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Nine Year Old White Boy Butchered By Mexicans


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Ax Murder Prompted by Comment

Fulton County Police hope to have more details about the vicious ax murder of a 9-year-old boy Monday night after questioning two juveniles.

Police arrested the pair late Tuesday after spotting them in a stolen car that may be connected to the crime.

Police believe young Jordin Paulder was brutally murdered because of a harmless comment he made while playing in the parking lot of his father's apartment complex in Sandy Springs on Monday night.

As a car drove by with four or five men inside, police say Jordin called out to the driver that something was wrong with a wheel. According to police, one of the men in the car then became enraged and made an obscene gesture at Jordin.

"The child apologized to the individual," said Corporal Gary Syblis. "The individual came out and ended up axing the child to death."
Police suspect the driver of the car and the other passengers took off, leaving the attacker behind.

Although they don't know for sure who committed the gruesome crime, police say right now all signs point to 21-year-old Santos Cabrera. Cabrera was shot and killed by police after he ran from the crime scene and assaulted an officer.

"There were some kids who were interviewed last night, and to my understanding, they may have pointed Santos out," said Lt. Carl Bryant. "But at this time, we still have to interview them in the right procedure."

Investigators said two young boys who were playing with Jordin witnessed the attack –including Jordin's 7-year-old brother.

On Wednesday, someone drew a cross at the crime scene and neighbors continued to build and care for a memorial to young Jordin.

"There is that helpless, hopeless feeling," said Barry, a neighbor who declined to give his last name. "Why does stuff like this happen? There's a lot of anger. I don't know why someone would do that."

Late Wednesday, an attorney for the family of Cabrera said he believes investigators are focusing on the wrong man.

Attorney Richard Summers said he's working on a timeline to try to prove Cabrera was not the killer.

Jordin Paulder
9 Year Old White Child
Axed to Death by Mexican in Broad Daylight
by John Fife

In Sandy Springs GA this little White child was hacked to death for a comment made pointing out a problem with a wheel of a car loaded with Mexicans. The Mexican became enraged got out and hacked the child to death with an axe.

If ever there was a match to strike and light the tinderbox that we are sitting on this is it. This child Jordin Paulder should be known in every White household on the planet. It is our fault he is dead, our indifference to the suffering of our own people and desire to only live in our own comfort.
Our desire to not rock the boat and upset anyone by sounding racist has caused us to get to this point. These are the people who Bush and all of his cohorts in the government are letting overrun this country.

In my opinion the Alamo should never be forgotten, but the name Jordin Paulder should be seen as the last child that suffered at the hands of non-Whites before our people woke up. The mere fact that this happened several weeks ago and was suppressed as usual by the media shows you that they are afraid of waking the sleeping giant.

They don’t want Whites to know about Jordin Paulder, they don't want Whites to have a rallying cry, but we have it and there’s no going back.
Had this been a Mexican or black child attacked by Whites we would see every city on fire and non stop media attention. Wake up people, the media doesn’t care about you or your children. To them Jordin didn’t deserve more than a slight mention in the local news.

If we fail to stand up and tell all our neighbors about this horrible act, if you reading this story fail to go out and tell at least 3 of your friends and relatives about this and that its time we stick together as a race and look out for what we need, our children have no future...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some jewsmedia engaged in blatant Mexican butt kissing in their portrayal of this tragic death. See the June 14 Atlanta Journal Constitution: http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/northfulton/stories/0615nfxjordin.html.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This ass was from Honduras, not Mexico.
You may think they all look alike, but they don't.
Brown skin does not make someone Mexican.

You should also bring attention to the blacks.
They are truly responsible for some of the worst crimes. The media presents them to be responsible, kind people. I wish that was true. They will bring down this country, just watch.

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