Friday, December 22, 2006

We Are Not Amused

The movie Borat, starring Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen who plays a caricatured Kazakh journalist as an evil Gentile oaf, is now sweeping the theaters nationwide, and everybody thinks it's just a scream, or so all the Jew and lefty faggot reviewers tell us. Cohen is getting a major boost from his co-religionists in the media, who always approve of a Jew mocking and insulting Gentiles.

But more and more people are starting to have second thoughts about the obscene and abusive "comedy masterpiece"--including some of the people that Cohen tricked into making fools of themselves for the camera and then publicly humiliated by putting them in his movie without giving them any chance to preview the finished product.

According to the British Daily Mail, "When Sacha Baron Cohen wanted a village to represent the impoverished Kazakh home of his character Borat, he found the perfect place in Glod [Romania]: a remote mountain outpost with no sewerage or running water and where locals eke out meagre livings peddling scrap iron or working patches of land. But now the villagers of this tiny, close-knit community have angrily accused the comedian of exploiting them, after discovering his new blockbuster film portrays them as a backward group of rapists, abortionists and prostitutes, who happily engage in casual incest. They claim film-makers lied to them about the true nature of the project, which they believed would be a documentary about their hardship, rather than a comedy mocking their poverty and isolation." (A Jew, lying to people? I am shocked, I tell you, just shocked!)

Cohen is not only an arrogant kike, he also displays the typical cheapness of his race. The Mail goes on to say, "Villagers say they were paid just £3 each for this humiliation, for a film that took around £27million at the worldwide box office in its first week of release. Now they are planning to scrape together whatever modest sums they can muster to sue Baron Cohen and fellow film-makers, claiming they never gave their consent to be so cruelly misrepresented. Disabled Nicu Tudorache said: 'This is disgusting. They conned us into doing all these things and never told us anything about what was going on. They made us look like primitives, like uncivilised savages. Now they,re making millions but have only paid us 15 lei [around £3]. '

The Mail gives us a clear picture of what happened when the Big Jew came to town. "...When a Hollywood film crew descended on a nearby run-down motel last September, with their flashy cars and expensive equipment, locals thought their lowly community might finally be getting some of the investment it so desperately needs. The crew was led by a man villagers describe as 'nice and friendly, if a bit weird and ugly', who they later learned was Baron Cohen. It is thought the producers chose the region because locals more closely resembled his comic creation than genuine Kazakhs. The comedian insisted on travelling everywhere with bulky bodyguards, because, as one local said: 'He seemed to think there were crooks among us.'" (Or else Cohen had a good idea of what would happen to him if the local people found out what he was planning on doing to them.)

The Mail article reveals: "While the rest of the crew based themselves in the motel, Baron Cohen stayed in a hotel in Sinaia, a nearby ski resort a world away from Glod's grinding poverty. He would come to the village every morning to do 'weird things', such as bringing animals inside the run-down homes, or have the village children filmed holding weapons. Mr Tudorache, a deeply religious grandfather who lost his arm in an accident, was one of those who feels most humiliated. For one scene, a rubber sex toy in the shape of a fist was attached to the stump of his missing arm - but he had no idea what it was." (This is not surprising; not all cultures are as sex-obsessed as Americans and Brits.) "'Our region is very poor, and everyone is trying hard to get out of this misery. It is outrageous to exploit people's misfortune like this to laugh at them.We are now coming together and will try to hire a lawyer and take legal action for being cheated and exploited. We are simple folk and don't know anything about these things, but I have faith in God and justice.'" the old man told reporters.

"The residents of Glod only found out about the true nature of the film after seeing a Romanian TV report. Some thought it was an art project, others a documentary. The Mail on Sunday showed them the cinema trailer - the first footage they had seen from the film," the article said. "Many were on the brink of tears as they saw how they were portrayed. Claudia Luca, who lives with her extended family in the house next to the one that served as Borat's home, said: 'We now realise they only came here because we are poorer than anyone else in this village. They never told us what they were doing but took advantage of our misfortune and poverty. They made us look like savages, why would anyone do that?'

I share these simple peasants' anger and disgust at what this kike did to them, but in the first place, it is virtually impossible to bring a Jew to justice, especially in Britain where the Jewish Board of Deputies acts as a secret government, and secondly, lawyers are never the solution to any problem. These people count among their ancestors their great national hero Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad the Impaler--aka Dracula. He would have known how to deal with insects like Sacha Baron Cohen, but I'm afraid this hebe is out of their reach now.


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