Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Cult of Failure

I like the phrase Dennis Mahon came up with during one of our conversations about this thing of ours. He called us a "cult of failure." About sums it up. I've ceased arguing with these characters. Some would be better off investing in a good dominatrix or something, & dropping the pretense of being in anything political.

It should be noted, that it isn't just NW migration the pretenders freak out on. It's any plan, proposal, agenda, that is realistic, achievable, grounded in this world, postive & upbeat. Learned that the past few years with what we're doing.

I'm fortunate in that most of these characters don't seem to want to bother me any more with their perpetual whine & cry bullshit. Lost count of the times when some one of these lets pretenders, these cult of failure adherents, would begin to lecture me (or now, someone with our association, LibRA), on how we supposedly can't do what we've already done. Have learned those who are relatively new, with little to no Movement involvement, whose attitudes haven't been spoiled, retain enough gumption, enough ambition & positive outlook, to get involved in perfectly legal projects, jump right in.

We've had people write to prison officials & other officials about one matter or another, which helped apply pressure to bring more favorable results. Of course, they approached these people in a responsible, professional manner, not some kooky off the wall type. So, it can be done. Indeed, it has to be done on some things.

As for NW migration, those who go who work with us, well, valuable experience because at some point in time, we will have to have people get involved with the local people where they are moving to.

-John W. Gerhardt


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I just came accross your site. Thanks for supporting Serbia, and keep up the good works!

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