Friday, March 16, 2007

The Majesty Of The Law

Remember the case of the judge in Tennessee who was charged with using an automatic sexual device while sitting on the bench hearing cases? Well, it looks like legal perversion is not confined to the regions south of the Mason Dixon Line. A district attorney in Ohio seems to enjoy practicing nudism in the workplace.

Found an interesting media clip in my files: "A city prosecutor was charged with indecency after a security camera caught him walking around naked in a government building after business hours. Scott Blauvelt, 35, was arrested Monday and released from jail to await a hearing in Hamilton Municipal Court, where he usually works. A guard monitoring a security camera spotted a nude man investigators identified as Blauvelt in a building that houses county offices the night of Oct. 5, sheriff's Maj. Anthony Dwyer said. The night before, security video had captured Blauvelt naked in another area of the building, where city offices are located. Dwyer said investigators don't know why Blauvelt, who was alone, wasn't wearing clothes. He faces two counts of indecency. The charge carries up to a month in jail and a $250 fine. "

So, let's see. That's a judge with an auto-suck hidden under his black robe, a Republican Congressman cyber-stalking handsome young pages in the Capitol via e-mail in search of homosexual orgies, a faggot former governor of New Jersey coming out in a tell-all book wherein he admits that the corridors of power in America are filled with perverts, former Presidential advisor Dick Morris resigning after getting caught inviting prostitutes to Washington hotel rooms rented with taxpayers' money so he can suck their toes. Not to mention a former President who admits to conducting the nation's business (including strategic planning for the war against Serbia) while being fellated under his desk in the Oval Office by a Jewess, and who has been credibly charged with rape and murder, and now the Naked DA. Plus hundreds more incidents I could name if I had the time and this website had the bandwidth to list them.

This society is sick, and the voters seem to have nothing but pork fat between their ears. We keep electing perverts, criminals, and lunatics to public office and we no longer have any capacity for outrage left, so it would seem. This society is going to go down like ancient Rome, and I very much hope to still be around when it happens, so I can laugh and dance and caper in the flaming ruins.


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My sentiments exactly.,..

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