Sunday, January 07, 2007

Peak Oil

Dear HAC:

I've tried to write an introduction to peak oil; so far, I'm deeply dissatisfied with the results. The subject is big, and some of the concepts complex - writing clearly, yet avoiding excess passion, has proven challenging.

That said, time grows short. The folk need to be aware of what's coming, and to begin their preparation. By that I do not mean the inane stockpiling of freeze dried food, guns, and ammunition so beloved of survivalists. Rather, one must prepare for a general decline in society everywhere. That means community - whether one is part of the Northwest initiative, or otherwise, people need to get to know other people.

I came across an article in a UK paper, the Independent. I urge people to read it, and to focus on the information about the use of oil in our society. Keep in mind - however bad the flood of illegal aliens from points south is today, it is likely to get far, far worse. This has implications. However bad Africa is today, the probability is that it will become horrific. Note too that the entire Middle East has a large, young population that cannot be fed with resources local to that area. Given that the U.S. is one of the last places on Earth that isn't profoundly overpopulated, I think we can all predict what's coming. It won't be pretty.

Again, I urge everyone to read the article and understand the concepts. I cannot overstate the importance.



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