Tuesday, October 17, 2006

American High Tech Workers Hitting the Bricks

It is a commonly understood if seldom voiced truth about America's wide-open borders immigration policy, that Hispanics are being brought in to replace blacks as manual labor (to be sure, blacks were never much use as manual laborers anyway) and Asians, including Hindus and weird creatures like Indonesians, are being brought in to replace whites.

Nowhere is this trend more clearly manifest than in the fields of engineering and information technology (IT.) Call centers and customer service jobs aren't the only American jobs being outsourced to India; American engineering and IT jobs are following at a rapid rate.

The main problem with big corporations employing American IT workers is that they keep wanting things, like decent pay and medical insurance and job security and respect from their employers, which multi-national corporations have discovered they don't have to provide in the Third World. Given the choice between really investing in human resources and hiring a competent, skilled, intelligent and talented White American workforce, or hiring Asian "engineers" or "systems analysts" with useless degrees from Vindaloo U. for $30,000 per year, the multinationals go for brown and cheap every time.

American big business thinks maybe ten minutes ahead on a good day, which is one reason why this God-awful empire is eventually going to go down with a mighty crash and take civilization with it.

High-tech companies are either outsourcing American jobs or what is worse, bringing unqualified and incompetent Third World engineers and computer people into this country who have shoddy degrees from equally shoddy (or in some cases simply non-existent) universities that come nowhere near American standards. These unqualified Third World "professionals" are now in the process of making a dog's dinner out of what is left of the American infrastructure and information highway.

The result is that a whole generation of American IT graduates who were turned out by the truckload in the 1990s in order to meet the demands of the Microsoft and internet explosion are now largely unemployed and saddled with huge student loans many of them will never pay off, courtesy of capitalism's insensate lust for cheap labor at any cost to quality, safety, or reliability of products. Another one of those quiet, unsung little tragedies of ruined lives which lurks behind the scenes of George W. Bush's Amurrica.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are correct in your analysis. I am a white (American) IT engineer working in the silicon valley (mostly San Jose, Milpitas, and Santa Clara) and I see this every day.
Its sad, but whats a man to do but withdraw and get out of the way. The wealthy/jews running this country wont let America solve its problems. Its a speeding train doomed to crash, thanks to the direction it was steered in the 60's by jews, plutocrats, and traitors.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't think it has anything to do with substandard education in our public schools leaving Americans unprepared for jobs requiring math and science skills?

6:27 PM  

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