Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jews Offended--Again

One of the more minor but extremely annoying aspects of life under Political Correctness, is the demand that each of us spend at least a certain part of our time fighting and re-fighting the Second World War, over and over and over again, kind of like a bizarre historical version of the movie Ground Hog Day. I think the Jews aren't really convinced that they won, and they need constant reassurance. Occasionally someone lets slip some remark or other regarding the events of seventy years ago which causes the hebes to scream at the top of their lungs.

The latest public figure to commit this solecism is an obscure Roman Catholic archbishop in Central Europe. According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency, a private Jewish news service which the Chosen Ones use to keep abreast of doings relating to them and their fellow Hebrews, "A Slovak archbishop outraged the Jewish community by praising Slovakia's World War II fascist regime. Archbishop Jan Sokol, head of the Bratislava-Trnava diocese, said during a Dec. 27 television interview that 'I highly esteem President Tiso because I remember him from my childhood. We used to be very poor and under his rule, the situation greatly improved.'"

(It is a historical fact, unquestioned even by our bitterest enemies, that daily life for ordinary people improved immensely under such European leaders of the 1930s as Hitler, Mussolini, Tiso, Admiral Horthy, Franco, Ante Pavelic, etc. The fact is that National Socialism and Fascism work, while Communism and Socialism do not, another thing the Jews and lefties can never forgive us.)

The JTA article continues: "Sokol, 73, said that 1939-45 was a period of relative well-being for Slovakia. Jozef Tiso was a priest who headed the Slovak government during World War II. During his rule, Slovakia paid to have Jews deported to concentration camps."

(Paid? That's the first I've heard that one, and I thought I'd heard all the Holocaust canards. So now Hitler is allegedly exterminating the Jews for money? "Honest Adolf's Exterminators! Your country Judenrein in thirty days or your money back!")

In outrage, the JTA article raves, "Most of the 70,000 Slovak Jews who were deported [allegedly] died. Sokol in his interview made no mention of the persecution of Jews or other minorities."

They can't stand just being ignored, can they? Not only must they constantly holler persecution, but the Jews absolutely insist that they and they alone be the center of attention, that their alleged "suffering" during a six year period of history which very few people alive even remember is the absolute centerpiece of all existence and must remain so until the end of time.

In some countries, such as France, it is not only a crime to deny the Holocaust, it is a crime to "belittle or diminish the role of the Holocaust in history," which according to some recent prosecutions and comments by French legal authorities includes "excessive concentration on the sufferings of other groups" such as gypsies or homosexuals or whatever.

The Holocaust is the Jews' private cash and sympathy cow, and no other groups are allowed to poach on their territory.


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Sorry, no time to see your current page even if it is still there. Just to say Google, Truth About The Talmud, and learn the great and terrible secret of Judao-fascism.

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