Thursday, January 11, 2007

Goy George's Speech

Dear HAC,

For a grueling 20 minutes I sat here tonight and watched the sorry excuse we have for a president stand up and lie like the braying jackass that he is, while he informed the Uhmerican people that he was sending 20,000 more troops to Iraq to be slaughtered and to do their fair share of slaughtering in the bargain.

It was said that he had been practicing all day to make sure he got the delivery right. Why bother? He is a natural-born liar, lying comes naturally to him. Mr. Sincerity Himself assured us sheeple that the extra troops were necessary while the Iraqis used the time to train troops, policemen and rebuild their infrastructure. After the overkill "shock and awe" that was visited on that country plus the 9 years or so of bombing indiscriminately before that, you just know that it can all be fixed overnight.

That was thrown in to provide an ultimate exit strategy - the Iraqis didn't do their part. Tried and true strategy - blame the victim. Meanwhile papers have been drawn up and signed by the "duly elected government" giving the oil rights to Exxon, BP, etc., et al, and they will be enforced on any final government in whatever form it will eventually take or they can expect another round of "shock and awe."

Another billion of our taxpayer dollars is being put up to cover the expense of rebuilding a completely destroyed country. It will go into the pockets of the nefarious "middle men" just like the other billions of dollars earmarked for that purpose have.

With Israel ready to make bombing runs in Iran, the US will have to stay until that feat is accomplished to avoid the "Promised Land" being overrun by pissed off Arabs. I got a good laugh when I read earlier in the week that one of our super submarines had run into a Japanese fishing boat, trying to use it as cover to enter the Strait of Hormuz. Gotta get those big missiles in place to hit Iran in support of the Jooooos or to do the job for them.

Getting back to the village idiot's speech, if you didn't know better you would have thought the Iraqis had begged us to come in and destroy their country, then begged us to stay and kill their people by the hundreds of thousands every year.

Yeah, buddy, if those guys don't get on the ball and start carrying their share of the load over there, they are going to dial 911 one of these days and there won't be any Uhmericans there to come to their aid. Yeah, right, like they would call the psychotic assholes that butcher whole families and rape the remaining 14 year old girl to death and set her body on fire to cover their crime or how about dropping white phosphorous and laughing while the populace (Faluga) screamed in agony.

The use of the term 9/11 was carefully crafted to trigger the thought that Saddam had something to do with the WTC. His best psy-ops flunkies had a big hand in crafting that speech, bank on it. There was a whole lot more but I was too angry to take notes.

If someone puts it on line, grab a barf bag and listen to it. It is pure Alice in Wonderland. There must have been a good crowd of protestors outside the Whitehouse because some of the reporters were outside and you could hear them in the background. Even the most obtuse amongst us must realize why they want an unarmed populace; neither the Demopublicans nor the Republicrats fear people with protest signs in their hands.

Best regards,
Barbara K.


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