Friday, July 21, 2006

HAC Is A Prophet #3

[Remember how my Northwest novels speak of an endless war all over the Middle East, invading this country and that country, trying to seize anywhere there is oil, going on year after bloody year, world without end, and fueled with cannon fodder by a revived draft?

See below. "International Force" is a code word for "American invasion," for those who haven't caught on yet.

It's beginning, people. - HAC]

Rice Seeks `Robust' Lebanon Force to Oust Hezbollah

July 21 (Bloomberg) -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she wants a ``robust'' international military force to try to oust Hezbollah forces from southern Lebanon, as she prepares to leave on a diplomatic mission to the region next week.

Rice said she will leave July 23 for meetings with Palestinian and Israeli officials, and then will meet with other nations in Rome to discuss the fighting in Lebanon.

``We do seek an end to the current violence and we seek it urgently,'' Rice told reporters at the State Department. Still, ``a cease fire would be a false promise if it just returns us to the status quo.''

The conflict in the Middle East is now in its 10th day and Israel and the Hezbollah militia have vowed to continue the fighting that has left more than 300 Lebanese and 34 Israelis dead since it began July 12 when Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers.

Any military force must be ``robust enough'' to supplant Hezbollah in southern Lebanon where it can launch attacks on Israel, she said. If not ``we're going to be back here in the next few months,'' Rice said.

[Yadda yadda yadda]


Blogger Heimdahl said...

Worry not, Congo Lisa is on the way, now surely justice will be done. >me, rolling on floor laughing at my alleged humor>

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