Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bush's Worst Mistake?

Mmm...hate to sound like I'm obsessing on the subject, but I just can't shake this feeling that hanging Saddam Hussein may yet prove to be the mistake that somehow comes back to bite George W. Bush.

I just can't get out of my mind the image of the old man being dragged to his death and (although you can't hear it on the tape) abused and reviled by apelike men wearing masks. It's like something out of Goya. I can't get out of my mind the dancing, chanting Shi'ites capering around the old man's dangling body going halla halla halla or whatever Shi'ite Muslims do.

Any last vestige of pretense that this was any kind of judicial process was stripped away by the unseemly behavior of Saddam's killers, and the wearing of the masks by the death squad says more about "the new Iraq" than almost anything I've seen. This is a regime which must hide its "justice," if you want to call it that, behind a mask, because it doesn't dare to face the Iraqi people with what it has done.

This was a lynching, and everyone who has seen that videotape knows it, in their heart of hearts, whether or not their neocon obsessions will allow them to admit it. This is what George W. Bush has done to us all. He had made all America part of a lynch mob. This thing is going to leave a foul taste behind, and I just can't shake this nagging little suspicion that this might be what finally makes the last of the Yay-hoos turn away from Jug-Ears and his little Jewish neocon friends in disgust. The judicial murder of Saddam Hussein has brought home to us all what Jug-Ears has made us all part of, along with Abu Ghraib and Haditha and the rape and murder of that one Iraqi girl we've been allowed to know about, etc.

Now, the $64,000 question: are we going to allow this drunken midget to drag us into war with Iran?

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jews Screaming In Bestial Triumph

One of the more obnoxious aspects of Jews and neocons and red-white-and-blue yay-hoos with nothing but pork fat between their ears waving the Amurrican flag is, they're really bad winners. No grace, no poise, no noblesse oblige, just howling, roaring triumphalism stoked by a deep down unquenchable thirst for blood and the sick, voyeuristic urge to watch the degradation and torment of other human beings they hate. That's the Jews and neo-cons and red-white-and-blue crowd for you. They're just so--so disgusting. Reading all this coverage on Saddam Hussein's judicial murder is like watching a diseased dog eating its own vomit.

I don't know, though--I'm getting another feeling here. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I just get this little whisper in the back of my mind that rushing Saddam Hussein to the gallows after a farcical "trial" that no one in the world recognizes as legitimate except Jug-Ears himself and maybe his poodle Tony Blair, may be the worst boo-boo that Jug has pulled yet.

Of course, Saddam is now a Sunni martyr, if not a general Islamic one. (That's going to come later on.) The scenes of Shi'ites dancing around Saddam's dangling body and chanting in praise and rejoicing are, of course, really what Iraq needs to bind its emotional and ethnic wounds, eh? Nice move, Jug!

And now, having completely alienated the Sunni community in Iraq forever, Jug-Ears is now going to turn on the Shi'ites when his coming "surge" attempts to murder Moqtada Al-Sadr as well. This is going to be fun to watch, since Maliki, the sock puppet prime minister of Iraq, has more than one hand up his bum doing the manipulating. We're going to find out soon enough whether he's America's boy or Al-Sadr's boy (and Al-Sadr is of course Grand Ayatollah Sistani's boy, who is in turn Iran's boy.)

Being on the verge of alienating both sides in the Iraqi civil war and getting them both attacking American troops (even more so than they have been,) it only remains for Jug-Ears to screw the pooch with our only real allies in the region, the Kurds, most likely by denying them their long-sought independent state.

Completing the colossal blunder in Iraq and turning it into a 100% fiasco: it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Okay, So Saddam Swings (Yawn)

Okay, so that drunken little jug-eared moron in the White House has proven he can depose a foreign ruler he dislikes and then murder him. Whoop de do! Nobody ever doubted he could, but since it has taken Georgie boy four years and thousands of American lives, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, and trillions of dollars to do it, I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about. No doubt South Park will come up with a Swinging Saddam character, but that's about all the meaningful result this little vengeance killing will have.

If Jug-Ears wanted Saddam whacked, he should have just hired Tony Soprano and the boys. They would have done a better job, quicker, and at less cost.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Your Right To Receive Unopened Mail Just Disappeared

President's Statement on H.R. 6407, the "Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act"


Today I have signed into law H.R. 6407, the "Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act." The Act is designed to improve the quality of postal service for Americans and to strengthen the free market for delivery services...The executive branch shall construe subsection 404(c) of title 39, as enacted by subsection 1010(e) of the Act, which provides for opening of an item of a class of mail otherwise sealed against inspection, in a manner consistent, to the maximum extent permissible, with the need to conduct searches in exigent circumstances, such as to protect human life and safety against hazardous materials, and the need for physical searches specifically authorized by law for foreign intelligence collection.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Edward the Martyr (978 A.D.)

The Weird Aryan History Series - Lesson #27

St. Edward the Martyr

[This is one of those historical murders that have always interested me, because we know so little about it, and you get the definite impression that there is a lot more to it than those damned monkish scribblers let on. - HAC]

St. Edward the Martyr was the son of King Edgar the Peaceable by his first wife, and succeeded to the throne of his father as King of England in 975 A.D. Despite the opposition of some of the nobles, Edward was confirmed by the primitive parliament of the time and crowned. Of his character and piety we have his testimonial from Theodoric Paulus: "St. Edward was a young man of great devotion and excellent conduct; he was wholly Catholic, good and and of holy life; moreover, above all things he loved God and the Church; he was generous to the poor, a haven to the good, a champion of the Faith of Christ, a vessel full of every virtuous grace."

Uh, right. According to less biased (or possibly more biased) accounts, Edward was actually a nasty young punk. He was about fifteen when he came to the throne, and it seems to have gone to his head. The boy king quickly gained a reputation for arrogance, childish petulance, stubbornness, and rudeness to his counsellors and his earls and ealdormen, as Saxon barons were called. He was frequently drunk and beat his servants. He also had an unpleasant habit of helping himself to any comely female he fancied, from slave girls on up to the wives of his nobles and his friends. He had a special predeliction for young nuns, a quirk which his churchly boosters seem to have passed over in discreet silence. His court seems to have been kind of a Dark Ages Animal House. Well, he was just a teenager on spring break, after all.

However, in politics he was an earnest supporter of the monastics in the life of the Church, as his father had been before him, and when you've got monks writing the chronicles it sure helps to have them on your side. Sometimes, as in Edward's case, you get even get canonised. Edward's preference for ecclesiastical advisors despite his disorderly personal life, and his habit of granting the Church all kinds of land, privileges, and goodies aroused the displeasure of the powerful secular party within England, and some of the secularists were sufficiently pissed off to have the boy king whacked.

The main shaker and mover in the plot was old King Edgar's second wife and widow, a slinky lady named Ælfrida. She was apparently the proverbial Wicked Stepmother of fairy tales. Her motive was simple: she wanted her own son Æthelred to inherit the throne and become king.

