Friday, October 27, 2006

Close the Floodgates

With the issue of illegal Third World immigration finally arriving on the national radar screen, a survey released by the Pew Hispanic Center in San Diego Tuesday showed that four in 10 Mexicans would immigrate to the United States if given the chance, and more than half would consider participating in a guest worker program like the one proposed by President Bush. Forty-one percent of Mexicans surveyed in February and 46 percent in May said they would live in the United States if they "had the means and opportunity."

"Very significant portions of the Mexican adult population have the thought of migration in mind and view it as an option," said Roberto Suro,director of the Pew Hispanic Center. "A significant portion, two out of 10, are willing to consider the idea of coming here without authorization."

The current estimated population of Mexico according to the World FactBook is approximately 106,000,000 people. This means that if all of the Mexicans who want to come to the United States were to decide to act on their desires, there would be around 42 million more Mexicans here, and that doesn't even take into account the even more impoverished and unassimiliable populations of Central America from such primitive countries as Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Niacaraugua, and Panama.

Meanwhile the Council on Foreign Relations and other high-powered capitalist think tanks are planning on following up the infamous NAFTA treaty of twenty years ago with the CAFTA plan, which would for all intents and purposes erase the borders of the United States, Canada, and all of the Latin countries down to the beginning of the South American continent at the Panama-Colombia line. Those 42 million mestizos may yet get their wish.

The only chance that America has remaining is something which has not been seen since 1861, a genuine grass roots, mass movement to curb the arrogance of power in Washington D. C. Not only must the floodgates be closed and the border sealed, but massive and serious action must be taken to remove those mestizos and other Third World immigrants now present on the North American continent.

We must establish once and for all that this is America. It is not Mexico, it is not China, it is not the Middle East, and it is not Africa. America belongs to those whose ancestors created it, not to all of these Third World peoples who want to get on the White man's back and ride.


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