Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Beware Mel Gibson "Terrorism Arrest" Story

There is a story floating around the Net that Mel Gibson has been arrested on terrorism charges for allegedly funneling money to Hamas. No one seems to have a traceable URL for this story from any legitimate news source. Frankly, that sounds like our old friends the JDL playing their chickenshit games. I recommend that no one forward this story, if you get it in your e-mail, until it is confirmed by a legitimate news source.

Also, there seems to be some doubt about the David Irving heart attack/stroke story.

It may be that somebody is trying to run a disinformation campaign against the congeries of groupings and tendencies commonly known as "the Movement." I suggest that you never forward anything unless it's confirmed by Reuters or AP or CNN or someone like that. (Fox News should be treated with caution.)


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