Wednesday, December 20, 2006

David Irving Freed (?)

The news stories are still a bit confused. Apparently David Irving has either been freed or ordered freed by some Austrian appeals court when some judge with one of the last remaining flickers of common sense remaining in Europe noticed that the "offense" of denying the Holocaust which Irving allegedly committed was over twenty years ago, and that's way beyond the statute of limitations even for this imbecile law. (In other words, Irving's entire arrest, "trial" if you want to call it that, and imprisonment has been illegal even under existing Austrian law.)

However, the poor old man isn't out of the woods yet. Some Austrian state prosecutor is now shrieking for a new warrant and a new show trial, because, he says, releasing Irving now after the Holocaust revisionist historical conference in Tehran "sends the wrong message." So much for divorcing the legal and judical process from political considerations.

It is not clear to me from the first news articles whether Dave has actually been set free and allowed to return to England yet. More later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find your comments very interesting regarding David Irving. This whole "forbidden to deny the Holocaust" thing has really stopped me dead in my tracks.

As I mention in my blog, for some, this is a very sensitive subject as loved ones have been lost. But does sensitivity justify the destruction of democracy and one's "right" to say what one thinks?

9:53 AM  

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