on what it will take to bring an end to the insupportable tyranny under which we live. Obviously, pulling the little lever in the voting booth every four years simply ain't gonna cut it if there's no one there to vote for who is part of the solution and not part of the problem.

If we can get such a dialogue going among the flabby remnants of our White generation, enough of the intellectual run-off might splash downward and into the brains of younger people so that we just might be able to save the Last Generation, Shane Ryan's generation. We are apparently incapable of transfiguring ourselves, but we might be able to transfigure the three year-old Shane and his world.

For those of you who bother to read my novels instead of toss them into a drawer when someone sends them to you with a "nyeh, maybe someday I'll get around to it..." my opinion on matters is clear and, so far at least, expressed with reasonable safety. Thus far Jug-Ears and his little Jewish friends have decided they don't want to open the can of worms which would be involved in prosecuting or even "disappearing" a novelist or dissident writer. Whether Hillary will show me the same indulgence when she gets her turn in 2008, I don't know. I understand that Slow Coming Dark was brought to her attention a year or so after its publication and We Were Not Amused.

I have come to accept that you can't drive a nail with a marshmallow, and that the White people of my generation will never revolt against these monsters. We simply haven't got the chops for it; those who do (or did once) are now too old, and those who are young enough have skulls full of mush and don't know their asses from holes in the ground. There has to be a 180-degree change in our character, and that can't happen until we at least find sufficient remaining hairs on our withered old asses to stand up and speak the truth.

We can't lose our fear sufficiently to revolt--okay, I accept that. Our fear seems to be an intrinsic part of our misery, and we cannot excise it or overcome it. But we can at least beat down and get a sufficient grip on our fear to speak to the Last Generation and to speak the truth, that barring the long-overdue reintroduction of the gun into American politics, America in any form that we or our forefathers would recognize will perish from the face of the earth.

There has always been a sub rosa debate within the Movement as to whether or not the White race deserves to survive at all. You see, we all know in the privacy of our own thoughts what total chickenshit cowards we are. We know quite well that all these excuses we've been making have nothing to do with politics or ideology or strategy and everything to do with our screaming terror of steel handcuffs on our wrists. We know perfectly well what we should have been doing ever since Little Rock in 1958, and we know perfectly well why we haven't been doing it. Life is simply too sweet. The sofa is simply too soft, the beer is too cold, the nachos too salty and tasty, and now that most of us have frittered away our younger years finding lame excuses for being chickenshit cowards, we have the additional excuse that we are too old and "the fight must be left to younger men." We should know. We shoved it onto them ourselves through our unwillingness to do our duty and take the blows and the pain upon ourselves.

Trembling in terror, shitting and pissing ourselves in terror, thumping our tails between out legs in terror of ZOG and ZOG's FBI and prisons like whipped dogs, we must nonetheless somehow find it within ourselves to stand up and speak the truth where our children can hear us.

We have failed them in every other way. We dare not fail them in this.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hang On To Your Mimeograph Machines

[More Classic HAC, from the year 2000. Okay, this hasn't happened yet, but I still maintain that the scenario I describe below is a serious possibility, especially once Hillary gets in.]

Do Not Throw Away Those Mimeograph Machines in Your Garage!

Okay, I understand that no one believes we are going to lose the internet one day. It's like Y2K; your minds are made up, so I won't try to confuse you with facts. I will simply tell you how it's going to happen. Unlike Y2K, there is no specific date for me to be proven right here; this will happen in slow increments over the next four or five years.

1. Some way will be found to charge for e-mail.

This has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with the U. S. Postal Service and other incompetent and inefficient government postal authorities throughout the world trembling in terror at being made obsolete. Eventually there will be some kind of arrangement wherein an Internet Service Provider that provides e-mail will become a "postal subcontractor" of some kind, and e-mail will become a separate and specially regulated Internet function.

The ISPs will be required by law to collect and pass on to the Postal Service a small sum of money, most likely either a penny per e-mail or even more possibly, a monthly charge beginning at, say, $10 a month for using e-mail as well as surfing the web. This will be fought tooth and nail by the world-wide wired webhead set, and will take some time, but in the long run ZOG will get its way. Once the precedent is set, e-mail costs will be "adjusted" ever upward; twenty years from now e-mail rates will probably achieve parity with first class postal rates.

2. Politically incorrect speech on the internet, under the designation of "hate," will be legally equated with pornography.

This is already beginning. There are already "site ratings" in place on many ISPs, notably America On Line, along with "child blocking" programs such as Cyber Patrol and Cyber Nanny which shut out from our web sites the very young White kids we must reach in order for our people to survive. The ADL has developed and is marketing one such program specifically aimed at blocking access to web sites which contain critical comment regarding the Jews or Israel.

Eventually what we will see is an internet variation of the enemy's Checkmate While Maintaining Appearances Dictum: "You may exist, but you may not function." A semi-official, industry-wide regulatory agency or body will be set up, backed by federal law and possibly by some kind of federal agency or board of review as well. This internet Thought Police will establish a mandatory rating system for web sites, internet newsletters, and all forms of cyber-communication, and it will become a matter of civil and/or criminal liability to evade or ignore this rating system, as well as grounds for termination and denial of internet service.

