Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Brits Packing To Leave Iraq

Tony Blair just announced the beginning of a British troop withdrawal from Iraq. Looks like Bush's lap dog finally turned on his master and gave him a nip in the ass.

Better get the squaddies out quick, Tony, because that drunken jug-eared moron in the White House is going to be attacking Iran any time now, and a million heavily armed, well-trained and fresh Persian troops are going to come storming across the border right into Basra province to help their fellow Shi'ites--that's headlong into your lads.

Or had you already figured out that British troops would probably bear the brunt of the initial Persian counterattack on the ground, as I am sure Bush and his little Jewish neocon friends factored into their plans? Is that why you're pulling out, Tony? Because Jug-Ears has finally shoved you aside and stabbed you in the back one too many times?

Do you begin to understand now, Tony, what kind of trouble your subservience to the Jews in your own establishment, like Lord Levy, aka "Lord Cashpoint," has gotten you and your country into?


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