On March 18th, 978 A. D., King Edward rode alone to Queen Ælfrida's crib in Corfe Castle in the Purbeck Hills of Dorsetshire. (The castle still stands after more than 1000 years, one of the oldest surviving in Europe.) It has always been a mystery as to why the boy went alone into a den of people whom he must have known were his enemies, and who had every reason to desire his death. Legend has it that Queen Ælfrida had a particularly comely Welsh girl among her maids and the king was lured to the castle anticipating an encounter of fiery Celtic passion. Other more sleazy versions claim that it was the mature yet still beautiful Queen herself who beckoned the come-hither to her stepson. Still, let's face it, this kid doesn't appear to have exactly been the sharpest knife in the drawer. In our own era, we have all too much experience of being ruled by the sons of great men who have room-temperature IQs, bad tempers, and drinking problems.

Be that as it may, the wicked stepmother made the most of her opportunity. Queen Ælfrida herself met the king at the castle gate, still on his horse, and offered him a drink, a goblet of wine or possibly a horn of beer. While the king was chug-a-lugging, a couple of Ælfrida's male retainers attacked him and stabbed him in the belly with a sword and a dagger. Edward's horse bolted, and the royal rider fell off, but his foot was caught in a new-fangled invention just coming into use called a stirrup, and his body was dragged down over the rocks Homer Simpson-style. In the early 20th century Edward's skeletal remains, remarkably intact, were exhumed and examined by the forensic pathologists of the British Home office. They were able to detail with remarkable accuracy all of his injuries, from his broken ribs and ankle and fractured skull due to the dragging, to the nick from the assassins' blades on his spinal column, thus confirming the historical account of his death.

Edward's body was moved to Shaftesbury, where miracles were reported at his tomb, and he was regarded as a saint and martyr by the people, which was confirmed by his formal canonisation some years later. The monks gratefully remembered the wealth and privilege he had heaped on them; it was the least they could do. His feast day is the day of his murder, March 18th.

Æthelred became King of England at something like the age of seven, and needless to say mama was quite ready to step in and act as regent for him during his minority. However, regardless of what they thought of being ruled by a drunken teenager, the rough-hewn Saxon thanes and earls didn't appreciate being ruled by a murderess either. Regicide was a man's job, dammit! A short time after Æthelred's acession, a group of them staged a coup and locked Queen Ælfrida up in a convent, where according to one account she lived a long life of devout repentance for her crime, and according to another she was shortly afterwards discreetly strangled. (The farther back you go in history, the more you get these extreme discrepancies, and at this distance there's no way to tell.)

Æthelred's reigned for many years, and he proved to be an incompetent and a disaster. He lost most of the country to the Danes under the Viking King Canute, and went down in history as Æthelred the Unready.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Can You Feel A Sudden Draft?

The math is simple. If the United States is going to conquer the world, or at least every part of the world containing oil reserves, then it will need millions of soldiers.

Right now the U. S. can barely maintain a force of 140,000 troops in Iraq; some of those units are well into their third tour of duty. The Pentagon maintains that they are meeting their recruiting goals, but they have re-defined those goals and cooked their statistics, and now they're admitting men as old as 42 into the army.

In the meantime, tens of thousands of soldiers come back every year from Iraq and Afghanistan either in body bags, or else horribly mangled and useless for further combat. The United States military, especially the Army and Marines, are bleeding to death. If the flow is to be stanched, the government must find some way to sneak the draft back in.

Suppose the Republicans take monkoid Congressman Charlie Rangel up on one of his "joke bills," and a few Democrats fall in behind the project, as they may do, since Democrats would sell their own mothers to the Spanish Inquisition for a few votes or some bribe money?

And does anyone really believe that if a draft law were in fact passed, the children of Congressmen and neocons and government bureaucrats and rich people in general would actually be forced to go into the military and face death and maiming in Iraq or Iran? I'm old enough to remember the old draft, and I can tell you, it didn't work like that then, and it won't work like that now.

On the flip side, remember--the massive anti-Vietnam protests were not an anti-war movement, they were an anti-draft movement. The return of the draft is possibly the one thing that might mobilize some serious mass opposition to the neocons and their Republican and Democratic friends in Congress.

Monday, December 25, 2006

A Christmas Present

I can confirm that David Irving has in fact been released, and is back on British soil, so you might say truth got a Christmas present this year. I can just hear the Jewish Board of Deputies in the U. K. now, shrieking "Bah, humbug!"

I'd like to wish a Merry Christmas and a happy and productive New Year to all of our Folk the world over. I know sometimes the hill seems so steep that we think we'll never reach the summit, but every year we get a little stronger and the enemies of all humanity weaken a little. Have no doubt--our day will come again.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Some Seasonal Good Cheer

[From Christmas 1996. I repost this every year.]

There are times when it seems beyond doubt that we are living in the age of the triumph of evil. Believe it or not, there is still some good in the world. Not much, and on the rare occasions when it shows itself, goodness must peep up from its hiding place like a cautious groundhog and generally pop back underground very quickly to avoid the swooping predators---but every now and then, we get a glimpse.


On October 31st Herbert Perry, a retired businessman in Durham, North Carolina suffered a stroke. He recovered in hospital and early in November was sent to Hillcrest Convalescent Home. He had a roommate, an 88 year-oldman named Helmut Bartsch, who had been on a visit from Germany to his married daughter in Durham and who had also suffered a stroke on October 25th.

At first the two elderly gentlemen didn't talk much, but then Perry's son-in-law brought him some of his effects from home, including a bedside clock with a B-17 bomber on top. It turned out the two roomies had something in common. "Ah, I remember that silhouette," spoke up Bartsch when he saw it. "I remember the sound, too. It was like a hammer of smiths, crack, crack, crack."

Over 50 years ago, Herbert Perry was a corporal in the Army Air Corps in England, an air traffic controller. Helmut Bartsch was across the Channel in Normandy, commanding an anti-aircraft battery in the Wehrmacht. "I put 'em up, he shot 'em down," commented Perry to a local news reporter. "We're very similar even though we're enemies," continued Perry. "He had a stroke on the right side, I had a stroke on the left side. Now we talk about our days in the army. Every time he gets a little blue we sing a German hymn."

"The newspapers were always reporting air attacks on small towns,"said Bartsch, explaining why he volunteered for anti-aircraft. "It was only my duty to serve in the army."

Herbert Perry lost a lot of friends among the air crews he sent up into the sky, heading for Germany, many of them never to return, but he never let himself become bitter and he has always maintained a deep respect for the German people and their culture and intellect. "I even said it back during the war. The German people were smart and if the Americans hadn't come to England Hitler would have conquered them." The two families are now friends and the old vets will be staying in touch after Bartsch returns to Stuttgart.

Better Late Than Never

Crawford J. Ferguson of Charlotte, North Carolina is 72 years old. Half a century ago Crawford T. Ferguson was part of a B-17 crew that flew 35 missions over Germany in 1944, raids which slaughtered untold hundreds of thousands of people. For fifty years it has haunted his sleep. "I keep seeing the plumes of fire down below as the cities fall apart, and at the same time it's like I'm down in the city, burning, running through the flames looking for a child or a wife or a sister," Ferguson told a reporter."I have known for years that there was something I had to do before I die."

