Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our New "Fellow Americans"

Our objection to massive and unrestricted Third World immigration isn't merely racial.

It must be understood that Third World people bring with them Third World moral standards, or lack of them. The popular picture of the poor, persecuted little immigrant is that he is some humble good Joe (or good Jose) who just wants to come here and work and work like a dog for us munificent white folks, hauling our garbage and grilling our cheeseburgers and cutting our grass, in order to "make a better life" for himself and his family.

This is balderdash. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants to this country are lower class, poorly educated people, vicious and ignorant, in many cases with criminal proclivities, which is one reason they can't make it in their countries of origin. Then when they come here, they bring with them their own shoddy version of "family values."

Police in Pharr, California have issued a warrant for the arrest of 21-year-old illegal immigrant Pedro Guzman Munoz, who is accused of raping a 10-year-old girl described as a "family member" and leaving her pregnant. The girl is probably his sister, but the left-leaning, liberal news media has refused to cough up this information for feminist ideological reasons. A local doctor discovered the girl's pregnancy during what the media called a "routine medical exam" and called the cops.

This leads to the question of how an illegal immigrant, child or not, can afford to obtain a "routine medical exam" from an American doctor when many native-born white American families have no medical insurance and have not been able to visit a doctor or a dentist in years. It is virtually certain that since the family were illegals who speak little English, the doctor involved was a Mexican as well, or at least a Spanish-speaker.

Once reported, the case was handed over to a Mexican cop on the Pharr police department, one Lieutenant Guadalupe Salinas, who said "We assume the abuse had been going on for some least six months." It is becoming more and more common in California, Texas, and other areas to read a story of crime and corruption like this and find nothing but Hispanic names involved, Spanish perp, Spanish victim, Spanish witnesses, Spanish cops, Spanish DA, Spanish judge--almost as if the crime were taking place in Mexico itself.

The girl is three-months pregnant and remains in her parents' home. Police continued to search for Guzman on Thursday but said they did not have any leads on his whereabouts. "We think he went back to Mexico because he's an undocumented immigrant, but we don't know," Salinas said.

The old notion of immigrants as bright, eager young folks coming to America with hope in their eyes to work and work and make wonderful new lives for themselves and be loyal to the red, white, and blue is an outdated myth. The Latin world is sufficiently advanced so that any Hispanic person with education, skills, and a good work ethic can get a good job in the upper strata of their own country and make a living in their native land, Mexico or wherever.

The good ones who might contribute something to American society aren't the ones who come here. They don't have to. The immigrants that we get here are the overflow of the Third World, the surplus population, thieves and ignorant peasants and child molestors like Guzman, who by the way will probably re-enter the United States illegally over our porous southern border within days.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a Colombian guy at work, married with a couple of kids, who also bragged at having five girlfriends. He was also in the process of seducing the latino secretary at the job.

He told me, "In my country, when you leave the house in the morning, your wedding ring goes in your pocket, and you don't put it back on your finger until you walk in the door at night."

We're not all equal...

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