Friday, September 29, 2006

Why Am I Involved? #5

Back in the 1970s, I was growing up in a small Ohio town east of Cleveland. At the time, the town had mostly farms, woods, and some middle-income neighborhoods of homes. The only faces around were white, except for a few families of Jews. It was a white world, except for what was being pumped into our TV, radio, and print media.

When I began to see colored faces on TV commercials in the mid-70s, I was not comfortable with it. Before that time the ads were strictly aimed at whites. There were black sports stars and entertainers, of course, but the TV world was not anything like our town. Rather than hundreds of TV channels, there were only about five back then. There was no remote control, and only one TV in the house. I must also stress that I was not really a racist, and "nigger" was a bad word in our house.

Even so, there was something about blacks that made me uncomfortable. They were not like us. Our town had many Italians, most of whom were open racists. My friend's mother, an Italian lady who was my mom's friend, referred to blacks as "niggers" in any conversation with no shame whatsoever. Some people frowned on that kind of language, but they certainly weren't shunned as evil people.

I started noticing that the "tolerance" being preached to whites was just as one-sided as any racist view was claimed to be. It made no sense to me that people should be expected to criticize their very own people for having racial pride. The double standards were everywhere: United Negro College Fund, NAACP, Black is Beautiful, on and on. I never got a good answer as to why groups for white pride and promotion were bad.

How was racial pride much different from family pride or national pride? People of the same race actually have more in common than people sharing a simple geographical boundary or a government philosophy. Interestingly, we moved to that town from a Cleveland suburb at exactly the time when negroes started spreading from the inner city. The last year that we were in the old neighborhood, I often had to face a group of scary-looking, thuggish, older black boys on my way home from school. I was eight years old, and had to walk about 20 minutes to get home. I usually came face-to-face with the same group of shines (as my dad called them) when walking over a freeway bridge. There was no room to avoid them because of the fence and railing on both sides of the bridge's sidewalk. I literally had to brush against them.

Before this, I had only seen one colored girl at school. Other than her, this was the first time I saw any negroes up close, and I was afraid. The bright whites of their nigger eyes and teeth contrasted greatly against their gorilla-like skin. They looked unafraid and menacing.

Thuggish-looking blacks were not the entire reason we moved - in fact, it was probably not the main reason. But invading niggers would have been enough to prod us to move if they were the only concern. My folks were strict Catholics, but were also completely molded by the pre-1960s America. That America kept negroes in their place. That America did not force or shame people into living among people who were not like them. It was not a crime to be white and there was no guilt in whites being above other groups.

Once we moved out to the country, the nearly all-white community made me forget the race issue altogether. We were insulated from it. Instead, I had my own personal demons to deal with. Around age 15, I associated with the wrong people and began to do drugs and drink heavily. For fun, we did things that today would land us in jail for ten years or more. Usually under the influence, we would throw our beer bottles at the only nigger's house. Or, we thought it would be funny to wear KKK sheets and hoods and scare the Jews down the street. We occasionally smashed their mailboxes with bats, or blew them up with M-100s or pipe bombs.

The irony is that the Jews set up the conditions to make perfectly good white boys into what we were. A chief source of our marijuana was a drug dealer named Rosenbaum. He was still in high school, and made so much money from people like us buying his dope that he bought a mint condition SS Chevelle race car and other expensive toys. Obviously his parents had no qualms about his dealing, because people constantly went to the house for smoke and his folks never said anything.

We had to sneak around other parents, but not certain Jews. Another Jew, Brodsky, would have drug parties every weekend. He lived with his mother, who also smoked dope and didn't care about all the white boys coming over to get fucked up. Later, I learned that the Jews made it "cool" for us to go against everything positive and good - the sex, drugs and rock and roll attitude - the live it up and party attitude. Later they made it cool (with MTV) for young white girls to have sex with blacks, but that was still unacceptable in our town.

Living that lifestyle drove my folks to kick me out of the house right before I turned eighteen. After three years living with grandparents in the city, I decided to stop the destructive lifestyle completely, after going to jail several times for various offenses such as DUI. About this time, my "education" began.

During that period, I worked in a Mr. Coffee filter plant. I got a firsthand look at how negroes really are. At this point I had racial attitudes, but was more or less sociable and friendly to the niggers. I even liked a few of them but in every case their homes and cars were disgustingly greasy and dirty. I observed the ways that they were different from us. Cheating on wives/husbands was almost normal, for example, and accepted as long as they didn't get caught.

But what made me most uncomfortable was that I was constantly being pestered, "Hook me up with a white bitch." That was out of the question. I began to feel a bond with my own people developing. My grandparents told me how once-nice places of the city where they lived in their youth became filthy black ghettos. I saw these horrible places and could not imagine them looking nice, but it was true. Now, a cage had to be put over every storefront at night so the monkeys didn't break in. Old white ladies remaining in the area were sometimes raped or killed.