What Ferguson had to do was apologize, and this year he did so. He wrote out a total of 13 letters, about 100 words each, and addressed them to the city hall in every German town his plane had ever bombed: Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Frankfurt, Kassel, Hamburg, Munich, and others not revealed in the news article. In each letter he put a simple, heartfelt apology forwhat he had done in 1944. "Our target was strategic, but innocent lives were lost, citizens maimed and civilian property destroyed. I beg forgiveness for the agony I helped inflict upon you..."

The first few letters got some publicity in Germany; the mayor of Kassel sent Ferguson a thank-you note and the local newspaper printed the apology. A weekly TV news program called Hessenschau picked up the storya nd ran a feature on it. Ferguson also received a letter from the Munich city council, requesting permission to make his letter public, which he granted. The mayor of Munich, Christian Ude, wrote a personal letter of thanks.

Then something odd happened. About half of Ferguson's letters got through, but six of them appear to have been intercepted and returned by the German Federal postal authorities without explanation, possibly because they were deemed to contain "Nazi propaganda." Ferguson says with wry humor, "I wrote to our beloved President Bill Clinton. I sent the letters to him and I told him they had been returned. I invited him to read them and if he thought they merited being forwarded I was going to rely on him to take care of the situation. I've still not heard back from him."

"He Is One Of Us Now"

I read this in a British newspaper over ten years ago and I cannot remember all the details; I will quote from memory as best I can.

In a small village in the Norfolk fen country is a war memorial cemetery for the local dead in both wars. In one corner stands a small white obelisk bearing a Luftwaffe eagle and Swastika. In the early 1980s some of the "anti-fascist" scum came up from London to squawk and deface and attempt to destroy the headstone. The police and a number of local men came to the cemetery and "saw them off," apparently none too gently. The "antifas"scurried back to London screaming about police brutality and right-wing vigilantes. In the course of reporting this, the press also retold how the stone came to be there.

In 1944 and 1945 a lot of British and American air groups were operating out of fairly small airfields all across East Anglia. One such was this place in Norfolk. One day there was a massive daylight raid against what was left of Hamburg, using planes from all over these various fields. They dropped their load of death and were headed home when they ran into a number of German fighters.

"We broke up and flew our separate ways back to base, but there was this one German who stuck with us and wouldn't give up," recalled an American pilot. "He shot down at least two planes in our group and probably some more when the dogfight first began, but we just couldn't shake him. Our radio operator spoke some German and he could hear this guy's flight commander ordering him to come back, he would run out of fuel if he didn't, but the German pilot told him something like, 'You saw what they did today. They left nothing. I have nothing to go back to.' Evidently we'd bombed this guy's house, probably killed his family.

"We dodged into a cloud formation and for a while we thought we'd lost him, but over the coast of Holland we had to drop down and get our bearings, and there he was, still on our tail, still shooting at us, shredding us up pretty bad and wounding two of our crew. Our gunners shot back but could never hit him. Damn if the SOB didn't chase us all the way back to England! Our flak opened up on him as we came over the English coast, but they missed. By the time we got back to our field he had two British Spitfires on his tail, but they couldn't seem to tag him either. The guy seemed bulletproof. I got her down and we all jumped out of the aircraft and ran like hell, dragging our wounded with us, and he crashed his Messerschmitt right into our B-17. He finally got us, even though it was at the cost of his own life. His plane didn't catch fire because his fuel tanks were bone dry; he must have been flying on fumes. When they pulled him out of the wreckage dead, it was this blond kid, couldn't have been more than 19 or 20. He didn't have any papers on him, and we never learned his name."

The incident had been witnessed by the local villagers, who were so impressed by the boy's courage that the vicar offered him a burial plot inthe church's war cemetery, where he lies to this day, unknown.

All of the above is quoted from memory, but one thing I do remember with absolute accuracy, because I wrote them down, and that is the words on that young hero's grave in an enemy land. They were composed by an RAF colonel who also witnessed his death:

"Call them misguided, call them even wicked if you must; but no nation or cause ever brought forth defenders of greater courage and worth.They fought like the Northland gods of their ancient and warlike race, and few indeed are those among us who can say that ever we saw their backs".

When the British media asked the local people why they defended the grave of a Nazi, one of them answered, "We don't care what he was. We just know that he was a brave lad who one morning flew all the way from Germany to our village to die here, because he thought it was right that he do so. He is one of us now, and when those yobs came up here from London and insulted his memory they insulted us and all our own dead as well. They weren't even alive during the war, they don't know what it was like back then. Why don't they just bloody well belt up?"

These are the true words of the men who were there, who fought the Jews' war for them and who are far more entitled to speak of that time and those other men than any Deborah Lipstadt or Ken McVay or howling, slobbering Rich Graves.

I have met many men down through the years who were veterans of that war, and I never pass up a chance to see if I can get them to speak of their experiences. While I have to concede that there is a great deal of hatred remaining among those who fought against the Japanese, I have never met a single genuine combat veteran of any Allied Army, American, Canadian, British or South African, who fought against the Germans and who did not speak with respect and admiration of their courage, their skill and devotion as soldiers, and their human qualities of fortitude, humor and compassion in victory and in defeat.

If there are those who can't handle this view of Nazis, then I recommend you start with some of the accounts left by Allied veterans of the first war. (Robert Graves' Goodbye To All That springs to mind, but there are many other good examples.)

As for these hate-filled reptiles at the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL and the AFA and Nizkor, I can only quote again the little old English lady: "Why don't they just bloody well belt up?"

Why indeed?

Friday, December 22, 2006

We Are Not Amused

The movie Borat, starring Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen who plays a caricatured Kazakh journalist as an evil Gentile oaf, is now sweeping the theaters nationwide, and everybody thinks it's just a scream, or so all the Jew and lefty faggot reviewers tell us. Cohen is getting a major boost from his co-religionists in the media, who always approve of a Jew mocking and insulting Gentiles.

But more and more people are starting to have second thoughts about the obscene and abusive "comedy masterpiece"--including some of the people that Cohen tricked into making fools of themselves for the camera and then publicly humiliated by putting them in his movie without giving them any chance to preview the finished product.

According to the British Daily Mail, "When Sacha Baron Cohen wanted a village to represent the impoverished Kazakh home of his character Borat, he found the perfect place in Glod [Romania]: a remote mountain outpost with no sewerage or running water and where locals eke out meagre livings peddling scrap iron or working patches of land. But now the villagers of this tiny, close-knit community have angrily accused the comedian of exploiting them, after discovering his new blockbuster film portrays them as a backward group of rapists, abortionists and prostitutes, who happily engage in casual incest. They claim film-makers lied to them about the true nature of the project, which they believed would be a documentary about their hardship, rather than a comedy mocking their poverty and isolation." (A Jew, lying to people? I am shocked, I tell you, just shocked!)

