Monday, March 19, 2007

A White Family's Story

Dear Harold:

I finally finished saving for the next semester of school for the wife, now it's time for a vacation. I'm thinking the second week in May so I can save a little for the trip. It will be me and my two sons. I intend to fly out to the Northwest, rent a car, and drive, drive, drive.

Well, Harold, I can confirm there is a God and he is making me suffer. I'll make a long story short.

About 15 years ago my brother-in-law was dating a girl, and they had a baby. He was/is a screwed up individual. The girl he was dating is psychotic. They split up and he didn't see the baby again until a month ago, when the family services called and said "We have your daughter because the mother threw her out." Well, due to past allegations of abuse coupled with the fact that he lives out of state, the girl was placed into foster care---in the lovely city of Detroit.

My wife and I visited the girl and determined that she appeared to be a decent kid who needed some direction. The home she was living in was run by some Jamaican piece of shit, and it is a shithole( typical run down Detroit dump.) This Jamaican woman's father died so she had to go back there to bury his sorry black ass, so we took the girl in. We go to court this week to get custody until the dispute between the parents is settled.

The catch is, I have to drive her to high school in Detroit every day until we go to court. This school has over a thousand savages attending, and 3 white kids, her being one of them. It breaks my heart to drop her off there, but the only alternative is to keep her out and have the court refuse to give us custody for not sending her to school and place her back into a home in Detroit. This sucks.

At any rate this has been my life for the past 2 weeks and it's just about over. Hope to see ya soon.

-Name Withheld
for obvious reasons


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good God man, I'm not in your shoes so it's easy for me to shoot off at the mouth like this... but if it were me one day I'd put her in the car to go to school.... and just keep driving until I reached the Pacific Northwest....

6:34 PM  

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