Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Shape of Things To Come

[Not all of our contacts are in humbler walks of life. I recently asked a gentleman who is in a position to know--you'll have to take my word on this, but he is--exactly what he thought would happen when Jug-Ears attacks Iran this spring. - HAC]

Dear Harold,

I think [oil] prices will go very high. I imagine that the strategic petroleum reserve will be opened to help suppress the price, but I see it as a great stressor forcing prices upward for a good long while, unless the matter is indeed nuclear and over right away--although then there is the matter of damage to their fields.

No matter what, I am convinced that Peak Oil is real and part of the reason we are over there. There is no escaping that energy prices will continue to rise for quite some time. The game plan is, in part, to destroy demand, first through high prices. This may be the only way to control surging demand.
[I agree. The intense suffering this will cause for White working class families is a matter of complete indifference to the wealthy men and Jews who rule us. - HAC]

If Iran can get their Silkworm missiles into the US Navy, the real rodeo will be on for a long time, I suspect.

It seems also that there is no mistake that the dollar is to be destroyed, and I suppose replaced with the Amero. I suspect this is bound to hurt the average man, asset wise. So, if staying in the US, maybe the best thing to do is own some gold, oil, and land--and probably land in the NW migration area where, if need be you can live, and grow your own food. Like Will Rogers said, "buy land, they ain't making any more of it." Land prices should hold value, gold in correct form will hold, but will be subject to government monkeybiz, and oil and gas will continue to gain in value and necessity. Always a market.

Anybody who thinks solar, wind, nuclear power, etc. will replace oil and gas, should read Matt Savinar's book, The End of the Oil Age. BTW, he wants to move to Oregon and buy land to survive on. Predicts world population of 600 million in perhaps 150 years!

I say this is plausible for m
any reasons. One, as he theorizes, based on oil/energy alone--without cheap energy, we can't feed billions.

And also, politically aligned with NWO, the elimination of a few billion people to extend a higher lifestyle for those at the top.

Oil and gas prices are not likely to sag down very much or for very long, even when manipulated down for elections, and politics.

Personally, I am thinking I have about 5 years to make a sack full of cash and then better have a hidey hole somewhere, complete with canteen, jerky and ammo. Yes, I'm serious.

-Name Withheld


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