Monday, August 28, 2006

No To Modernization

[This is from a comrade in Ireland.]

The BNP has committed ideological suicide with its latest pro-Israel piece on its site. We all saw this coming. Zionism is sucking billions from Europe and those who spend their time splitting nationalist forces and writing apologetics for Zionism and Jews are our enemy.

There isn't really any satisfactory party now in Britain or any personality capable of leading there. It seems to me that we need to build my party in Ireland and then in the future start a party on the other island. Even Tyndall was a bit of a dinosaur and he supported Ulster Loyalism. All the little groups in Britain are ideologically compromised in relation to Ulster. Any side taking on the northern issue suggests state infiltration.

Britain like France is more a little empire than a nation and none of the parties in operation take sensible positions on regional self determination. Given the present geopolitical situation and the uses made by the multiracial dictatorship of Britain and of British soldiers as sepoys in its wars, a party representing the people of Britain should probably try to sell the breakup of the kingdom and play on the very strong Scottish separatist sentiment. Scotland has a separate culture, legal system and football team. It's a different country to England.

All these British parties have ideological problems. There is loads of "populism." Populism is the political notion that human intelligence doesn't exist, and that we should give up trying to lead and educate the people and instead surf their ignorance and conditioning.

Marie Le Pen must also be condemned for her recent trip to Israel. Guillaume Faye also recently revealed his Zionism. I prefer honest opponents than pretend friends. Given the massive power of our enemies, it's understandable that false flag dissent will be set up. We must see such as the worst of our enemies because it draws resources and the little fish from the real resistance. We should reject the system's racism and its antiracism.

The Germans would do better paying billions to the Poles and Russians to help them develop their countries than flushing their billions down the toilet giving their wealth to the terrorist state of Israel. The EU is basically just the rest of Europe living vampire-like off the Germans.

Truth and idealism are the few things we have going for us. Unlike the BNP, we have not received money from strange people, and we can never be bought off. The BNP needs to change its line back to true nationalism and stop spreading this Zionist apologetic twaddle that not even the authors really believe, and that confuses the little people.

Groups like American Renaissance and now the BNP are dangerous. They confuse the rank and file simple folk as to cause and effect. They distract people from the real power at work. They serve the enemy and do no good. They strike a bargain with the enemy who eases his enmity in return for spreading confusion and sucking the little fish away from real resistance. [My italics. - HAC]

Such "modernisation " is sold at first as cleverly presenting the image to the simple folk who are too stupid to handle the truth and too frightened of reality. If we just trimmed here and there, so the story goes, these cowards would all join. It's a siren's song and a disguise for selling out.

No doubt Griffin will end up like Fini in Jerusalem with a yarmulke on his head. Real resistance lies in building concensus and not in intolerant faction fighting like Griffin has been up to in Britain for years.

I was posted copies of Tyndall's magazine Spearhead when he was still alive, and now we see that he was right. Nick, you have been doing this and the rest of us have been quiet because you held the BNP hostage and we all had hopes that this party could be of use, but now you have crossed the Rubicon and put openly pro-Israeli stuff on your site. Given the slippery slope, we know where this is leading.

Griffin seeks to strike a bargin with the system. He neutralises his followers and renders them functionally innocuous to the system in return for the them going easy on him. The problem for him is that his party loses all the idealists. Surrendering all ideals in return for alleged mainstreaming is rubbish and can only fool idiots. The average Briton dosen't care. This is just the standard propaganda for turning the BNP into a fully blown neocon party.

People have kept quiet so far but I think this is wrong. We need to warn the BNP that they will be condemned so that they don't sell whats left of their soul.

I have seen this strange man Andy Robertson in action. As a member of the BNP he encourages Irish Republicanism one minute, is anti-Revisionist the next and feeds money to various groups in return for ideological trimming. He seems to be an agent for someone and he has given money to the BNP and Stormfront. Frankly I prefer mildly communist anti-Zionists such as those I have worked with in Revisionism than "Nationalists" such as this.

In fact the Marxism-lite of Chavez and Putin is now the main opposition force in the world to the Zionist world imperium. We should be building a coalition with the Israel Shamir, Peter Myers type leftists. The South Africans also made the mistake of licking up to the Israelis.

Nick, when you sup with the devil, use a long spoon. You might get your wish and see your party grow, but as Shamir pointed out, such wishes always come true in the sense of the monkey's paw story.

Look what happned with your peak oil thing. The BBC seized on it and used it. You seem to have developed it to make Jewish apologetics out of anyway. Your version of the leftist slogan of Blood for Oil. You have been testing our patience for a while.

Racism is nothing new. Churchill was a racist, so was Roosevelt. The BNP can be racist and be an enemy just like the Zionist racists it writes apologetics for. The BNP claims not to be "racist" now. Of course the system's racism isn't called racism. They system is trying to sell its WW3 and we don't need people echoing its propaganda. We should reject the system's racism as well as its antiracism. We should be organising linguists to reach out to the Iranians etc.

Continue on the way you are going, BNP. You might recruit some "Churchill Brit" morons. Christ knows the British Isles are full of patriotards to tap, just look at the Springbok club in Ulster. We already see the Ulster spastics flying their Israeli flags and now the BNP has put up its own one.

I am an idealist and not very political. I call a spade a spade. Sorry. I always will. To me power is only a means to an end. There is no point is denying causes and fighting symptoms. Worse is better. Better to let people suffer and really wake up instead of confusing them. The enemy understands this too and will sponsor these parties that play on the situation, but which offer no real solution to the fundamental problem.

Confusing causes and effects in the masses minds is a valuable service to the enemy. Sorry, but if your party is writing pro-Israeli articles I can't believe thats it’s some clever "sneaking up on the system" tactic.

Where are the protests for David Irving? Where is the real resistance? Why didn't the dog bark in the night?


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