Tuesday, January 16, 2007

George W. Bush, Blues Brother

I notice that Representative Jack Murtha, one of the few sane and incorruptible voices remaining in the System, has introduced a bill to choke off funding for Jug-Ears' deranged escalation, er, pardon me, "surge" of troops in Iraq. "We are going to try and change the course of this war," Murtha says.

Well, lots of luck, Jack, but I'm not holding my breath. I think you're basing your hopes and your calculations on a false premise. I think you're assuming that if and when push ever comes to shove, and those 435 yea-saying leeches in the House can ever be brought to confront Jug-Ears, that this President of the United States will blink. You're hoping that he will, however grudgingly and sullenly, at long last obey the law and bring his behavior into conformity with the Constitution.

I don't think he will, because I believe that this President of the United States is no longer completely sane. I think he honestly believes that he is a Blues Brother, on a Mission from God, and that he has and should have unlimited, Caesar-like powers of life and death over the world and everyone in it.

I think that Jug-Ears has bought into that Late Great Planet Earth horse shit, hook, line, and sinker. I think that Jug believes if he starts a nuclear Holocaust (a real one, not like the fake Jewish one from WWII) in the Middle East, then he can force JEEEEE-ZUS to come back and open the seven seals and plunk his toe down on the Mount of Olives and 144,000 righteous Jews will suddenly become converted and run down into a crevasse and be saved and yadda, yadda, yadda, my God in Heaven, these people are looney tunes!

And yet you would be astounded at how many people actually believe that demented crap. Don't believe me? Check out the sales of those loopy Left Behind books and movies. I think Jug-Ears is one of them, compounded by alcoholism, subnormal intelligence to begin with, assorted personality and character defects which border on the sociopathic and in many cases cross that line, and very, very bad advice from the neocons who surround him and who do not care how many people die so long as they can save their beloved Israel and the Jewish people from their just and condign punishment at the hands of long-suffering humanity.

I think Bush is going to simply ignore any attempts by Congress to put any restraints on him at all, and Congress is going to crumple and roll over and thump their tails on the floor in submission. I think either Bush or Israel will attack Iran without provocation, possibly with nuclear weapons, and none of those groveling dogs in Congress are going to dare to say "boo!" to the Jews in protest. I think that drunken, bird-brained little broken dwarf in the White House may be about to destroy human civilization as we know it.

The Russian author Maxim Gorky towards the end of his life wrote, "If a single tiny flea could be magnified by a hundred million times, it would become the most terrible monster in human experience, capable of devouring the whole earth." Gorky was talking about Joseph Stalin, but he might just have well have been predicting the reign of George W. Bush.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't think that will happen. It's way too much at one time. The Jew's have been killing us very slowly far a long, long time. They are pro's now.Before we now it there will be a new nut in office and we will forget about him real fast.

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