Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Here We Go...

Let me guess. Those five helicopters that were shot down in Iraq in the past week were all shot down by Iranian secret agents or possibly by Iranian secret weapons which were smuggled in to the Iraqi rebels. Right? So the United States just absolutely must attack Iran and start dropping bombs on people NOW NOW NOW, right?

And of course, Jug-ears has no need to go to Congress before ending civilization as we know it, because this is all part of the Iraq thing and that's covered by the same "resolution" passed by those 535 yea-saying leeches four years ago, right?

Jesus Christ! Do those nitwits in the White House really think we're that stupid?

Yeah, I know, we are, but damn it all, Jug shouldn't rub our noses in it like this.

Or else the Jews and the neocons are just not even trying to cover their tracks any more, because they know damned well that no one in this country has the balls to do anything about them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, durn them thar Eye-ranian secret weapons.


Seriously, Good, the more federals who are skrewing around in the Middle East means that many fewer federals to oppose us when we take over the NW.

1:27 PM  

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