Tuesday, December 12, 2006

They Just Can't Keep Their Fingers Out Of The Cookie Jar

For a slight change of pace, here's some black white-collar crime, if you'll pardon the pun.

Res ipsa loquitur: According to an ABC news article, "A former [Harris County, Texas] assistant district attorney was sentenced to prison for spending money from someone else's trust fund...Cheryl Turner was convicted of spending the $140,000 trust fund on herself. Cheryl Turner is no stranger to the courtroom. She was a Harris County prosecutor and a practicing attorney. On Wednesday she was a defendant, convicted of fiduciary misappropriation. Translated, that means she was found guilty of embezzling a client's trust fund." (It's also known as stealing.)

ABC goes on: "The client was 70-year-old Frank Prince -- a former city of Houston sanitation worker and World War II veteran. Prince saved and set aside $143,000 for his stepdaughter and disabled son...Turner was administrator of the trust fund. The family trusted her background and knew her from church." (This means that the victim was probably also black, which is some consolation.) "Cheryl Turner was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Her bar card and legal license were both surrendered. As a footnote, she was once married to state representative Sylvester Turner."

So, in other words, this was not just some black crack whore off the street; this was a lawyer (how on earth did she ever pass law school and the bar exam?) who was married to a state legislator and who was a district attorney herself. Presumably she and her hubby between them were pulling down a pretty decent buck. In other words, there was no excuse of deprivation or racism for this woman to engage in this sneaky and despicable crime of robbing an old man's estate from a crippled heir, black or white.

There seems to be something in the genetic makeup of the negro brain which is biologically incapable of assimilating and comprehending the idea of private property. The white man's law and moral training seems utterly incapable of breaking through this barrier and imposing any kind of sense of empathy or respect for others on the black man, no matter how much the black is undeservedly rewarded and promoted and given authority in the forlorn hope that he will not abuse it.

This was clearly demonstrated in the video footage of New Orleans police officers who last year deserted their posts as the flood waters from Hurricane Katrina rose around them, engulfing the city they were sworn to protect, in order to loot and pillage from white-owned chain stores and homes all around them. Just as the black cops of New Orleans staggered down the street loaded down with stolen VCRS, liquor, and luxury goods as their own homes were submerged and hundreds of people around them drowned and killed by criminals, so former Houston D. A. Cheryl Turner simply helped herself to that old man's money as if it were hers.

Blacks in authority: they just can't keep their fingers out of the cookie jar.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

speaking of blacks not being able to keep their fingers out of the cookie jar, what about Bernie Madoff? Hmmm

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