Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So Much For Third Parties

[By way of full disclosure, this was pinched from Bill White's web site, but that does not invalidate the interest of the story. - HAC]

Constitution Party Candidates Wins Congressional Election, Then Has Votes Mysteriously "Deleted"

Fort Worth, Texas -- Constitution Party candidate Ron Avery won the Congressional election in Fort Worth, Texas, then, mysteriously, had all his votes "deleted" and declared a "technical glitch" by Democratic Party officials.

According to the Associated Press and other news services, electronic voting machines had declared Avery the winner by a large margin in Texas' 28th Congressional District, then had all the votes they had counted ruled "void" by election officials, who handed the seat to Democratic Party candidate Henry Cuellar.

Constitution Party officials and other activists immediately declared the Democratic victory "vote fraud".

Texas officials say that election machines "malfunctioned" across the state, and that paper ballots and blank pieces of paper had to be used in many parts of the state, raising questions about all races in the state.


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