Monday, August 07, 2006

Texas Now Majority Non-White

Hope many of you read the front page article on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram August 4, 2006: "Tarrant County Minority Population Growing Fast."

"Tarrant County has one of the fastest growing minority populations among counties with a million or more people, according to census data released today." etc. etc.

Niggers, wetbacks, slopes, and other minority groups accounted for 37.8 percent of the population in 2000 and 42.3 percent in 2005. That growth was behind only four other large counties: Broward, near Miami; Dallas; San Bernardino, near Los Angeles; and Clark, home of Las Vegas. Wetbacks lead the trend here and elsewhere. Wetbacks increased 23.2 percent in 2005, making the Beaner population 368,423 in Tarrant County and 61.1 percent in Dallas County in 2005.

This makes minorities the majority population in Dallas County and almost one quarter of the population in Tarrant County!

Left out of these figures by the Star-Telegram, as usual, is the high amount of Jews in both Dallas and Tarrant County which is around 4+ percent as compared to national at 3+ percent. Jews are not of the White race and therefore should be counted among the minorities. This would bring the minority percent in Tarrant County to 27.2+, with Dallas County percent at 65.1+, and of all the minorities the Jews should be considered the most potentially dangerous to our society. Down through history, this has proven to be true!

Right from the start we should consider this information propaganda. Census data under rates the assault on our nation by minorities, allowing non-White Hispanics and Jews to count themselves as part of the White population if they so choose. Further, many minorities are not counted by accident (?) and millions of illegal aliens are left out.

Be sure that minorities are much, much higher than reported. Non-Whites breed like rabbits within or without marriage and/or their own race as nature intended. This leaves many individuals that can only be truthfully counted as mongrels or maybe "others."

Add to this that minorities are pouring across our uncontrolled and controlled borders like rats! Yes, you can be sure that the rate of increase of minorities in Tarrant and Dallas counties over a five year period is extremely above the 5%+ rate reported, just for the beaners. This applies to the whole United States!

As of now and for a short while longer in most of the United States Whites are still the majority. The big question remains, will the White race wake up and take the required action to remain a distinct and superior race and to keep the United States a White superior country as intended by our White founding Fathers and ancestors?

If you have any doubts about this statement, study history and take a look at the world even as it exists at present. Also, ask yourself why are the other races wanting to come to the United States, except for a very few? In these rare exceptions you will find one common denominator, they are homogeneous (same race) and in some cases had a helping hand from the United States.

If you will admit the truth, are thankful for your White genetic gift, have a open mind, a Internet contact who offers many answers too our problems follows:

No one has all the answers and information obtained
may not be your cup of tea. Take it or leave it, learn from it or not, the White race and America must start taking radical action for our survival NOW!

-Wagner Wotan


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