Sunday, January 14, 2007

Corrupt Durham DA Attempts To Flee

Durham County, N. C. District Attorney Mike Nifong has resigned from the bogus stripper-buggering case brought agains the three Duke lacrosse team members, two White and one Jewish. He refused to drop the remaining charges before he fled, leaving the whole unholy mess in the lap of the North Carolina Attorney General's office, so some state bureaucrat can do what Michael Nifong didn't have thje guts to do and drop the charges.

This preserves Nifong's credibility with Durham's monkoid majority, and will pave the way for his election to the State House of Representatives in 2008 or maybe even U.S. House, depending on how truly vaulting Nifong's ambition is. Hopefully by then Nifong will have been disbarred, but I doubt it. My guess: Nifong will receive the most gentle and reproving tap upon his wrist allowable under N.C. Bar Association rules, and will be allowed to resign quietly once the heat has died down, just in time to devote himself to his 2008 campaign.


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