Cohen is not only an arrogant kike, he also displays the typical cheapness of his race. The Mail goes on to say, "Villagers say they were paid just £3 each for this humiliation, for a film that took around £27million at the worldwide box office in its first week of release. Now they are planning to scrape together whatever modest sums they can muster to sue Baron Cohen and fellow film-makers, claiming they never gave their consent to be so cruelly misrepresented. Disabled Nicu Tudorache said: 'This is disgusting. They conned us into doing all these things and never told us anything about what was going on. They made us look like primitives, like uncivilised savages. Now they,re making millions but have only paid us 15 lei [around £3]. '

The Mail gives us a clear picture of what happened when the Big Jew came to town. "...When a Hollywood film crew descended on a nearby run-down motel last September, with their flashy cars and expensive equipment, locals thought their lowly community might finally be getting some of the investment it so desperately needs. The crew was led by a man villagers describe as 'nice and friendly, if a bit weird and ugly', who they later learned was Baron Cohen. It is thought the producers chose the region because locals more closely resembled his comic creation than genuine Kazakhs. The comedian insisted on travelling everywhere with bulky bodyguards, because, as one local said: 'He seemed to think there were crooks among us.'" (Or else Cohen had a good idea of what would happen to him if the local people found out what he was planning on doing to them.)

The Mail article reveals: "While the rest of the crew based themselves in the motel, Baron Cohen stayed in a hotel in Sinaia, a nearby ski resort a world away from Glod's grinding poverty. He would come to the village every morning to do 'weird things', such as bringing animals inside the run-down homes, or have the village children filmed holding weapons. Mr Tudorache, a deeply religious grandfather who lost his arm in an accident, was one of those who feels most humiliated. For one scene, a rubber sex toy in the shape of a fist was attached to the stump of his missing arm - but he had no idea what it was." (This is not surprising; not all cultures are as sex-obsessed as Americans and Brits.) "'Our region is very poor, and everyone is trying hard to get out of this misery. It is outrageous to exploit people's misfortune like this to laugh at them.We are now coming together and will try to hire a lawyer and take legal action for being cheated and exploited. We are simple folk and don't know anything about these things, but I have faith in God and justice.'" the old man told reporters.

"The residents of Glod only found out about the true nature of the film after seeing a Romanian TV report. Some thought it was an art project, others a documentary. The Mail on Sunday showed them the cinema trailer - the first footage they had seen from the film," the article said. "Many were on the brink of tears as they saw how they were portrayed. Claudia Luca, who lives with her extended family in the house next to the one that served as Borat's home, said: 'We now realise they only came here because we are poorer than anyone else in this village. They never told us what they were doing but took advantage of our misfortune and poverty. They made us look like savages, why would anyone do that?'

I share these simple peasants' anger and disgust at what this kike did to them, but in the first place, it is virtually impossible to bring a Jew to justice, especially in Britain where the Jewish Board of Deputies acts as a secret government, and secondly, lawyers are never the solution to any problem. These people count among their ancestors their great national hero Vlad Tepes, aka Vlad the Impaler--aka Dracula. He would have known how to deal with insects like Sacha Baron Cohen, but I'm afraid this hebe is out of their reach now.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Madness in 2008

Got an e-mail asking me who I think will win the Presidential election in 2008. I think it will be Hillary, God help us.

In the first place, under the present system, it is generally viewed within the establishment as being her turn. The two-party system seems to have reached its ultimate form of decay in that each party now gets an eight-year term in office, with the opposition party agreeing on the q.t. to run a complete doofus after the first term.

Also, why do you think Gore gave up so easily in 2000, when the appointment of a President by the Supreme Court is so clearly unconstitutional? His party elders took him aside and explained the facts of life to him, if he didn't already know. It was the Republicans' turn, and so we ended up with a drunken Mini-Me in the White House who tried to conquer the world.

In 1996, 2000, and 2004, the losing party clearly had better and more charismatic and vote-catching candidates available to it, and yet obtusely chose unelectable doofuses, i.e. Dole, Gore, and Kerry. I don't think those candidates were meant to be taken seriously. I think they threw those elections deliberately, the Republicans once and the Democrats twice. It will be interesting to see if the Republicans hold up their end of the bargain and deliberately run some unelectable zombie in a silk suit in 2008.

Secondly, the fact is that by 2008, I think there will be such an utter revulsion against Bush and his little Jewish neocon friends and his deranged war in the Middle East that people will vote for Hillary as a kind of protest vote.

Americans have memories two inches long, and by then we will (most of us) have forgotten about the cattle futures swindle, the dead bodies littering the Clintons' political path to power, the pathological lying in the Oval Office, Bill Clinton's cocaine habit, the Mena murders in Arkansas, Vince Foster lying murdered in a public park, mysteriously appearing and disappearing financial records, the lying to Congress and to assorted grand juries, the attempted impeachment, sex toy Christmas tree ornaments in the White House, the air of perversion and madness that lay over the whole Clinton administration like a cloud of poison gas.

And when Hillary comes in, she's going to have the Patriot Act and all the neocons lovely "security legislation" and dictatorial powers to play with. Joy unspeakable!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

David Irving Freed (?)

The news stories are still a bit confused. Apparently David Irving has either been freed or ordered freed by some Austrian appeals court when some judge with one of the last remaining flickers of common sense remaining in Europe noticed that the "offense" of denying the Holocaust which Irving allegedly committed was over twenty years ago, and that's way beyond the statute of limitations even for this imbecile law. (In other words, Irving's entire arrest, "trial" if you want to call it that, and imprisonment has been illegal even under existing Austrian law.)

However, the poor old man isn't out of the woods yet. Some Austrian state prosecutor is now shrieking for a new warrant and a new show trial, because, he says, releasing Irving now after the Holocaust revisionist historical conference in Tehran "sends the wrong message." So much for divorcing the legal and judical process from political considerations.

It is not clear to me from the first news articles whether Dave has actually been set free and allowed to return to England yet. More later.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

VERY Qualified Recommendation

Hi, guys:

I just finished reading the book America Alone, by neocon guru Mark Steyn. Steyn may or may not be a Jew. I don't know. I didn't bother to try and track it down. Neocons and Jews, as far as I am concerned the two are indistinguishable.

Most of the book is the usual neocon drivel, trying to start greasing the skids and whipping up yay-hoo fervor for an invasion of Iran, although where we are supposed to get the troops for this, Steyn doesn't say. (Well, we all know that sooner or later, they're going to have to revive the draft to maintain the Empire and conquer the petroleum-producing world, but Steyn is too sharp to say this out loud.)

Steyn's rap is standard fare: de Big Bad Muslims be gone git us all if we don't wake up and start bombing the bejesus out of everything in sight, and putting Gawd Amighty back in the schools, and oh dose wunnerful clever Joosh pipples is our natural allies agin de wicked Muslims oy vay, such a deal they'll make us--you get the idea.

However, all of that said, I can give Steyn's book a very qualified recommendation, because he does something in America Alone that I have not yet seen done by any neocon: he offers us a serious discussion of demographics and the impending extinction of the White race from the face of the earth. That's rare. Most neocons shy away from the issues of race and demographics like Dracula recoiling from a crucifix.

