Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mel Gibson For President!

[This came in marked "Pat Buchanan and the War." I am not sure who is the author, possibly a comrade of ours in Texas. - HAC]

Wouldn't it be nice for once to see a prominent Christian have the cojones to refuse to grovel like a worm, apologizing to the Jews for telling the gospel truth? There is never going to be any forgiveness anyway. They will never forgive him for making a factual movie about Jesus, & then turning the tables on their smear campaign against him!

Mel should remember that an anti-Semite is not someone who hates the Jews, but someone who is hated by the Jews. If he would stand by his words like a man, he could help throw the Zionist yoke off of America's neck, and might get elected Prez!

I know. Wishful thinking...

It was unfortunate that Mel got drunk & stupid, though he was telling the gospel truth. He is a good and extremely intelligent man whom I admire. I have friends who know his parents & they are fine, patriotic Christian people, who are well read in world events.

No doubt he is outraged by the barbarity taking place in Lebanon against innocent civilians, many of whom are Christians. He works in the Hollywood film industry which is completely dominated by arrogant leftist Jews who do not welcome white men, and Mel is an outspoken conservative Catholic. It is extremely difficult for gentiles to work there, and few non-Jews ever get far in Hollywood.

Gibson was very nearly ruined by the Jews after producing his film, The Passion. He made a huge personal investment in it, and the Jews did everything they could to block distribution & to falsely defame Gibson, with false charges that the film was anti-Semitic when it only contained Scriptures from the Bible.

The truth somehow came out after some prominent Christian leaders like Billy Graham pre-viewed the film and loved it. Jews dominate the TV, newspaper, magazine, & book publishing industry to a point that anyone who has not researched the issue would not believe it. They used their media power to deep-six The Passion, but their scheme back-fired on them in the long run, and the publicity they generated and focused so much attention on the film that it became an overwhelming success. It is an excellent film & you should see it if you haven't already.

Following the production of The Passion, prominent Hollywood producers vowed that Mel Gibson would never work again, but his tremendous success & huge following will prevent his career being completely ended. This latest incident will only make Jewish opposition worse. It is always forgivable for a black to criticize whites, sometimes even Jews, and Jews can get away with saying anything about Christians, but a white Christian who critizes the Jews will be smeared & hounded for the rest of his life.

Truth is no defense when being charged with criticizing the Jews. They still hate Jesus for it, and Ernst Zundel is on trial in Germany for telling the truth, and facing a 5 year sentence.


Blogger Heimdahl said...

True, groveling to the chosen-oids will not help Gibson.

But one should be aware of the probable stress Gibson has been under before condemning him too much for "tying one on". Bear in mind it was just a few years ago when Edgar Steele was still a lemming and dared to defend Pastor Butler against the phoney lawsuit of Morris "the sleeze" Dees. Steele was called day and night and harrassed by hate-filled jews threatening everything up to and including telling him they were going to kill his children in gruesome ways. Steele became aware of the vicious sadistic jewish nature pretty quick.

And Pastor Butler's trial was a comparatively minor event compared to the World-wide mudstorm the jews unleashed against Gibson re his Jesus movie, so I am sure the jews have subjected Gibson to a massive terror campaign.

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