Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Treasonous Talk

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Dear Comrades

Bravo to Scott N. for his assessment of modern day...uh...'America.'

In 2005, I lost my job due to a last minute change on the part of the travel company with which I was booked. (They switched the dates of my tour unexpectedly and my kosher bosses decided they would not allow me to change my vacation dates on such short notice) I was denied unemployment benefits after fighting my former Jew employer all the way to Circuit Court. It then took me over 500 tries (yes, five hundred) before I was finally able to land a part time/no benefits job, and that only took place because my mother was friends with the mother of one of the managers at my current place.

I thought perhaps I could return to college, but I was considered too "rich" for financial aid. My current employer keeps me at 35 hours per week, and while I certainly need every hour I can get, this puts me just below the full time (health insurace) threshold. Needless to say, the state tells me I am also "too rich" for any sort of subsidized insurance.

At 40, I'm "too old" for job training while simultaneously being "too young" for any benefits.

In case anyone misunderstands me here, I'm stating all this not to whine or expect sympathy from any comrades, but rather because I'm sure at least half the people reading this right now are nodding in agreement. "Misery loves company" can apply to White Nationalists as well as anyone.

One aspect of the whole financial crisis that really pisses me off is the way we perpetually hear about money shortages, budget cut and the need to tighten our belts when it comes to necessities, yet there always seems to be money when the war/homeland security/pentegon/foreign aid budgets are discussed.

Of course, we can't expect 'big government to care for us from cradle to grave' (or so the neo-cons say...) Sure, they can toughen laws on personal firearm ownership, jack up taxes and license fees on automobiles and other items, impose heavier burdens on individuals filing for bankruptcy, increase penalties for speeding, drunk driving, petty theft, tax fraud and other small/non-violent crimes and grant greater spying powers to Big Brother. That's not big government, you see.

How about some regulations on businesses to mandate that those who sell to Americans employ at least a certain percentage of homegrown workers ? How about some government regulations when it comes to consumer pricing and health care provisions ? "Oh tut-tut now, the government can't interfere in those matters! Gee whiz, we're sorry you're all so poor, but the government just can't help you!!"

Mind you, I still have all the respect in the world for the Constitution (as originally written) and the great men who penned it. In that sense, I still qualify as a patriot. But when it comes to this modern day monster known as America, I say the hell with it all, kit and caboodle!! One need not even be a racialist to feel this way in today's climate.

Any government that "just can't" provide the basic necessities for its citizens needs to call it quits, pack up and go to the bar.

If Ben Franklin and George Washington were alive today and a public, open air flag burning was announced, I believe Mr. Franklin would bring the lighter fluid while General Washington would supply the matches.

John from Detroit


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