Friday, February 02, 2007

Comments from Scott

[A few days ago I routinely re-circulated one of my older articles to the list to bring newbs up to date. This is a response I got. My comments are in black, Scott's in red. - HAC]

"Growing out of this sense of hopeless defeatism, there is also (they think) some kind of tacit agreement we have with ZOG. The Pauls among us know in their hearts that they don't really mean it, and they think ZOG knows and accepts that as well and so will refrain from crushing us, so long as we don't rock the boat."

This is true. There's something called "blowing off steam" referred to in legal precedents regarding the First Amendment and hatespeech."The idea is that if we are allowed to burn crosses, publish your books, bitch about it a lot, etc. then - as long as it doesn't incite violence or violate time, place, and manner restrictions - it allows us to vent and helps defuse us from potential violence. And it seems to be working.

"Barefoot Iraqis with nothing but an AK-47 and a couple of magazines can fight against ZOG. We can't, apparently."

Yes. We are not ready to die, they are. They are fearless because of their belief in afterlife, their rage toward the invaders, and their non-materialistic philosophy. Americans (Westerners in general) value everything that we have - all the money, the food, the physical comfort,and every other earthly thing we enjoy. When we have everything we value, including the respect of the community (which is why we hide our beliefs for the most part), why should we want anarchy and disruption or loss of all those things? America is number one in the world for "individualistic"attitudes about living. Western Europe is not far behind. We don't any longer care about others in our communities and if that's the case, why in the hell should we worry about those who come after us? Race certainly isn't important. We care about ourselves, and that's it. That's the difference between us and the Iraqis or the other Muslims.

"We're just going to do like our own grandfathers and fathers did, sit back, enjoy the ride as much as we can, and let our own children and grandchildren fend for themselves."


"Because, you see, if we can bring ourselves collectively to commit this one physical act [Northwest Migration] instead of responding to the threat with nothing but words...what act might we contemplate next?"

Well, if we're in the same area, it builds a sense of community - something we lack for the most part. When there's comraderie, there's a better chance that we might get prepared for the coming dissolution of America and carve out our own place from the remnants. Research shows that people achieve more when they are all working toward a common goal - the principle in National Socialism. They also perform better and achieve more when they are positively reinforced for accomplishments and punished for poor performance.

If we could convince people that America is finished, we could probably gain a lot more support. Right now they are still hoping, but not for long. We really need a plan for the coming crisis. When the shit hits, that's not the time to be figuring out what to do. I don't know how much time there is, but it can't be long. This nation could come apart for example if a jihadist nuke goes off in some city, or when the civil war with the Mexicans starts, or when the oil gets cut off, or when China does something. Now is the time to prepare - and you have me finally convinced that we must at least be in the same vicinity when it all comes down, preferably with a plan.

We're quite a sorry lot, but that can change if we can come together physically -
Sort of like the Hutterites in Montana - our own communities eventually.


Scott, folks, all of you--the ball is in your court. If you wait around for Harold to pull a rabbit out of a hat, if you hang around in Cincinnati or Florida or Texas or Wisconsin waiting for someone else to GO FIRST and do all the heavy lifting, then you're going to be waiting for a long time. But if you'll start packing the moving van and get with the program, now, then we can do this. It's perfectly legal, it's do-able, it is materially in the best interest of you and your family. (Why would anyone not want to come here? No one who has ever wants to leave.) And it's the only plan we've got.

I'm ready when you are.



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