Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dream On, Jug-Ears

So we're getting ready for "one last big pish"--er, push--in Iraq now, based on the coming recommendations of the Baker Commission. American troops will be increased, not withdrawn--shades of LBJ and escalation!--and the first step is to use this final big offensive to "secure Baghdad."

This will, of course, involve American troops going into Sadr City and taking on Moqtada Al-Sadr's Shi'ite Muslim Mahdi Army head on. The so-called "Iraqi security forces," what there are of them, are almost all Shi'ite, as is the puppet government the Americans have installed. They won't be enthusiastic about fighting against their own people and will probably be more of a hundrance than a help, and in any case, the so-called Iraqi army and police are so infiltrated by insurgents of every stripe that if I were an American GI over there I'd be more worried about them than the car bombers and the snipers.

The Imperial forces will probably have to fall back on carpet bombing, and we can expect U. S. casualties into four figures and maybe a hundred thousand Iraqi dead. And Iran, of course, will simply sit by on their thumbs while Americans massacre thousands of their Shi'ite co-religionists.

Dream on, moron.


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