Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tax Strike To Stop Iraq War?

One of the more fascinating questions of American politics has always been: what if American Whites were ever able to get their act together and stage a genuine, nation-wide tax strike, so extensive and effective as to actually deny the Federal government the necessary funds to operate? In essence, strangling The Beast instead of shooting or stabbing it? How would the tyranny of ZOG continue without the main base of their power, limitless amounts of our tax money?

Maybe that's about to be tried in Great Britain. A man has appeared in a British court for deducting 10 percent from his taxes to protest against the deployment of British soldiers in Iraq. "I am very happy to pay the tax I owe provided they give me assurances that it will not be used for illegal purposes," said Douglas Barker, a father of five and grandfather of 19, who runs an organic farm. "I feel we were led into an illegal war on a false pretext, and being forced to help pay for something illegal is a violation of my human rights," the 72-year-old told a court in southern England.

"If I have to go to jail, I will," Barker said, defying a warning that he faces a prison sentence if he continues to refuse paying the 1,142 pounds (1,670 euros, 2,000 dollars) that he owes the Inland Revenue. Tax officials said they would seek authorization to seize Barker's goods to reimburse his debt.

Barker and his 65-year-old wife have said several times that they will continue deducting 10 percent from their taxes until they have proof that not a single penny of their money will be used to support British troops in Iraq.

Now--what if everyone were to follow Mr. Barker's example, in this country and in Britain. The United States government is using the trillions of dollars in tax funds it collects for just about every imaginable illegal, undesirable, grotesque and damaging purpose that can be imagined, from the invasion of Iraq to the embezzlement of billions by Bush and Cheney's corporate cronies to the poisoning of the environment, to illegal wiretapping and spying and aid to Israel. The United States government is not using these tax monies for the things they should be using the funds for, such as sealing the border, deporting illegal immigrants by the millions, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure and a decent space program.

Why, exactly, should we ourselves pay for George W. Bush's criminal waste, incompetence, bloodthirsty aggression, corruption, and madness? What would happen if all hundred million tax-paying White Americans simply refused to pay?

There are forms, you know, whereby you can halt withholding in the workplace, and you can always claim your cats, dogs, and your kid's cage full of white mice as dependents to the point where you pay no withholding at all. And then when tax time comes every April you just say, "No, screw you, Jug-Ears, you ain't getting a penny from me to piss away."

Suppose everyone did that? Suppose all of a sudden all hundred million adult Whites suddenly recovered our ancestors' courage and defied this King George like the farmers at Lexington and Concord defied theirs?

You know, people, we can still put a stop to this. Not without pain, risk, suffering, prison, and death, true. But we could still stop these monsters if we wanted to.


Blogger DerekVG said...

I agree with you. Let's do it.

How can we get the word out?

9:30 PM  
Blogger Striker said...

Going to Tax Strike was my reason for starting
... to spread the word.

It is senseless to pay homage to a system which has become so insanely corrupt that it has now reached the point where it cannot avoid economic collapse, horribly harmful to our citizens and the entire world

5:20 AM  

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