Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blacks Finally Notice They're Being Replaced By Mexicans

The burgeoning Mexican invasion has begun to take on many of the outward trappings of the so-called (and badly misnamed) civil rights movement of the 1960s. This includes adopting much of the rhetoric of Martin Lucifer Koon, Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy, etc. In some of the mass demonstrations which took place on May 1st, the beginning of the Aztlan Revolution, the Mexicans even carried pictures of Martin Luther King and sang "We Shall Overcome" in Spanish.

The object of the "New Civil Rights Movement" is to extort at economic gunpoint citizenship for millions of illegal Third World immigrants, and thus make sure that white people are forever outnumbered and outvoted in their own country, the country their ancestors made. The next step, of course, will be separation from the United States and the creation of Aztlan, a Hispanic nation in the southwestern U. S. Get used to hearing that name, folks. It's going to be part of our future from now on.

But many among the artificially created black middle class which has been brought into being by affirmative action and the Democratic party are starting to become uneasy. The blacks do have enough rudimentary intelligence to see and to understand that the great American pie is no longer limitless, and that the bigger the slice of the white man's pie that is given to the Mexicans and other illegal Third World immigrants, the smaller the slice of that pie which will be given to negroes.

The apprehension is also becoming acute among black blue collar workers who, like their white counterparts, can see with their own eyes that their jobs are being taken by $5.00 per hour illegals. Some liberals and "black intellectuals" (pardon the oxymoron) also object to the Mexicans adopting the trappings of the 1960s civil rights movement, pointing out that the Mexicans are Johnny-come-latelies to the racket.

What might be called the "classic liberal" objection to the Mexicans aping the apes, so to speak, and plagiarizing the symbols and appurtenances of the 1960s crusade, is that blacks technically speaking were American citizens after 1865.

According to the legend, they supposedly endured centuries of enslavement, rapes, lynchings and discrimination before they started marching. (In actual fact, of course, the old South under segregation was nowhere near as bad as it is pictured by liberals who want to re-write history, but that's another subject.)

In essence, the blacks are saying to the Mexicans, "We wuz here first, muddafukkas, go find you own corner." There is a large element of one gang trying to muscle in on the other's turf here. Who will end up with the biggest piece of the action, i.e. the white man's tax dollars? The blacks or the spics? Bluntly, on a level playing field as they fight over America's carcass, my money is on the spics.

The potential for conflict between the New Civil Rights Movement and the old is the most acute in the area of low-skilled black workers who must compete with immigrants for entry-level jobs. One thing must be conceded to the Mexicans: their first generation of immigrants that crossed the river will at least work hard. So when an employer has $100 an hour budgeted for labor and he is faced with a choice of hiring twenty illegals who will work like ants at $5.00 an hour, or ten lazy back-talking coons at $10.00 an hour who will lie around all day smoking joints and drinking wine, who is he going to pick?


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