Steyn uses all the usual neocon code words, of course: "Westerner" for White and "Muslim" for shit-skinned. But in this case the code words are paper-thin, and any reader with the intelligence of grapes will understand what he's really talking about, especially since he spends a large part of his time not ranting and raving against the hated Muslims, but ranting and raving against Mexicans. it's almost like he can't control himself on the subject of beaners, which puts him definitely in the White American mainstream. And I have to admit, he does it well. Some of this book reads almost like something Commander Rockwell might have written if he'd lived to face the problem of exploding Third World immigration.

I hope that A) Mark Steyn turns out not to be a racial Jew, and if he's White then B) He one day wakes up, smells the racial coffee, and decides to drop the code words and get with the program. You know, there's not much point in lying about race or illegal immigration any more when it's something White people see with their own eyes every day in the workplace, if they're lucky enough to have a job, or in the local Safeway.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Settling The Score With The Goldsteins

Yes, I know, Mr. Goldstein, I've heard all about it.

I've heard all about the Holocaust, when 6 million or 6 billion or 6 trillion or 6 gazillion–or however many Jews you want–were murdered by mean old Hitler. I've heard all about the diary of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who died in a German concentration camp during World War II. I've heard all about your people's persecution in Russia. I've heard all about how your people have been despised and oppressed all over the world.

Yes, I know, I know! You don't need to remind me again that for nearly two thousand years you have been without a country. How could I possibly forget these things? You and your paid liars never get tired of screaming insensibly about all the inhuman crimes that have been committed against the Jews.

About the only thing we ever hear these days is that your people, the Jews, have suffered horribly throughout history and that we (the non-Jews) must make amends with you in every way possible.Well, Mr. Goldstein, here in the United States of America, we have done everything within our power to pay you back. I don't know what else you could possibly want.

We helped you acquire your own country. We stood by silently while you murdered hundreds of innocent Palestinian civilians at Deir Yassin, so that your desire to have a country of your own could be fulfilled. We send ten billion dollars of American tax money to Israel every year, even though America is already in debt up to her eyebrows.

We are constantly hiring some blabbermouth to rant and rave to America about God's Chosen People and how they have always been under attack and how we must rescue them from "all the Hitlers of the world". We are never finished hearing about your precious Holocaust, since it seems that you would never be able to exist without it. You are the kings of this country. We have licked your boots for so long that you don't have any boots left…

So now, Mr. Goldstein, please tell me, because I am dying of curiosity to know: what it is that you want?

What more can we possibly do for you? How can you still be unhappy with the way you are treated?

Do you think you are the only group of people that has ever suffered? That is one of the most conceited things I have ever heard. Very typical of you, though. I cannot pretend to be shocked or even mildly surprised at this idea. It is just too typical. After all, don't you also view yourselves as a superior race? Don't you call the rest of us non-Jews goyim or cattle?

You really are the most self-centered group of people there has ever been. Therefore, I really can't be surprised that you would entertain the absurd idea that the Jewish people are the only sufferers in the world. Or at least, that their suffering is the only suffering that truly counts. 66 million Russians died during and after the Bolshevik Revolution. However, nobody seems to feel any sort of special obligation to the Russians the way they do for your 6 million.

I have always been horrible at math, but it is unquestionable even in my mind that Russia's 66 million greatly overshadows your 6 million. But never mind that, Mr. Goldstein. The Russians really don't matter that much. What we need to concentrate on is how many other things we should be doing for you.

Now come on, just tell me. What do you want? What can we do that will make you happy? If there is anything that we have not already done for you, tell me what it is, and we'll be sure to do it right away. If you were anyone else, I would encourage you not to be shy in making your demand, but as I have never known you to be short on boldness or nerve, I see no point in warning you against what you yourself would never even think of doing. So go ahead, shoot. Tell me what we have not yet done for you. Go ahead, I'm listening.

Oh, my goodness, Mr. Goldstein, you make me laugh! No, no! I heard you perfectly! You don't need to keep screaming it over and over again. I heard you. You said that the thing you want is for us to submit our very beings to you. In short, become your slaves. (You see? I knew I didn't need to worry about any shyness on your part!)

You say we have not become your slaves? Who do you think you are trying to fool? We are your slaves. We have been for years! Only slaves would bow to your every wish the way we have. Was I not clear when I said earlier that we have been licking your boots for so long that you don't even have any boots left?

Yeah, okay then. We'll buy you a new pair of boots since we have apparently wronged you by licking them off. What?! You want them made out of solid diamond?! We can't afford that! How about we just get a pair of sneakers from the thrift store? Oh, okay, never mind, never mind! We'll get you the diamond. Your wish is our command.

But boy, oh, boy! I just can't get over what you said about us not being your slaves! In fact, I can't stop laughing. Now, please, Mr. Goldstein, please, will you stop screaming like that? You are a somewhat disturbing spectacle with that blood vessel popping out of your neck, your mouth covered in froth and your eyes bulging two inches out of your head. Calm down! It really isn't good for your health to throw these violent temper tantrums.

All right. Now that you have finally gotten yourself under control, perhaps you can rationally answer the question that I am about to ask you. Ready?

Okay, then; is it possible (in your mind, at least) that the Jews have suffered so much that we gentiles will never be able to repay you? Will we never be able to refill the great hole of your suffering? Will you never be satisfied with our efforts to appease you?I heard you answer in the affirmative.

Well, I must admit that I am glad to know that. Since we now know that you can never be happy–that despite the whole world's concentrated efforts, it is impossible to ever repay you, and that making you happy is a flat impossibility, maybe we can turn our attention over to another subject.

Maybe since what we have been trying to accomplish all these years is utterly impossible, we can just forget it and focus on what is possible. I am only being reasonable, Mr. Goldstein, when I ask what are you going to do to repay us for all the suffering that you have caused?

How are you going to repay all the Palestinians whose land you stole and whose children you have been murdering for over half a century? How are you going to repay the millions of babies that you have murdered in abortion clinics? How are you going to repay the families of the thousands of Americans who died on September 11th?

How are you going to repay the Iraqis for destroying their country? How are you going to repay the families of the American soldiers who have died in Iraq? How are you going to repay the Lebanese for ruining their country? How are you going to repay all those who suffer under communism, which is another invention of yours?

How are you going to repay the Muslims for all the lies that you have told about them? How are you going to repay all the Christians that you martyred when Christianity was still new?

You're speechless, Mr. Goldstein, but I can read your answer in the hatred of your eyes. You will never try to repay us for the suffering that you have caused. You will never even apologize. And what is more you will continue to treat us Gentiles in this inhuman and merciless manner. You will never voluntarily stop. You will never attempt in any manner to repay us.

But that's alright, don't worry, we'll repay you. We will repay you for every injustice that you have caused. We will repay you for every drop of innocent blood that you have spilled, and it is possible to do so. Just wait and see, you will be served justice one day.

A very wise, just, merciful man from Nazareth whom you also killed once said to your leaders "Upon you will come all the righteous blood that has been shed on Earth, from the blood of righteous Abel to the blood of Zachariah." I have never doubted His words. He always knew what He was talking about.

I will not try to convert you, Mr. Goldstein, because I know that it is impossible. Remember, that we are now focusing on possibilities.

