Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jug-Ears and Dems Combine On Amnesty

Okay, the elections are over, and now we can watch immigration quietly drop off the media radar screen to be replaced by beating the drums for war with Iran. Now both the defeated Republicans and the victorious Democrats can get on with their real agenda--amnesty for millions of illegal Third World aliens who are in this country to take white Americans' jobs and medical benefits and take everything else we have.

There are far more than a mere twelve million illegals in this country, which is what the liberal news media claim. California alone probably has twelve million. Try probably about thirty million for the whole country, even though that's still only a guess.

And do you know what the Democrats see in their minds when they contemplate thirty million beaners and gooks and Haitians and God knows what all? They see thirty million Democratic votes. And probably correctly so, since when it comes to bribing non-white minorities with white people's tax dollars and benefits and medical services and housing, no one does it better than the Dems.

The Senate passed a bill in May that would create a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants and a guest-worker program to bring mostly low-wage agricultural workers into this country. Then the elections got a little too close for comfort, and that amnesty bill was quietly hidden under the table while all of a sudden there was a lot of gabble about erecting 700 miles of fence. Jug-Ears signed the bill with a great flourish a few weeks before the elections, hoping to lie the neocons back into power in Congress on the strength of appearing "tough on illegal immigration"--and yet somehow Congress has neglected to approve any money or budget for actually building the security fence.

Now "Hispanic groups" (read political gangs of people who shouldn't even be in this country at all) are pressuring Congress to repeat the Secure Fence Act altogether, which they may do, and it's entirely possible that a linguini-spined Jug-Ears may sign the repeal and reverse himself.

Look, it has always been clear that the wealthy, soulless men in business suits who actually run this country want amnesty and open borders. And Congress--surprise surprise!--is run by and for wealthy businessmen. And as always, we white Americans are simply screwed.


Blogger Col. Bat Guano, CAF, Retired said...

Its a sad fact but no one knows how many illegal aliens are in the U.S. Most experts agree it is 20 million plus. Today 322 languages are spoken in America. Twenty-one plus million can barely speak English. This is a 52% increase in just ten years! The estimated cost to tax payers is 3.2 billion dollars a year. Our insane government is using our tax dollars to discourage illegal aliens and others from learning our native language of English. With the Democrats in power and a President that loves Mexicians we will soon be a nation of babel! You can damn well bet that there will be no crack down on illegal immigration. Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the liberals are calling the shots in Congress to oppose tough enforcement of immigration laws and sensible border security measures. They do support amnesty for all illegal aliens and even Social Security benefits for illegal aliens. So my fellow Americans, you can look to a future United States that will be a third world country, as it is just a matter of time. A decade ago the United States was listed as the number seven country as to quality of life, but now is listed as number eight behind Japan. The nation listed with the BEST Quality of Life, at number one, is Norway, then Iceland, Australia, Ireland, and then Sweden. What makes this stand out is all these nations have a majority of white people. We still have a majority of white people and still have time to turn things around if the white race in America will just wake up but, just like France, Germany, Britain, and Belgium, I don't think the majority of whites will wake up until its too late to save all of our nation. We are not talking food on the table, toys, entertainment, material things, as we have all of this in the U.S. We should be talking, thinking and fighting for QUALITY of life! In just my time as a natural born American citizen, six short decades, the quality of life has deteriorated at an astonishing rate. I have watch in horror as our educational system has been dumbed down so a minority of blacks can catch up to the intelligence level of whites. What a joke! Blacks are for the majority dumber, more criminally inclined than ever and now we have a flood of illegal aliens that our government tells us we must teach in their native language. Mainly muds who are just slightly above the intelligence of the blacks and percentage wide just slightly below the blacks in the amount of crime committed. The majority of these muds are Mexican and they don't want to assemilate into the American way of life that whites created, anymore than do any of the other foreign illegal or legal immigrants flooding our land. Everytime legitimate scientific research shows non-white intelligent levels are sub par to the white race you hear a loud cry rise through out the world and the liberal, Jewish controlled media and higher institutes of learning by and large, quickly bury the research. Not by proving its wrong, rather by making sure it never sees the light of day. Would not want to mess up idiotic, proven wrong over and over theories, with the facts! You as a white person know that the overall quality of life in the United States is way down and getting worse daily. Will the white people of America do anything about it? NO! Not until it is too late to save a country founded by white men for white people. Not until things are so bad as to leave room for only two possibilities. The first is for the white citizens to live in a truly living hell as a minority until we are breed out of
existance or the second is for the intelligent and/or those with the genes that gave our ancestors the ability to create civilization and to take us from the bounds of our earth to the stars, to band together and use our abilities to establish our own new entity dedicated to protecting our white race and a QUALITY OF LIFE only our race can create and appreciate. This sounds a lot like what is written and promoted here in this blog. I'm ready, are you?

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAC, I disagree with your statement, "And do you know what the Democrats see in their minds when they contemplate thirty million beaners and gooks and Haitians and God knows what all? They see thirty million Democratic votes."

I think their motivation is more sinister than merely garnering votes. I think the lack of border enforcement is just one more attempt to demoralize us so that we are too weak to fight the coming North American Union. Have you looked into the NAFTA superhighway?


12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Northwest plan is looking better every day...

5:20 PM  

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