Access to "X-rated" sites will be governed by a strictly enforced password system, and those who operate such frowned-upon sites will be required to obtain and maintain records of all passwords issued and keep accompanying identification and age authentication documentation which must be made available for inspection on demand. A similar system to this is now already operating on the net for some sex-related sites and also for certain other functions, and there are several so-called "e-authentication" databases in operation right now where porno-crawlers have to provide evidence of identity and age in order to get in to view their favorite perversions.

We will be allowed to keep our web sites up, but no one will be able see them without identifying himself to the enemy and becoming a kind of "registered hater" or thought criminal. We will be back to preaching to the converted again. Several Third World Countries, such as Burma, China and Zimbuggery, now have mandatory government censorship of all internet communications in place.

3. Abusive civil litigation will make the financial risk of running a politically incorrect web site simply too great.

There are already ADL "draft statutes" in a number of state and federal legislative hoppers to gut the few remaining Constitutional protections which White dissidents have against abusive and malicious civil litigation from powerful and well-funded Jewish and left-liberal pressure groups, such as the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The most sinister of all is one introduced in Illinois, the fruit of berserk Buttfuckian Ben Smith's little Independence Day weekend spree, to make anyone who is arbitrarily designated a "White supremacist leader" civilly and criminally liable for any act committed by one of his "followers", without actually having to prove any causation or connection whatsoever between "leader" and "follower". In other words, flat out guilt by association. Under this law, if someone flips out and shoots some monkoids in a shopping center and a copy of this issue of Invictus is found in his room, I myself could be put away.

On the internet, within a very short time, it will be legal for parents to sue the author of any politically incorrect material solely on the grounds that it was downloaded or read by a "child" under eighteen years of age. Someone like Morris Dees or the ADL, should they decide that a particular web site is getting a little too close for comfort, should have no difficulty in either finding or arranging for a number of parents to make the horrified "discovery" that their little Kevin or Jennifah has downloaded something from the net containing the "N" word.

Given the huge financial resources available to these groups, multiple civil lawsuits are a very real possibility, as Matt Hale and Ryan Wilson are currently finding out. The First Amendment still exists in theory, but as yet another adverse result of our spineless refusal as a nation to deal with Bill and Hillary Clinton's crime and corruption, it is now being gutted to the point of complete uselessness in any practical sense.

Yeah, yeah, I know. It will never happen, Harold is just technophobic, Harold is just keeping up the printed publications so he can scam people out of subscriptions instead of using the lovely free internet, etc. etc.
Okay, guys, like I said, I won't argue. But I'm not abandoning print, and I very strongly advise you not to throw away that old mimeograph machine in your garage you used back in the "old days" when you were with the Birch Society or the Skinheads or whoever.

Long and the short of it, guys-there is no magic bullet. No fast forward on this video. No way to get out of the laborious, frustrating, agonizing, and horribly inconvenient necessity of sitting down with our fellow White people on a face to face basis and slowly, painfully explaining the truth, giving them literature and trying to get them to read it, and forcing them to use their atrophied minds to think with. Sorry.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Obamanation #2

Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan. Anna Nicole Smith. Knut the Polar Bear. Kung Pao Chicken. Tornado. Nicole Richie. Nancy Grace. Liposuction.

Sorry, trying to raise the hit level again by catching searches.

I am going nuts trying to figure out just precisely who is behind this kaffir Barack Obama. Somebody sure our wonderful System, nobody, no politician, whether he's White or black(ish), just comes out of left field and runs for President of the United States. The entire system is set up in order to prevent that type of thing. It's not allowed.

So someone must be pushing Obama and must have obtained the correct "permits" from the soulless men in business suits who actually run things. The creature himself doesn't seem to have much going on in his mind; he actually looks kind of lost out there, trying to look Presidential. I get the impression of some little mulatto kid wandering around saying, "Where am I and what am I doing here?" Somebody is pushing him, and it has to do with Hillary.

Is the Obama critter a straw man set up by the liberal wing of the Democratic party for Hillary to play with in public, distract media attention away from more serious Democratic candidates, and then demolish as appropriate? Basically something for Hillary to kill the first year of her campaign messing with? (And why the hell is it starting so early this time? Do the big knobs know something we don't know about what's going to be happening in the fall of 2008?)

Or is Obama a genuine if covert anti-Hillary effort on the part of bona fide anti-Hillary Dems, who have now had a chance to get a good look at her, and who are either too revolted by what they see to acquiesce in handing her the Imperial crown on a silver platter, or possibly genuinely frightened enough by what they see to try this feeble ploy to deflect the coming Hillary dictatorship? Basically, liberals who figure they can trump Hillary's tits in the PC stakes via Obama's black(ish) skin? If so, one wonders what Hillary will do to them once she has the power (and all those lovely Bush "security" laws?)

This is why I would never consider suicide. I'd always be afraid I'd miss something.