Friday, November 03, 2006

From the Great White North

[This is a response sent to a British comrade inquiring about Northwest Migration from our Canadian rep. - HAC]

Dear Xxxxxx:

I thank you for the address and will see that some material and a handful of stickers goes out in the Monday mailing cycle.

I totally agree that we have to make the message mainstream, and envy the fact that you have a racially aware base to work with. Things over here in N. America are difficult. People are not willing to take the time needed to understand the problem, let alone come to grips with any solution. Americans, and Canadians, have come to expect instant gratification in everything-entertainment, politics, life…

The Jewish influence is very strong-more so in Canada than America, but at the level of infestation we are only talking degrees; in Canada you can go to jail for not believing various aspects of “history”!! I kid you not; off the top of my head I can think of at least 3 comrades who are now, or have been, incarcerated for that very reason. The fact that the so called “Human Rights Commission” wields an incredible amount of power and influence--power and influence that is used exclusively in supporting Jewish/Israelis agendas/positions-- is simply not considered a problem.

Recently the union for Canada Post refused to deliver religious material that it considered “hate” literature--walked out and refused to work until other means of delivery were agreed upon; meaning non-union members had to deliver it because the union refused. So now unions are allowed to tell us what we can and cannot read, send, have--truly we are well beyond the looking glass here.

So why do I tell you all this? Simple. You must understand the reality on the ground. To put it as simply as possible, politically we are much closer to Germany of today then any other country. Special interest groups rule, minority agenda is king, and the Jew stands behind it all. Just like Germany--it is no coincidence that they deported Comrade Zundel to Canada first--kow-towing to the Jewish agenda is a religion here.

Taking back the entire country is a fool’s dream and only serves to divert precious resources and people away from the true plan-Homeland Migration. We are not enough in terms of people, political structure, resources--and to be brutally honest--courage. After years of work I have be only able to bring a handful of committed comrades to the table--folks I can count on no matter what. Two of those comrades are being hauled before that Human Rights Tribunal I spoke of earlier, have had to endure public humiliation during a politically inspired police raid that took such criminal items as a comforter, a couple pairs of boots, and a family photo album. God knows many a revolution has been hatched under a comforter!!!!

So you can see what we are up against.

All is not black. I know in my heart that we will win, that that brave new dawn will shine, and like the Skrewdriver song says “the White man’s banner waves..”. It will not be easy, and the price will be high, but it is this or extinction--that is our choice now. We have wasted close to a hundred years playing around, and only once-for a brief time-were we able to see the dream become a reality, before the whole bloody world banded together and destroyed it…now we are at the end of the road.

So, no; Canada will not become the Homeland, and the days of pioneers are long gone. Folks today do not have the backbone or discipline to pull that off. It has been deliberately bred out of the White man and we are left with a handful of atavisms, people who understand what is at stake and are willing to try. The rest? They will not come until victory is in the wind. Dr. Geobbels called them “March Violets” and looked upon them with contempt. I must confess my sympathy with him, but have to grit my teeth and put on the happy face--we simply cannot afford to overlook anyone.

I seem to have wandered into the negative for most of this letter. I apologize for that, but stand by what I have said. Can you help? You bet you can! Spread the word, tell folks about Homeland Migration, tell them we have a Plan, one that can work, one that is realistic, based on the facts at hand, and perfectly situated for that day when America implodes--and mark my words, that day is coming.

Every day I see the cracks growing larger, the pressure builds, minority demands increase, and the public tax base shrinks as people (white) grow old and the younger generation(mostly non-white) scoffs at “working for a living”, preferring the “gangster lifestyle” of easy money and quick death.

Multi-culturalism is a sick joke, and now we have “female circumcision” in the news; today on Vancouver TV a meeting in Surrey drew a large crowd to deal with domestic violence in East Indian homes-all the while decrying the “racism” of concentrating on one ethnic group. Ethiopians bring their filthy barbarism and primitive “culture” and demand we change our ways to suite them, turn a blind eye to their abhorrent practices-and we do!! Things that two generations ago would have resulted in a public whipping and a quick trip back to whatever hell-hole they crawled out of today barely even makes the news.

We must stand up and be counted. We must draw the line and say thus far and no further. We must demand our birthright back--and if they are not willing then we must take it, and to hell with the price. Our battle cry will be segregation today, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever! (Thank you Huey P Long)

And not just cultural segregation, political and territorial as well--that is what Homeland Migration demands, and nothing less.

Well, I have ranted enough for one letter, I will put your information into the mail Monday. Once again I thank you for your interest, and I salute your courage and dedication--it cannot be easy for you, from what little I know of English politics. Rest assured, your work is vital. One day school children will read about us and wish they lived in a time when a man could be a man and make a difference--and that right there is what I fight for, to have white children never know what we know, never have to live like we live, or experience what we have-and a few lines in some dusty textbook. Maybe even a statue for pigeons to shit, umm I mean sit upon!!!

J. D. Hughes

Northwest Pioneer Association


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