Tuesday, August 08, 2006

V For Vendetta #3


I watched the movie and agree with your conclusion about the message.

Sometimes (or many times) violence is the only way. Anyone who thinks we can vote the right people into government is a sheep. So is anyone who thinks that demonstrations, letters to congress, and other participation in a corrupted system will help.

I was surprised that in this present time with evil terrorists under every rock there could be a movie with a "terrorist" protagonist. And as an apprentice writer myself, I can say that the dialogue in this was very well done. I love the line where Evie says something to the effect of: "Are you going to kill more people?" Then V matter-of-factly says: "Yes."

There are other messages too - especially the spinning of events and propaganda for consumption by the sheep.

When I think about our situation here and now, however, I see most people as sheep, even supposedly intellingent people. Everyone is corralled into their little boxes and pens of sentimentality, need for security, need for self-importance, their shackles of moral conduct codes, etc. All these must be escaped and thrown off if there is to be any chance of being what we can and should aspire to.

I believe that we have mostly sheep in our "racially conscious community" as well. Most of the people conform to what they think the prevailing acceptable view is, whether Covingtonian in this group, or Piercian in the NA. Now, to have order, most of society has to be sheep.

But somewhere there must spring out an exception to the rule, a reformer - a Jesus, a Siddhartha, a Nietzsche, even a George Washington. Someone like V, who will then cause the sheep to stampede.



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