Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gay Rabbis? Gevalt!

What's the Yiddish word for "lavender?"

According to a Reuters news article, "Leaders of the Conservative Jewish movement opened the door on Wednesday to the ordination of gay rabbis and the recognition of gay marriage..."

This move may well have less to do with Judaic theology and more to do with the collection plate. Religious Jews (as opposed to racial Jews) are actually having the same problem that almost all of the establishment churches like the Episcopalians and the Methodists and Lutherans and so forth are having--church and synagogue attendance is plummeting through the basement floor, as organized religion comes to bear less and less relationship to anything in the real world, and less and less relationship to actual Christianity or Judasim.

Even the Protestant evangelical congregations of the Pat Robertson ilk who combine religious and political blasphemy by worshipping the Jews instead of worshipping God are starting to bottom out; apparently (and to my amazement) the supply of ignorant fools with nothing but pork fat between their ears is limited in this country.

The result of established religion's increasing irrelevance is that the income of establishment churches has dried up alarmingly, and many of these outfits are forced to chase after faggots because, not having families to support and generally having overpaid, non-productive jobs of various kinds, homos are a well-known source of disposable income for perverted and left-wing causes. (At least until they get AIDS, at which point most of that disposable income has to go for various drug cocktails to keep their sodomitic asses alive.)

The one exception normally would be the Catholic Church, traditionally the wealthiest of all denominations, especially in real estate, but the Catholics have been badly hit over the past few years by small armies of men coming forward to claim, truthfully or otherwise, that they were molested by priests as altar boys--all of them, of course, with their hand out for their share of the golden shower (pun intended) the Church is raining down on this issue in a vain effort to change the subject and make it go away.

Shaking down the local Catholic diocese has now become kind of a cottage industry in some parts of America. I wonder if the Conservative Jewish rabbinical authorities who have approved gay rabbis have quite foreseen the consequences of their decision down the road, when little Hymie Schmuckstein the yeshiva boy comes forward with his hand out demanding compensation for having allegedly been molested by the Holy Rabbi Irving Rosen-boig or whatever?

The article states that "There are perhaps 6 million Jews in the United States, only about a third of them affiliated with a congregation." This is incorrect; most Jews actually do not practice their religion in a synagogue. There is no way of telling how many actual Jews there are in America, but my guess would be at least twice the official number, say twelve million. If you include Canada, that could tack on a couple of million more.

Orthodox Judaism has always highly condemned homosexuality in Jews, because they realize that homosexuality is a threat to the continued existence of any race who practice it, including their own. Recently, the Orthodox rabbis of Israel mobilized their private armies of thousands of Hasidic thugs to prevent a "Gay Pride Parade" in the holy city of Jerusalem, threatening to assault the parade and kill the faggots if it proceeded. The Israeli police gave in and canceled the parade's permit.

Of course, if any Christian group had tried something like that in this country, those same rabbis would have been bellowing at the top of their lungs for the FBI to come in and arrest everyone for "civil rights violations."

The first rule of Judaism is: "Do as we Chosen People say, not as we do."


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