Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jewish Carpetbagger Nailed In Iraq Corruption Case

A Jewish carpetbagger in Iraq has pleaded guilty to providing money, sex and designer watches to American officials in exchange for more than eight million dollars in "reconstruction" contracts. The amount of bribes and graft Philip Bloom paid to Iraqis is unstated but is believed to have been even more extensive than he gave to Americans--an estimated two million dollars in cash and goods and property.

The bribes were paid to unnamed "officials" in the Coalition Provisional Authority, the central clearing house for the assorted multinational corporations and private buccaneer capitalists who descended on Iraq like vultures after the American conquest of the country in 2003.

Bloom's guilty plea on bribery and money-laundering charges is the latest development in a widening corruption scandal centered on a network of US civilians and military officials who worked out of a coalition outpost in the south-central Iraqi town of Hillah, but it is believed to be only the tip of the iceberg. Literally billions of taxpayer dollars have disappeared down the rathole of Iraq over the past three years to pay for a "reconstruction" that never happened. Nobody knows where the hell all this money went; the desert sands seem to have swallowed it up.

Apparently Bloom's corruption got so blatant that he drew the short straw and was made a scapegoat when the Americans finally realized that something had to be done about the widespread looting of "reconstruction" funds.

The scheme began in January 2004, when Bloom began paying bribes to Robert Stein (no prizes for guessing Stein's ethic origins), a "civilian contractor" who controlled no less than 82 million dollars in reconstruction funds as the comptroller for the coalition's headquarters in Hillah. Stein, who had a previous conviction for fraud when he was hired by the Coalition occupation government (and how in the devil's name did that happen?) pleaded guilty to accepting bribes in February. He funneled money and favours from Bloom to other officials in Hillah, all of whom helped direct contracts to a group of companies controlled by Bloom, court documents say.

The web of corruption, embezzlement, and deceit extended to senior officers of the United States military. Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Wheeler and Lieutenant-Colonel Debra Harrison have already been arrested in connection with the case and more arrests are expected, investigators said.

The bribes Bloom laid out included first-class air tickets, real estate lots back in the States, weapons, new four-wheel-drive vehicles, cigars, designer watches, alcohol, prostitutes at Bloom's Baghdad villa and cash bribes. In return, Bloom's company, Global Business Group, received $8.6 million in contracts to refurbish a police academy in Hillah, a library in Karbala and other reconstruction projects. In some cases the work was never done, and in others it was shoddy, audits by the inspector-general reveal.

Oy, gevalt! Such a deal!


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