People resisted the invasion in numerous Polish, Hungarian, Italian, and Slovak neighborhoods of Cleveland, resulting in the 1966 riots that had to be quelled by the National Guard. "Fair housing" laws eventually drove most of the whites out of huge areas of the city, leaving the poor ones behind in the jungle.

By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I began to see injustices being done to whites all over the city, almost every day. Realtors were sued for racial "steering." Girlfriends of mine told me about the rampant, unpunished rapes that began when forced busing was introduced. The newspaper and TV news always supported the niggers and scoffed at any white pride. Jews were organizing "fair housing groups" who targeted "racist" landlords. The latter issue infuriated me to no end. A nigger would be sent to a suspected racist landlord to try and rent a house or apartment. Then, a white traitor or bleeding heart would go undercover to get a favorable reaction from the landlord who had told the nigger that the place was unavailable. The landlord would at minimum receive a hefty fine and have his face on TV and the front page of the newspaper. The courts ruled that this was not entrapment.

In 1985 I found myself filled with joy when someone torched a nigger's house in the Fleet area, killing one. This was one of the last white holdout neighborhoods on the East Side. An eighteen-year-old white boy was put on trial for the act as the media Jews screamed for vengeance. A mostly-white jury found the evidence against him very weak and a retracted confession was thrown out because the cops coerced it. When the jury found him not guilty, the news media went ballistic and wrote editorials for months about the "injustice" and "racism" that still existed as they then smeared the jury members. But, chalk one up for our side - the arsonist was never caught.

By the late 1980s, there were still a few Republican state reps and senators in the area who openly opposed forcing whites to live next to blacks. Gary Suhadolnik, a state senator, told the media that he wanted to see an end to what he called "social engineering." But it was only the beginning, and politicians like Suhadolnik became extinct. One by one they caved in or left office.

I then realized that there would eventually be no voice for us except in groups like the KKK. I didn't know about others at the time. A brief stint with the Young Republicans pretty much ended any hope I had of getting justice from within the system. If you didn't have the right Perry Ellis and Polo clothing or impress them materially, they had little use for you except as a campaign worker. No prestigious degree? Not a business owner? They kept you outside the inner clique. They would listen to an idea, but that is as far as it went. I was a lowly machinist to them, so my opinion carried little weight and my checkbook even less. This was before the present Neocons hijacked the party with their Jewish agenda.

I read many books on World War II, philosophy, and history. I questioned things I had never before questioned. Rise and Fall of the Third Reich left me in sympathy with the Germans, certainly not by intent of the author. Soon I allowed my mind to be open. What if they were wrong about what they told me all these years?

After a few years, I saw that Western Civilization would have dominated the world had the Germans won or even ended up with a negotiated peace that left their ideology intact to influence the world. Just as importantly, England's empire would have remained intact. We all know what happened. Western Civilization is declining and being replaced by inferior cultures, or, at least civilizations and cultures opposed to it. Most of our people didn't see it coming. Now we are faced with completely intolerable conditions, compared with where we were only 70 years ago.

This finally brings me back to the question of involvement. I believe I owe something to our ancestors who struggled for thousands of years. We are pissing away in one century everything that has been gained going back to ancient Rome and Greece. The spirit of the Vikings, Celts, and other ancient Aryans has been snuffed out by Christianity and Jewish trickery. It needs to be rekindled.

Any airhead who thinks that he is enlightened compared to the "intolerance" of previous generations of ancestors needs to be opposed and defeated. This means that most white people today need to be opposed in their thoughts and ideas. Unfortunately, it also means that to stop their ideas they will need to be forced either physically, psychologically, or both.

No matter how I have tried to go about life pushing this reality aside, it has always continued to haunt my thoughts. Daily I get reminders that don't allow me any peace of mind, as most of us do. Nigger and spic culture is everywhere. White people have mulatto babies. People who stand up for us slandered and jailed. Jews controlling our governments for their interests and fooling our people into thinking that their interests are the same.

Ignorance and fear aren't enough to keep me from involvement. I'm in this cause whether I like it or not. But on the other hand, there is nothing more spiritually fulfilling than to do work in the service of your people. This is the strength of the National Socialist philosophy. It's every bit as fulfilling and more natural than serving a god.

The "Movement" has many good ideas and even some exceptional people. Nothing is very promising at the moment, but that's no excuse for me to do nothing. People wondering whether they should be involved in the White Nationalist Cause should follow their conscience. If someone finds racially and culturally unacceptable or offensive situations on most days, that's a good sign that he or she should be involved. Involvement has many different levels, but sitting there steaming is not one of them.

I decided not to be a bitcher. I try to enjoy life. In the back of my mind, I know that I am working towards something. Even if we don't win this thing, those of us out here trying will die with a clear conscience. This is better than dying wealthy, famous, or fat and happy. Not because we think it's noble or superior, but because it's right.

-Scott from Florida


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