Monday, November 27, 2006

America's Forgotten War Drags On

Remember the big, swaggering "famous victory" in the fall of 2001 as America's glorious military alleged did in a few weeks what the Russians couldn't do in ten years, as the neocons boasted, i.e. successfully invaded and conquered Afghanistan?

Of course, when the facts are examined, it wasn't really that much of a famous victory at all. The only reason the initial invasion of Afghanistan went so smoothly is that the Americans successfully exploited Afghan tribal divisions and basically hired the local thugs in the form of the so-called "Northern Alliance" to do our fighting for us.

The spotlight has been on Iraq for three years now, and well it should be, but people seem to forget that the war in Afghanistan never quite went away.

The Taliban guerrillas merely melted away into the mountains with their Kalashnikovs and now control an estimated forty per cent of Afghanistan. The Imperial forces are doing the same thing they were doing five years ago, using unreliable and unenthusiastic local mercenaries to conduct a desultory hunt for Osama bin Laden, a man who is almost certainly long gone out of the area, and whenever the actual U. S. military pokes their noses out of their heavily fortified Green Zone they get shot to pieces by the Afghan mountain people whose land they have invaded. (You know, it's never a good idea to fuck with mountain people anywhere in the world. They tend to be lean, mean, and bad of ass.)

The latest Afghan rebel effort is to attack the "schools" which spread Western propaganda and seek to destroy the unique Islamic and Muslim identity of the Afghans, and which seek to turn their children into burger and fry-chomping typical American fat kids who will grow up to vote for American puppet dictator Hamed Karzai and gawp at some Afghan equivalent of Fox News. It seems there are still people in the world who will resist the corruption of their children with such so-called Western values as Family Guy, McDonalds, and sodomy. Amazing!

Gunmen employed by Karzai's puppet government aren't having things all their own way, either. The Karzai puppet regime, which was installed mainly to safeguard a petroleum pipeline through Afghanistan from the central Asian oil fields to Indian ports that the Taliban wanted too much money for, actually controls only a small part of the capital, Kabul, and the southern city of Kandahar, and is propped up by American bayonets. There is no question that if the Americans ever pulled out, Karzai would end up hanging from a lamp post like his predecessor the Soviet puppet president did.

The official coalition casualty toll in Afghanistan now stands at 430 dead, of whom 323 are American. Afghan war casualties mayh be viewed at


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