Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Asking Rude Questions

Question: If the so-called "Holocaust" really happened, then why would anyone object to giving the Iranians or anyone else the hard historical proof to examine for themselves?

The St. Louis United Jewish Federation posted an article moaning that "The so-called Holocaust Foundation of Iran demanded from Austria, Germany and Poland that they submit documents related to the massacre of Jews during the Second World War.... The head of the Foundation, Mohammad-Ali Ramin, told IRNA that the documents were needed for the fact-finding commission to clarify the real extent of the Holocaust and the number of Jewish victims. The fact-finding commission was formed during a Holocaust conference in Tehran last December, which had been attended by controversial historians challenging the extent of the mass killings of Jews by the German Nazi regime."

Now, let me get this straight. The official version of the Second World War holds that the so-called Holocaust absolutely, utterly, no-question-about-it happened, complete with kosher soap and lampshades made from Jewish skin, right? There just plain cannot be any doubt about this, right? Or so they tell us.

So, if this Holocaust business is absolute, proven, unquestionable fact, precisely why is it necessary to send people like David Irving and Germar Rudolf and Ernst Zundel to prison for merely asking questions?

Why not simply show us the proof and have done with it?

And if someone like Zundel or this Iranian fact-finding commission asks questions--why not, well, just answer them? I mean, if it all happened exactly as advertised, what's the problem with answering a few questions? (Well, okay, more than a few.)

Like, what happened to the mountains of ash which must have been produced by cremating six million bodies? (None was ever found at any concentration camp site.)

Like, how were six million people gassed at Auschwitz in a "gas chamber" that is roughly the size of a walk-in closet and which isn't even airtight. (The silly thing has skylights, for Christ's sake!)

Like, why does the "official" number of alleged Jewish deaths posted on the front signboard as one enters Auschwitz keeping quietly dropping year by year? (I think it's down to 300,000 now from the original figure of six million.)

Like, why have only a small handful of the original source documents from the German KZL system ever been declassified, the bulk of those documents whisked away and hidden from scholarly eyes for six decades?

Like, why are parts of the Diary of Anne Frank written in ball point pen, which wasn't invented until 1951?

Somehow I think the Iranians are going to be waiting a long time for the documents they requested.


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