Sunday, November 05, 2006


For three decades federal legislation has funneled taxpayer money into organizations which murdered 400,000 babies a year, more than nine million abortions in the past twenty (20) years.

Planned Parenthood got over $202 million in Clinton's final year in office. Since 1987 it has received $3.9 billion in taxpayers money. Technically federal funds can't be used for abortions, but funding the rest of the organization's operations enables them to continue preforming abortions.

I have no problem with abortion if a mother's life is at stake, but for any other reason its just plain murder of a defenseless baby. I do have a problem with my tax money making abortion possible on demand to anyone.

I have a problem with my tax money being used to murder White babies, since the White population is at zero population growth. I have a problem with abortion on demand because I think it is a sin to murder innocent babies and all babies are innocent.

If you feel like I do, know that it is our government that has endorsed this slaughter, makes the funds available, and doesn't give a damn!

-Comrade Wagner


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