Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Statuesque Distraction

I'm starting to wonder if Anna Nicole Smith wasn't whacked out by order of the neocons, so that her bizarre death and the grotesque danse macabre around her estate and her baby could serve as a massive distraction for our bird-brained "public" while Jug-Ears and his buddies work up their unprovoked attack against Iran.

At a time when the entire attention span of the nation, as far as it goes (and that ain't very far) should be focused on Bush and his little Jewish friends and their deranged plot to destroy civilization as we know it by cutting off the West's fuel supply to save Israel, instead we will all be glued to the eight-chinned Nancy Grace babbling about Anna Nicole and the machinations of her Jew lawyer and "companion," Howard K. Stern.

We deserve every bit of misery and humiliation we get.


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