Wednesday, November 29, 2006

HAC's Epitaph

Dear Harold:

Thank you for that beautiful and moving tribute to Rick. I never met him but we corresponded frequently by letter and later on by e-mail.

Harold, this is going to sound ghoulish as all get-out, but who do you want to write your own eulogy if and when, God forbid, it comes your own time to pass on? I know that's a macabre and horrible question but I really think you should ask someone or make some arrangements.

-Anne from P.E.I.


Hi, Annie:

No worries. I have already written my own epitaph: "He spent his whole life trying to drive a nail with a marshmallow."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I suspect a lot of the newcomers to your site come from supportive postings on VNN.

Why don't you contact Alex Linder, and ask him if you can start an NS/NW Republic section on VNN Forum?

Bluntly, the hour is late, and I would just as soon the ball get carried down field by anybody.

10:15 PM  

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