So, since you refuse to become a human being by leaving your primitive, savage way of thinking, I will only warn you. Of course, you will not listen to me, but I will do it anyway. I warn you that things are going to be changing. You will be experiencing justice for the 1st time in your life.

There is a day coming when humanity will get sick of being treated like animals. They are going to find out why they have suffered so much. They are going to be angry. And guess what? You are going to be the object of their rage. You are going to get a triple-dose of your own medicine, which ought to please you, since you always want more of anything than anyone else has. You are going to discover how human beings act when they see a glimmer of hope after being beaten down all their lives.

There, I have now told you what to expect one day. Now when it happens, you won't be able to rant, rave, scream, kick, holler, howl and screech about how it isn't fair because nobody every warned you.

Well, Mr. Goldstein, I am sure that you do not like my tone. I can see that by the blood vessel in your neck that has finally burst that you do not like what I am saying at all.

But considering every injustice that you have caused, every suffering that you have aided, all the innocent blood that you have spilled, I would say that this is merely a feeble attempt of mine to settle the score between us. I don't see why you are so furious with me.

After all, I am only trying to pay you back. Isn't that the very thing that you have wanted for so many years?

-Stefania Glenn
sglenn @

Sunday, December 17, 2006

We Are Going To Lose The Internet

I know, I know. Nobody believes me. "Hyuk, hyuk, that's just Hurrold bein' paranoid agin. We all knows we gone have the internet fer EVER and EVER and EVER, so thar ain't no need to keep postal mailing lists or do anythin' in hard copy, no sirree bob!"

And yet I remain convinced that somewhere in the bowels of almost every governmental bureaucracy in the world, there are teams of bureaucrats and computer geeks putting their heads together and plotting how to "bring the internet under control." The signs are starting to re-emerge.

It could take many forms. The favored back door to control at the moment seem to be to allow big huge mergers of all the ISPs so that eventually the internet will become like broadcast and cable television, run by four or five huge conglomerates who can then be pressured to shut down free Net speech from the top through the imposition of "Terms of Service," that favorite catch-all excuse and bludgeon for those who wish to silence opinions and voices on the internet they don't like. The old idea of charging postage for e-mail is also coming out from under its rock; I saw some dweeb pushing that on a talk show the other day as an ostensible method to stop spam.

As the world situation deteriorates, does anyone really think that the powers that be, any powers that be, can tolerate genuine free speech much longer?

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Judaism: A State Of Mind

The best definition I ever heard of the whole problem was from the late Pastor Robert Miles:

"Jews aren't a race, and Judaism is not a religion. Judaism is a state of mind, and some of the worst Jews you will ever meet won't have a drop of Hebrew blood in their veins."

I now understand exactly what Bob meant. Judaism is essentially the rejection of Man as a spiritual being and the reduction of life to pourely material terms: both Communism and capitalism are, in fact, forms of Judaism.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Just a quick reminder once again to check out


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Israel Will Destroy Us All

Got an e-mail asking what I think will happen with Jug-Ears now outnumbered in Congress by the Democrats. (Oh, big improvement! Have we forgotten the ghastly Bill Clinton so soon?) It's true the bourbon-sodden midget might not be able to get Congressional approval for his planned deranged attack on Iran. But

A) Jug might decide to just say to hell with Congress and do it, launch the bombers and Cruise missiles and maybe nukes, because God told him to in one of his drunken fugue states (Bush's, not God's) ; or more likely

B) Those evil monsters in Israel will launch their own nuclear attack on Iran, viz. the oily Ehud Olmert's scarcely-veiled threat a couple of days ago, and then sit back confident that America will pull Israel's chestnuts out of the fire when the entire Muslim world has finally just plain had enough, and one billion people simply pick up a kitchen knife or bend down and pick up a rock or whatever's available and start marching across the earth on Jerusalem, slaughtering any Jews they come across through sheer numbers.

That is the way the world as we know it. Not with a bang, not even with a whimper, but with an oy!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

They Just Can't Keep Their Fingers Out Of The Cookie Jar

For a slight change of pace, here's some black white-collar crime, if you'll pardon the pun.

Res ipsa loquitur: According to an ABC news article, "A former [Harris County, Texas] assistant district attorney was sentenced to prison for spending money from someone else's trust fund...Cheryl Turner was convicted of spending the $140,000 trust fund on herself. Cheryl Turner is no stranger to the courtroom. She was a Harris County prosecutor and a practicing attorney. On Wednesday she was a defendant, convicted of fiduciary misappropriation. Translated, that means she was found guilty of embezzling a client's trust fund." (It's also known as stealing.)

ABC goes on: "The client was 70-year-old Frank Prince -- a former city of Houston sanitation worker and World War II veteran. Prince saved and set aside $143,000 for his stepdaughter and disabled son...Turner was administrator of the trust fund. The family trusted her background and knew her from church." (This means that the victim was probably also black, which is some consolation.) "Cheryl Turner was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Her bar card and legal license were both surrendered. As a footnote, she was once married to state representative Sylvester Turner."

So, in other words, this was not just some black crack whore off the street; this was a lawyer (how on earth did she ever pass law school and the bar exam?) who was married to a state legislator and who was a district attorney herself. Presumably she and her hubby between them were pulling down a pretty decent buck. In other words, there was no excuse of deprivation or racism for this woman to engage in this sneaky and despicable crime of robbing an old man's estate from a crippled heir, black or white.

There seems to be something in the genetic makeup of the negro brain which is biologically incapable of assimilating and comprehending the idea of private property. The white man's law and moral training seems utterly incapable of breaking through this barrier and imposing any kind of sense of empathy or respect for others on the black man, no matter how much the black is undeservedly rewarded and promoted and given authority in the forlorn hope that he will not abuse it.

This was clearly demonstrated in the video footage of New Orleans police officers who last year deserted their posts as the flood waters from Hurricane Katrina rose around them, engulfing the city they were sworn to protect, in order to loot and pillage from white-owned chain stores and homes all around them. Just as the black cops of New Orleans staggered down the street loaded down with stolen VCRS, liquor, and luxury goods as their own homes were submerged and hundreds of people around them drowned and killed by criminals, so former Houston D. A. Cheryl Turner simply helped herself to that old man's money as if it were hers.

Blacks in authority: they just can't keep their fingers out of the cookie jar.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Three Thousand American Dead in Iraq

Wilfred Owen (1893-1918)

Wilfred Edward Salter Owen was born on March 18, 1893. He was on theC ontinent teaching until he visited a hospital for the wounded and then decided, in September, 1915, to return to England and enlist. "I came out in order to help these boys-- directly by leading them as well as an officer can; indirectly, by watching their sufferings that I may speak of them as well as a pleader can. I have done the first." (October, 1918).

Owen was wounded in combat March 1917 and sent home; he could have stayed on in Britain in a staff job, but instead he volunteered to return to the Western Front in August of 1918. He was killed in action on November 4th, just seven days before the Armistice. He was caught in a German machine gun attack and killed. He was twenty-five when he died.

