Sunday, September 17, 2006

Benedict Insults Islam (But Not His Kosher Bosses)

Fr. Joseph Ratzinger (acting as Pope Benedict XVI) entered the Synagogue of Satan at 12:00 noon on a Friday, the exact hour and day that Christ was crucified. This public act of apostasy confirms that Ratzinger cannot be the legitimate successor of Peter. He essentially handed Jesus over to the Pharisees to be re-crucified, in imitation of his role model, Judas Iscariot.

Since the death of the last real pope, Pius XII, in 1958, the Church has been under Jewish management. So it should come as no surprise that those acting as popes today would insult their rival, Islam, and defend the indefensible Talmudists. It is Talmudic Jews who actually pose a greater threat to Christianity than Muslims do. The only threat that Islam poses to the Church today is the ciphoning off of Catholics through conversions to Islam.

Now why would Christians be converting to Islam? I really believe it has less to do with these Christians’ loss of faith, than it has to do with their disgust at the debauchery, Judaizing, liberalism, and gutlessness of Catholicism since 1958. The Church has stepped aside and let the Jews corrupt all Western societies while only paying lip service to the perennial teachings of the Church; as they continue to tear down the citadel and weaken the last vestiges of tradition left upright after Vatican II.

People like myself, who were born and raised in the cesspool created after Vatican II, are sick to death of immorality. They are looking for something solid, something innocent, something that demands a very high moral standard. Many people are finding that in Islam. It used to be that Christians needed to look no further than their own Catholic Church for moral absolutes. But now that the Church is in the service of world Jewry, people are lost, disgusted, floating along aimlessly, while Church officials visit synagogues and schmooze with the Pharisees.

Since the Church is now under the control of her ancient enemies, they cannot criticize those who are actually the greatest threat to Christianity, so they pick on the Muslims. They should thank the Muslims for holding onto their morality and keeping the Jew World Order in check. That used to be the job of the Church before it was usurped in 1958. But instead, the cowardly hierarchs of today show their fidelity to the Christ-killers, like true Judases.

Even though I am a Catholic, it must be admitted that it is not we who are impeding the Jewish onslaught. In the past we did so, but no longer. It is the Muslims who just defeated the Israeli Army in Lebanon, putting a temporary halt to the Zionists’ march for total world conquest. It is the Muslims who still have large families, do not have abortions, dress modestly, respect their complementary feminine and masculine roles, and defend their faith. It is the Muslims who live more “Catholic” lives than Catholics do these days. Muslims should be held up as an example of how Catholics should be.

Ratzinger is insulting Islam for not having contributed anything to the world? The Muslims’ contribution to the world is in being the last holdouts against Zionist hegemony! That’s no small contribution! If Ratzinger wants to see someone who has not contributed anything positive, all he has to do is look in the mirror. His job is to protect the Catholic faithful, guard his sheep, so to speak; and yet, he has handed us over to the wolves. The Muslims are the ones fighting the wolves. It is they who are the world’s only hope of keeping the Zionist juggernaut from consuming the entire planet - and exterminating all of us in the process.

Instead of insulting Islam, Fr. Ratzinger should get his own house in order!

-Alan Border


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