Thursday, February 08, 2007

Another Horrible "Holocaust Denial" In Italy

by Professor Renato Pallavidini

These are the facts as they happened in class I E, 26 January of the current year, which have caused a public controversy in the last two days: In class I never expressed any political opinions, especially on the question of the Middle East, because I knew from the beginning that one of the students was the daughter of Elena Loewenthal who writes for the Turin newspaper La Stampa, a well-known Zionist who has justified quite unequivocally the Israeli aggression against Lebanon.

As soon as I entered the classroom, at 8 o'clock, a female student asked me, in a non-confrontational way, why I never celebrated the Day of (Holocaust) Memory in my class. After having tried for a moment to avoid the discussion, I stated that I considered that it was being exploited to justify the aggressive policy by the State of Israel in the Middle East. I did not plan to continue talking on the subject, which I had perceived as being very delicate in the class in question.

But after being questioned again by two students, I couldn't refreain from affirming that the recent Israeli bombing of Lebanon was the dirtiest trick played by the government of Tel Aviv, that Hezbollah, far from being a terrorist organization, was a people's partisan-army that had stopped the Israeli army on the ground, and that the Iranian president was right (without my alluding in the least to his views on the Holocaust, which I don't share; rather alluding in general to his anti-imperialistic policy, which has led him to seek meeting with President Chavez).

I then ended the discussion (which had lasted no longer than 10 minutes), and went on with the day's lesson.

Monday at 2 o'clock the principal sent for me to make the families' [of the students] "indignation" known to me; then in the afternoon, like a time bomb, I was subjected to a bombardment of telephone calls by journalists, and the mass media can-can with which you are familar had begun.

Within the next 72 hours, the Board of Education got into the act, and tomorrow, thursday 1 February, I will be interrogated by an inspector....

-Prof. Renato Pallavidini - 31/1/2007


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