Wednesday, November 22, 2006

From Me To Youth

Okay, I decided I would not go into a long and complicated speech regarding the last post. It seems to be striking a chord with the readers all its own.

In point of fact I get a lot of this from high school and college students. They want to know when? When is something going to be done? When can they live out my novels? When can they actually fight these evil, evil sons of bitches, drown their arrogance in blood as it so richly cries out to be drowned?

And as much as it breaks my heart and devastates my soul, I don't dare lie to them. All I can tell them is what they don't want to hear--trust me, and wait.

Before white people can act, there are certain things that must be done first. Certain groundwork has to be laid down. If we attempt to act without this groundwork laid out, then we will fail, and a hundred years from now every humanoid organism on this continent will be baby-shit brown.

Every bulletin I send out, I beg the (mostly) older generation down on my goddamned knees, implore them, plead with them, to help me. A few respond, but not enough so far to get us to Square One, and that's where we must begin. Square One. Those of you who receive the Northwest Bulletin will understand this reference, since I have discussed it repeatedly for several issues now.

I must conclude with something I have said many times before: I could get a thousand men to fight and die for the Northwest Republic, but I can't find ten who will work for it.

Everyone, especially young people, wants to skip over the boring preliminary hard work and the heavy lifting, and wants fast-forward to the "fun part," but real life doesn't work that way. In the real world there are no fast forward buttons.

The sooner we all quit looking for the fast-forward button and we all pitch in and get the heavy lifting done and get the foundations laid, the sooner we can offer this young boy and a million others like him some kind of hope and some kind of alternative other than the horror of life in Amurrica.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is another one of your remarkably insightful comments.

EVERY TIME we have allowed ourselves to be divided, in time, the divide has been halved, and halved again, until we are all at the mercy of the kindness of our RACIAL enemies.

Take Affirmative Action.

The Jews used it to divide the blue collar, working class members among us; many of us didn't care, as it was sold as a tool to fight organized crime.

Silently, the Jews used it to work their way across economic and cultural chasms, and now, ALL White people are subject to institutional RACIAL discrimination.

The problem is, we allowed our children to be used as human sacrifices to the Levelers and their philosophy of mandatory egalitarianism - for us, with the African savages.

Our children see this all too clearly; the teachers turn a blind eye to their being intimidated and beaten - and even SHOT! - with impunity by the Black and Mexican gangs - State-sanctioned organizations through school programs and clubs - all, useful tools of our RACIAL enemy, the Jews.

They see, far more clearly than you or I, what the true state of affairs is on the ground, and they are bitterly resentful of us abandoning them to the mercies of their RACIAL enemies.

Traditionally, we have had the power to move further and further away from the coming RACIAL conflict; they have not, and, all too soon, neither shall we.

11:03 AM  

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