The bells were ringing on November 11th, 1918, in Shrewsbury to celebrate the Armistice when the doorbell rang at his parent's home, bringing them the telegram telling them their son was dead.


by Wilfred Owen

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs,
And towards our distant rest began to trudge.
Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots,
But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame, all blind;
Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots
Of gas-shells dropping softly behind.

Gas! GAS! Quick, boys! – An ecstasy of fumbling
Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time,
But someone still was yelling out and stumbling
And flound'ring like a man in fire or lime.
Dim through the misty panes and thick green light,
As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.
In all my dreams before my helpless sight

He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace
Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
His hanging face, like a devil's sick of sin,
If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs bitter as the cud
Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues, –

My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

In Memoriam: "Wild Bill" Hoff (1935-2006)

I have learned with great sadness that William "Wild Bill" Hoff, aged 71, was killed on December 8th, 2006 in a traffic accident. A long-time resident of New York City, Hoff retired to South Carolina many years ago.

Bill was one of those "hardy perennials," a guy who seemed to have been around in the Movement forever, and who at one time or another was a member of every right-wing and racial group ever assembled. I think we all know a few like that. Like just about everyone of his generation, he started out with Gerald L. K. Smith as a young man, and moved on to the Columbians, the NSRP, the Citizens' Councils, Rockwell's ANP, Koehl's NSWPP, my own NSPA in the late 1970s, you name it, Bill was there. You name it, Bill would join it and support it to the best of his abilities, especially if it was National Socialist, because NS was always his first love and allegiance. His FBI file must have filled a whole filing cabinet in some Washington DC office.

Bill was a marcher, one of those guys who for his entire life just couldn't seem to get enough of wearing his faith on his sleeve in public for all to see. He was one of those guys who would drive across five states in some battered old beater car or truck that didn't look like it could make it to the corner mini-mart, in order to attend a ten-man "rally" and get pelted with rocks and filth by the human garbage who oppose us. He is one of the few who ever lost his temper with Commander Rockwell and yelled at the Commander--for leaving the old Hatemonger Hill headquarters for an activity at the White House without him, when Bill was a few minutes late after driving all night from New York. (I heard that one from an eyewitness.)

In their own quiet way, men like Bill Hoff have always been the jewel in our Movement's crown, the ones who aren't great thinkers or writers or shakers and movers, but whom you know you can rely on to pass out leaflets or host a meeting or give somebody a ride to the airport or bus station, or to attend any kind of White racial activity. He was a man you could rely on to be there when he heard the call. That is a rare attribute in White men these days.

I hadn't seen Bill myself for many years, relying on the odd e-mail to keep in touch, but I won't forget him, and I will miss him.

"Und Ihr habt doch Gesiegt, Kamerad."

-Harold A. Covington

U. S. Military Begins to Mutiny

The United States military in Iraq is overstretched, exhausted, poorly armed and supplied, and many soldiers and Marines who have been forced into second and third tours of duty have become stressed and paranoid. (Over 100,000 Iraq veterans are already receiving some kind of disability compensation back here at home.) Now they are beginning to stand up and openly question the leadership and the orders which keep sending them back to Iraq over and over again, for month after bloody month.

According to a Reuters article, "More than 200 active duty U.S. armed service members, fed up with the war in Iraq, have joined an unusual protest calling for withdrawal of U.S. troops from the country...The campaign, called the Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq, is the first of its kind in the Iraq war and takes advantage of Defense Department rules allowing active duty troops to express personal opinions to members of Congress without fear of retaliation."

The website at states: "As a patriotic American proud to serve the nation in uniform, I respectfully urge my political leaders in Congress to support the prompt withdrawal of all American military forces and bases from Iraq. Staying in Iraq will not work and is not worth the price. It is time for U.S. troops to come home."

The Web site allows serving military members to add their signatures to the petition for withdrawal that will be presented to Congress. As of this writing over two hundred serving soldiers, sailors, and Marines have signed, and anyone who believes that there will be no retaliation is living in a dream world. Yet they continue to sign, knowing the risks.

More than anyone else, the men and women who have served in Iraq understand that the war is a fraud.

They know that not only have no weapons of mass destruction been found, but they were never there to begin with.

They know that the Iraqi people don't want us there, and don't want to be transformed into some vast Middle Eastern equivalent of a southern California strip mall with McDonalds and drive-through mosques.

They know that democracy has brought nothing to Iraq except mass death, ruin, and wreckage. They know that their comrades are dying for nothing, and finally America's serving soldiers are getting tired of it.

But what will they do when their protests are ignored and the Iraq war drags on for year after bloody year?

What will they do when the drunken midget in the White House orders them into Iran and Syria?

Will some high-ranking officers finally start getting together in some back room in the Pentagon and start planning to do the only thing that seems capable of removing Bush and his neocons from power?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Hatfield's Soliloquy

[Zack Hatfield's soliloquy from the novel The Brigade, Chapter Two]

“Yeah, official paranoia is rampaging, all right,” replied Morehouse with a chuckle. “They’re starting to wake up to the fact that they didn’t get us all when they stormed into Coeur d’Alene in November, and some of us are still fighting. Fair enough. But before we get down to cases, I’d like each of you to tell me in your own words what has brought you here tonight.”

“I guess I’ll start,” said Hatfield. “I’d some idea of what the Party was doing behind the scenes, of course, that preparations were being made. Some of it you told me, Red, and some of it I figured out for myself. I was starting to turn over in my own mind whether or not I wanted to join you when the time came to pick up the gun. I knew that time had to come, if any of us in this country had one spark of manhood left in us.

“We have tried everything else,” Hatfield went on grimly. “For generations we have dutifully trooped to the polls like sheep and voted in elections where we were given no meaningful choice, and where not one single candidate or party represented the white man’s racial interests. Nothing changed except the politicians grew more and more coarse and corrupt, more cynical and contemptible.

"For almost a hundred years now we have been betrayed at every turn by the men we voted into office, and we have been ravaged and bled dry by these alien creatures called Jews. We have tried every single peaceful avenue of redress, every non-violent method we could think of to try and change the world, to try and make these sons of bitches wearing the suits stop doing what they are doing. None of it has worked worth a tinker’s damn. We have shouted and screamed NO at the top of our lungs, and we have been ignored and spat on and called haters for our trouble.

"We tried the internet and spent years tapping to one another on keyboards, because we bought into this idea that ‘education’ was the answer, and if we could just get the truth to people, then things would change. Well, education without action isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit. We got the truth to people, all right, and it turned out to be nothing but a bunch of noise that was simply ignored, because the internet was where it stayed. Nobody ever did anything except tap on keyboards. That was fine with the bosses. Tapping on keyboards was no threat to them, we just let off steam and nothing changed. It is now crystal clear to any white man with two brain cells to rub together that the only thing which will make these dogs in power hear the word NO is the sound of gunfire.

