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Flemish Comrade Jailed

29/10, State prison Gent (Belgium)

Dear Mr. Covington:

When it was necessary to silence someone with a dissident voice in the Dark Ages, the accusation of "heretic" was enough to silence that voice.

The rulers of today also use that technique. What the inquisitorial prosecutions were for the Dark Ages, are the anti-terrorism laws for the 21st century. An excellent chance for the regime in charge to deal fear and at the same time inactivate the opponents to consolidate their own power. Just like people are looking back at the term heretic in a derogatory way and a bit awkward, so shall people in future times speak of the unbearable lightness of the terrorism-predicate.

Like in a campaign from Noël Slangen, the state was saved, a month before the elections, from a imaginary coup d’etat. Seventeen suspects of which twelve were arrested. Three weapon traders, six soldiers and a lot of political idealists who also got compromised because of imaginary relative contexts and ridiculous hypotheses from the Justice Department.

The real coup is being carried out far away from the mediatised prefabrications, the sensational to hallucinant revelations, that is the gradual restriction of our civil freedoms, especially the freedom of assembly and, of course, freedom of speech, the eternal victims of every totalitarian regime.

The security services were freed from their parliamentary control and would be the immediate responsibility of the minister. According to the umpteenth new bill of our Laurette, the civil rights of political dissidents would be taken away after they were judged guilty of racism or negationism. And Dewael wants the judge to prohibit all sorts of organisations.

Since September 7th I’m arrested for taking part in a terrorist organisation and violations of the racism- and negationism laws. This is a unique, but dangerous cocktail for me to defend myself against.

What has really happened? From 2002 to 2005 I did deliver a series of lectures and organised debates in the framework of B&H Flanders about topics which are, by means of censorship, being kept out of the regular media. The last one took place in March of 2005 because of the release of Siegfried Verbeke from his detention on remand. The organisation which existed back then disintegrated and the contacts were broken. The last two years, not a single new initiative was taken. In other words, the organisation was as dead as our democratic civil rights will soon also be.

From 2002 to 2006 I was also Publisher of BBET, a private newsletter in which all sorts of government-critical and controversial articles could appear without the authors having to perform self-censorship. Like a modern-day Samiszsat-edition, it got spread among friends. The number of people who received it didn’t exceed fifty.

To my astonishment, my unbelief if you will, I got surprised that Wednesday morning by a house-search by the federal police, and after voluntarily giving myself up for interrogation, I got illegally locked up because of such grotesque accusations.

One of the soldiers that are also suspects in this case, was approached for months by an informer and got seduced to making interesting remarks (boasting and bar talk by a individual) and illegal weapon trades. No expense was spared to neutralise the imaginary monster, to make Justice look good and to en passant throw some political dissidents into oblivion and inactivate them socially. By some unlucky coincidences and a lot of imagination, people saw in some fans of weapons and a political dissident an organised group of extreme-right terrorists.

I find myself amidst drug dealers and prisoners for 53 days already. 53 days already I try to invalidate these grotesque accusations, to defend myself against this proverbial suspicion of guilt. But the accusation of terrorism is so made up, that every defence also becomes surreal. The technique of the Great Lie still works flawlessly.

Since I’m principally never in favour and always against (meaningless) violence, this investigation and my situation are very Kafka-esque. As in a nightmare I ended up as Jozef K. in The Trial, ripped out of my life on a certain morning and threatened with a 10-year sentence based on a vague terrorism law, a late product from the 9/11-madness. My counsellor, Piet Noë, is doing an excellent job. But it is of course almost impossible to defend yourself against so much political pressure and abuse of justice, to end this witch-hunt. My work as a publisher the past four years can get me a maximum of one year on probation, if the law is being applied correctly, which doesn’t justify a months-long detention on remand – the crude injustice of such a muzzle law not even taken into consideration.

As a father of a family with three young kids and a stay-at-home wife, this situation of obvious injustice is of course hurting. Luckily my wife handles this situation rationally and we can use our financial reserves for now. But my children are also being punished for a crime I didn’t commit. With all probability, I won’t be there if my son takes his first steps. Needless to say that each day in this hole of oblivion is one too many.

Especially the sheer arbitrariness, the sheer injustice (I always think they could have also accused me of paedophilia or human trafficking) and the situation at home make it unbearable. I fear that this Stalinist joke will last for a while. If they really find me guilty under the very elastically useful anti-terrorism law, that would mean an unknown precedent. Just like Francis of Assisi of Thomas Aquinas can’t possibly be held responsible for the inquisition, so can’t my activities as a publisher be seen as terrorism.

While Mariusz O. is being taken to football, while Ferhye Erdal is released while awaiting her trial and even got housing from state security, I find myself in maximum security and are the contacts with the outside world minimized, like me being Hannibal Lecter. Some civil rights apparently don’t apply to the oppositional right side. I ardently hope that this nightmare will soon end and I can take my place in my family.

All writings (keep the strict postal inspection in mind) are welcome to:

Mark Horemans
Cel 326, P.I. Gent –
Nieuwewandeling 89 – 9000 Gent

For freedom and justice,



Blogger whodareswings said...

As of the first of the year (2007) Mark Horemans has been released from prison in Gent. Sigfried Verbeke was re-jailed by the Belgians on or around Christmas Day 2006 after serving a year in Germany. He remains jailed. There seems to be a news blackout on his re-jailing. This may be due to the negative publicity attendant to jailing Holocaust revisionists generated by the Irving case. Little or no international media attention for Germar Rudolph and Ernst Zundel seems to be the order of the day. Germar Rudolph's address follows along with other prisoners of conscience :

Ernst Zündel
J.V.A. Mannheim
Herzogenrieder Str. 111
D - 68169 Mannheim

Germar Rudolf
JVA Heidelberg
Oberer Fauler Pelz 1
69117 Heidelberg

Siegfried Verbeke
CEL 50
Prison of Ieper
Elverdingsestraat 72
8900 Ieper

Horst Mahler
Vollzugsanstalt Cottbus-Dissenchen
Oststrass 2 D-03052
Email: Sylviastolz@aol.com

Dr Rigolf Hennig
SVA Vechta
Willohstraße 13
D - 49377 VECHTA

Ernst Günter Kögel
JVA Remscheid_
Masurenstraße 27
D-42899 Remscheid

9:20 AM  

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