Saturday, December 09, 2006

In Memoriam: "Wild Bill" Hoff (1935-2006)

I have learned with great sadness that William "Wild Bill" Hoff, aged 71, was killed on December 8th, 2006 in a traffic accident. A long-time resident of New York City, Hoff retired to South Carolina many years ago.

Bill was one of those "hardy perennials," a guy who seemed to have been around in the Movement forever, and who at one time or another was a member of every right-wing and racial group ever assembled. I think we all know a few like that. Like just about everyone of his generation, he started out with Gerald L. K. Smith as a young man, and moved on to the Columbians, the NSRP, the Citizens' Councils, Rockwell's ANP, Koehl's NSWPP, my own NSPA in the late 1970s, you name it, Bill was there. You name it, Bill would join it and support it to the best of his abilities, especially if it was National Socialist, because NS was always his first love and allegiance. His FBI file must have filled a whole filing cabinet in some Washington DC office.

Bill was a marcher, one of those guys who for his entire life just couldn't seem to get enough of wearing his faith on his sleeve in public for all to see. He was one of those guys who would drive across five states in some battered old beater car or truck that didn't look like it could make it to the corner mini-mart, in order to attend a ten-man "rally" and get pelted with rocks and filth by the human garbage who oppose us. He is one of the few who ever lost his temper with Commander Rockwell and yelled at the Commander--for leaving the old Hatemonger Hill headquarters for an activity at the White House without him, when Bill was a few minutes late after driving all night from New York. (I heard that one from an eyewitness.)

In their own quiet way, men like Bill Hoff have always been the jewel in our Movement's crown, the ones who aren't great thinkers or writers or shakers and movers, but whom you know you can rely on to pass out leaflets or host a meeting or give somebody a ride to the airport or bus station, or to attend any kind of White racial activity. He was a man you could rely on to be there when he heard the call. That is a rare attribute in White men these days.

I hadn't seen Bill myself for many years, relying on the odd e-mail to keep in touch, but I won't forget him, and I will miss him.

"Und Ihr habt doch Gesiegt, Kamerad."

-Harold A. Covington


Anonymous jw farrands said...

bill was alway a dear friend an associate

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