“But I didn’t make up my mind finally until that night when I took care of Steve King’s problem for him,” Hatfield continued heavily. “I never realized just how damned good it would feel to strike back! It wasn’t like Iraq at all. I hated those hadjis because they were killing and maiming my friends and trying to do the same to me, but I knew in my heart that we had no business there, that the reason they were trying to kill and maim me was because I was trying to take from them their little patch of the world and the oil that was underneath it. I was a thief who had come into their home to rob them of their land and their goods and their dignity, and they had every right to try and shoot and bomb my ass off. To be honest, those Iraqis were doing what I would have been proud to see Americans do if we were ever invaded and occupied.

"We never said such things, of course, and most of us I don’t think even thought them out in our own minds in so many words, because we knew how dangerous those thoughts were, but we all knew that we were the guys in the black hats over there.

“I got back home and I somehow understood, as I never had before, that we are an occupied people. Occupied by our own government, occupied by the same goddamned Jews and politicians and business executives who sent me over to Iraq to steal what little those poor people have. Then came the business with Steve and Liddy King, when I used the skills ZOG gave me for my friend and for his children, for my own people and not for a monthly paycheck from the Jews. It felt right. I find that I like the feel of that white hat on my head, and I want to keep it there. That’s not very articulate, Red, but that’s the best I can tell you right now.”

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Five Great Books

Mr. C -

What are the greatest 5 books on White Nationalism written in the last 50 years or so? Your opinion is valuable to me.


Okay, you say the last fifty years, so since Mein Kampf was written in 1924 I won't mention that one, although obviously it is the ne plus ultra. The International Jew is also over seventy years old. I will also exclude Imperium since it comes in over the wire at 58 years. Let's call those the Classics.

First two are obvious: This Time The World and White Power, both by George Lincoln Rockwell. I'd include In Hoc Signo Vinces, but that's a pamphlet, not a book.

Third place has to go to The Turner Diaries, no matter what one thinks of its author. Like it or not, TTD has had an effect on the Great Pale Blob, and that is almost impossible to achieve. The Blob usually absorbs anything you throw at it, quivers a bit, and then subsides into its coma again. TTD is still striking sparks.

That leaves us fourth and fifth place, and that's hard, since everybody is going to have their favorite. I am tempted to include The Bell Curve, which confirmed older research on genetic differences and the biology of race, but I tried to read it once and you have to be a biochemist or a geneticist or a psychologist to understand it. I cannot in all conscience include any of David Duke's books because of the character issue.

I would really like to include Eric Thomson's The Chosen One, but it's unobtainable. I think somebody was going to put in on line at FAEM but the project never got off the ground. Darn...

Okay, Which Way Western Man? by William Gayley Simpson probably should get fourth place. It's a bit of a long hard slog but once you get into it, it's well worth it. Now, number five, number five, what for number five.....

Tell you what. Let's get some input from other people on this one, shall we? You guys let me know what you think Book Number Five should be. [No nominations for any of my own books will be accepted. Mine aren't great any way. They weren't intended to be, just useful.]


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Fifty Years Of Failure Is Enough

[But] the time comes when even the worst coward about going to the dentist can no longer fool himself with soothing syrups, and scrambles in to a real dentist to have the radical treatment which alone can solve his problem—to have the tooth jerked out and the germs of decay KILLED. Nothing less can stop a real tooth-ache. And nothing less than killing the enemy germs and extracting the nigger hell-raisers can stop the disease and pain which is killing America and the White Race.

Our job is to be good dentists, remain steadfast and keep our pliers and germicide ready to extract the black aching tooth and disinfect our Nation of the germs of Jewish treason and decay, when the patient is ready.

Fifty years of conservative failure is enough!

-George Lincoln Rockwell
White Power

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Ten Principles of National Socialist Thought

I. BE HONEST. A National Socialist faces a fact whether he likes it or not. Dishonesty is the mark of the enemy. National Socialism above all represents living truth in its purest form.

II. BELIEVE IN GOD AND YOURSELF. The God of Destiny subjects only His strongest mortals to enormous tasks which would crush lesser men. God wills only the best to fulfill the highest task of life: to perfect mankind. Give yourself utterly unto Destiny, and God will shield you in your fight. God helps only those who help themselves. We will lose only if we lay down our arms due to our weakness and cowardice. There is only one true disgrace: submission to the enemies of our race.

III. BE FAITHFUL TO YOUR RACE. No one must be allowed to spoil what Nature created down through aeons of racial evolution. Your highest purpose in life is to carry on that evolution toward a stronger, better, more beautiful mankind. The purity and strengthening of the Aryan race is the basic requirement of every future higher evolution.

IV. FIGHT FOR YOUR RACE. Fight for the holy ideals of National Socialism, the heart of your great race. Only in this struggle can you prove your true worth as a man or a woman. Only thus can you fulfill your potential for courage, dedication, and ennobling self-sacrifice. Life's struggle for survival brought Man upwards from the apelike beings of the distant past to the height of Aryan culture and achievement. The Party's struggle will produce the revolutionary elite who will lead the National Socialist ideal to victory.

V. YOU ARE A SUPERIOR INDIVIDUAL. You will be outnumbered in this struggle, because the best are always a minority. History-making decisions have never been the work of formless masses, but always victories by active and dedicated minorities. You are both the servant and the spokesperson for your race. Make sure you set an example worthy to be followed in your person and your life.

VI. LOVE YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. You owe your existence to your racial family; let your love of them be your overriding passion in life. Do not fear the Undermen, the racially inferior, and do not persecute them. You are their superior, but you are not their owner. When the time comes to fight them, do not lose your senses through counterproductive hatred. Detach yourself, clear your mind, and destroy them completely, methodically, clinically, as if in a surgical operation. Nothing is more pointless than wasting time hating mud people; it detracts from the positive love of your own.

VII. IMPROVE YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS. All Aryan men and women are your brothers and sisters, although not all are equally intelligent or courageous. It is up to you to inform them, to encourage them, and to instill their hearts with courage. Some of your kinsfolk have been misled and made ugly by the Judaic evil which is corrupting our racial soul. You must not hate them on that account, but rather strive to bring them back to their racial family.

VIII. REJECT THE DECADENCE. Decadence is anything which detracts either physically or spiritually from the health and the upward development of our Aryan race. You must hold your racial and spiritual purity above your very life, and not associate with anything which is decadent or which gives your life the appearance of decadence. Every aspect of life must be judged in relation to the survival and improvement of your race; anything hindering these attainments must be ruthlessly rooted out and destroyed.

IX. THE BEST MUST RULE. All great achievements on earth are the product of great leadership, political or scientific or artistic. The racial community can gain strength only by applying the Leadership Principle and placing in front the men and women who have demonstrated superior ability, dedication, and tenacity in the racial struggle. Democracy is a sickness which leads inevitably to chaos, corruption, and the collapse of society; from democracy steps forth the cruellest of tyrants.

X. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Where there is a will, there is a way. Everything falls before the man of indomitable will. Suffering and sacrifice are necessary; we are hardening ourselves for the most decisive struggle in all of human history. Victory will fall only to the most truthful, the most fanatical, the strongest, the bravest, and the best. Be that.

"This destiny does not tire, nor can it be broken, and its mantle of strength descends upon those in its service." - Francis Parker Yockey, IMPERIUM