Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In Memoriam: Florentine Van Tonningen (1915-2007)

Racial Comrades:

I have learned with sadness that Florentine Van Tonningen-Heubel, the widow of the Dutch National Socialist hero and martyr Rost Van Tonningen, died on March 24th, in Belgium. She was an inspiration to European nationalists and National Socialists for over half a century. I hope to have a more extensive obituary to post here soon, written by someone who knew the Widow personally.


Anonymous John Taylor Bowles said...

The last time I had supper with Florentine was in 2002 in Port Huron, Michigan. Florentine was fabulous in her character and loyal to the end. It was an honor to have met her and known her as the First Lady of NS Belgium. She enjoyed her trips to the USA. Thank you for mentioning the loss on your website.

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