Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Never mind the tyranny, the beatings by the secret police, the mass starvation, the worthless currency, the almost extinct elephants and other wildlife, the devastated infrastructure, the millions of displaced people, and the rampant AIDS epidemic. The minds of the black rulers of Zimbabwe are exercised by one gripping issue these days: gay marriage. Lawmakers are spending their time on the floor of Parliament calling one another gay as if it were some bizarre episode of South Park.

The International Herald Tribune reports that "A Zimbabwean Parliament session during which neighboring South Africa's gay marriage law was discussed erupted when an opposition lawmaker accused some top government leaders of being homosexuals. Movement for Democratic Change lawmaker Moses Mzila-Ndlovu did not name any government leaders and later 'apologized in the interests of progress' during Wednesday's debate, officials said Thursday." (Given dictator Robert Mugabe's habit of having his critics abducted off the street, tortured, and then thrown to the crocodiles, I'd say this guy damned well better apologize!)

The paper goes on to say, "Homosexuality is illegal in Zimbabwe...'In Zimbabwe, we are very clear that men marry women and women get married to men. In Zimbabwe we prohibit marriages of similar sexes," acting leader of the ruling party in Parliament, Emmerson Mnangagwa, told lawmakers. Zimbabwe's longtime ruler President Robert Mugabe once described homosexuals as "lower than pigs and dogs," a common sentiment in conservative Africa." (Will wonders never cease? The one thing me and that plug-ugly kaffir agree on!)

Hey, as ridiculous as it sounds, Black Africa may well have something over the Western world after all. According to the Herald Tribune, "South Africa last month became the first country in Africa, and only the fifth in the world, to legalize same sex marriages. Homosexuality is illegal in most sub-Saharan countries. Gays and lesbians are often attacked even in South Africa, where the post-apartheid constitution banned discrimination for any reason, including sexual orientation.", if memory serves, South Africa is the only country in Africa with a substantial population of Jews. Could this possibly have anything to do, no, surely not.....


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