Monday, March 26, 2007

One Big, Happy Continent

Ever wonder why President Bush and his neo-con buddies seem so intent on leaving our borders wide open and allowing the scum of the Third World to surge over the Rio Grande and into the United States? Ever wonder why they completely disregard the damage these millions of unwelcome intruders cause? It's because there is a hidden agenda, which gets less and less hidden all the time.

The do-nothing attitude of Bush and his Jewish friends has a name. It's called creating facts on the ground, an old Israeli trick used for years to steal Palestinian land through settlements. You bring so many people into an area from outside that their removal becomes "unfeasible" and "inhumane," and then you build a new political structure around this act of land theft. Both the Palestinans and the Americans will soon become completely dispossessed people.

All of this is part of the overall, long-term Jewish agenda for "eliminating racism by eliminating race." (Their words.) In this case, the long term goal is to eliminate the immigration problem by eliminating the border itself, and abolishing the entire United States of America de facto if not yet de jure.

This monstrosity to come is called the North American Union, and it is based on the present European Union which has effectively erased all borders between European nations and made the non-White overrunning of Europe which exists today possible. By eliminating borders, you obviously eliminate border control. Right now, all an African or other Third Worlder needs to do is set foot in Italy or sneak past an airport in Germany, and he has the entire European continent to hide out in.

The neo-cons intend to erase our borders with both Mexico and Canada, and create a similar conglomerate, one big capitalist, raceless, cultureless consumer plantation of Styrofoam and credit cards, where God and country have been replaced by Ronald McDonald and the endless obsession with Hollywood celebrities like adulterers Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. A tabloid culture, a capitalist economy, and one big mass of pliable, mud-colored minimum-wage workers slaving away for the Jews and the ultra-rich White businessmen who actually run the world.

Human Events Online reports: "Secretly, the Bush administration is pursuing a policy to expand NAFTA politically, setting the stage for a North American Union designed to encompass the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. What the Bush administration truly wants is the free, unimpeded movement of people across open borders with Mexico and Canada. President Bush intends to abrogate U.S. sovereignty to the North American Union, a new economic and political entity which the President is quietly forming, much as the European Union has formed."

The blueprint for this monstrous act of national betrayal was laid out formally 2005, in a report entitled Building a North American Community published by the notorious, Jewish-controlled Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The plan calls for the gradual erasure of the borders in reality if not legally by bringing so much of the Mexican population physically into this country that it will be realistically impossible to deport them all.

After staging assorted dog-and-pony shows like the present "immigration reform" bills, the government will simply shrug and formalize the creation of this North American Union thingummy, which will "solve" the problem of a porous border by simply abolishing the border altogether and let any Mexican who wants to come here as a citizen of this "Union" do so. (It is estimated by demographers that ten percent of the adult population of Mexico is already resident in the United States.)

This kind of thing used to be called treason, but we seem to have discarded such outmoded concepts, ever since Jane Fonda had her picture taken behind a Viet Cong anti-aircraft gun wearing a North Vietnamese helmet and was allowed to return to the plaudits of the Hollywood liberal crowd, instead of being forced to re-shoot the hanging scene in "Cat Ballou" without cutting the rope this time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent Hal, you've distilled this issue down into a readily-understandable concept. Unfortunately, how many whites today even have the brain cells to grasp it or the intellectual courage to accept it?

4:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, amusing the way the apologists for this agenda say we can't posibly move that many people back, ignoring the fact that we moved 12 million + soldiers to Euroe and Asia AND BACK in WWII.

With the right persuasion the mud hordes will leave on their own, this persuasion does NOT involve skinhead rock concerts, writing letters to politicians, distibuting leaflets, sending money to David Duke or other Rite-wing leaders, educating neighbors, protests, marches, etc, etc.

It would be doen the same way the mexicruds are driving the 'groids from South Calif, namely, by killing as many of them as is possible.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Richard Brodie said...

I wonder how the American Indians feel about us white men giving our country back to one tribe, the Aztecs, who never lived inside the borders of the United States! I’d feel doubly injured. And what’s this B.S. we hear from illegals about “we didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us?” Aztlan (AZTecLANd) is a total myth, created to justify invading a territory they have no more right to than the Europeans did. The Aztecs were never found north of central Mexico, let alone in the SouthWest U.S., until the Spaniards brought some of them along when the missions were being established. You hear La Raza types saying that the whole North American continent belongs to Hispanics, and that “European” whites should all go back to Europe. Funny, last time I checked SPAIN was a part of Europe, and so Mexicans with their Spanish blood are just as much Europeans as I am - I'm a mixture of English, French, Scottish, and Iroquois Indian. This is all just as stupid as if the Navajos were to invent a name like Navlan to refer to some portion of Mexico, then start mass migrating there and calling for all the Mexican Spanish/Aztec halfbreeds to go back to Spain.

Just say no to Third World south-of-the-border diseases, drugs, and crime:

4:13 PM  

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